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Raise Awareness for Your Charity with Personalized Stickers

Personalized Stickers

Personalized Stickers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Personalized stickers can be used by a wide variety of charities to help build awareness for their cause and may aid them in fundraising, getting people involved as volunteers and other such mission-critical tasks. When it comes to charitable foundations, garnering exposure is key to success and powers all of their other activities.

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month currently ongoing, charities should be actively considering the goals of their current initiatives and then considering what they can do to achieve these objectives. As The Guardian noted, many organizations actually do a poor job of setting goals for themselves, which results in them being unable to accomplish their objectives.

These goals do not have to be overly technical – they can be as simple as a single sentence, such as maximizing event attendance. They do, however, have to be clear and actionable. In the previous example, charities can then go about finding ways to raise awareness of events and deploying initiatives to get people to come and participate.

Utilizing Personalized Event Stickers to Accomplish Objectives

Personalized event stickers can be used by charities for a number of distinct purposes and because they are so versatile and inexpensive to use, nonprofit organizations should consider all the different potential uses.

For example, say charities want to sell products and donate the proceeds to breast cancer research and treatment. They can use product stickers to mark which items are a part of the promotion, which allows customers to pick the products that qualify if they want to contribute to the cause. Charities could also use specifically designed stickers for limited-run products that will only be sold during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Or, if charitable foundations want to promote an upcoming event, they could send personalized event stickers to people on their donation list via direct mail. This not only informs frequent donors of the upcoming event, but it also gives them a way to advertise the event to other people. For example, recipients could mount stickers on community event boards or place them on their equipment at work to raise even more awareness.

Custom Stickers: The Perfect Solution for Charities on a Budget

Perhaps the best thing about custom stickers in the context of nonprofit organizations is the fact that they are not expensive, yet they are incredibly powerful tools. Compared to other promotional mediums, such as radio or television ads, sending a few stickers to contributors on charities’ lists is not very expensive.

Promotional Product Stickers Make Your Brand Top of Mind

Product StickersSticker Printing Gives Products that Extra Oomph

Although many brands use labels to mark their products, sticker printing can be equally effective. Whereas labels are generally used to help customers identify particular items, stickers are much more general in nature and have their own set of unique uses.

For example, stickers could easily be affixed to any number of goods to amplify certain messages. If customers are looking at various hot sauces in the super market, a custom sticker with the word “fire” could signify this specific variety the hottest one available. Avid Southwestern food lovers may feel disappointed when they accidentally purchase a mild version of their favorite salsa because the labels of the hot and mild versions are only marginally different.

Stickers could also be used to modify labels without having to reprint the packaging. For instance, if a manufacturer is trying to phase out a particular product, they could use stickers to notify customers this is the final run of that item. Again, this calls particular details to customers’ attention – in this example, the fact this may is the final run of that specific item.

Utilizing Stickers Alongside Brand Labels

Many companies stop after they have printed their brand labels, but stickers can be used to accentuate products or accomplish other goals to help products stand out.

For example, stickers are generally meant to be transferable or removable. This is perfect for products that have some sort of visual appeal – the label can be left in tact while the sticker is removed from the product.

Promotional Stickers can be Leveraged to Drive Sales

At the end of the day, a brand’s goal is to sell products, and promotional stickers can help achieve that end. Stickers are incredibly versatile and can be made in any number of shapes and sizes from a variety of different materials, which makes them perfect for a broad array of different projects and products.

Product manufacturers should work closely with digital printing companies on their projects to ensure they get the perfect stickers or labels that satisfies all of their needs. Stickers can be printed quickly and for a number of different occasions, which make them tremendously versatile.

Show School Spirit With a Window Sticker

Window StickersWindow Stickers Let Students and Parents Show off School Spirit

School is now in session, meaning students such as kindergartners and college seniors are hitting the books. With everyone just returning to school, that likely means school spirit is at its highest, and window stickers may be the perfect solution to help people celebrate.

Window stickers can be affixed to car or dorm windows and allow people to show their school pride, whether they are supporting a sports team, an extracurricular club or simply the institution itself. These stickers can be sold at school stores or fundraising events, and can be a great way to get some extra funding for clubs and teams.

Modern sticker technology has evolved to the point where they can be placed on windows with a special adhesive that allows people to remove them as they please without leaving any residue. This is perfect for students who want to change team logos as new seasons start or if they transfer schools or graduate. It allows them to show their school pride, without fear of damaging their property.

Car Decals Offer Another Way to Promote School Spirit

If window stickers are not what students want, car decals may fit the bill. Car decals can be sold to students much like team or university logos and also typically feature adhesives that can do not leave any residue behind when removed.

Of course, the most famous car decal is the one seen on parents’ cars, boasting about how their kids are enrolled in honors programs or attend a specific high-profile school. These decals can be sold in between semesters when grades are given out or could even be given to honors students as a promotional piece designed to increase exposure for the educational institution.

School Window Stickers and Car Decals for Any Situation

Whether sports teams want school window stickers to hype the upcoming season or universities want car decals for parking permits, there are several ways in which they can be used. The start of the school year is the perfect time to start planning these initiatives for the rest of the year, so institution leaders should start thinking about their window sticker and car decal projects now.

Designing a Stand-Out Sticker for Your Sports Team

Sports Team StickersSports Stickers Are Perfect for Fans, but Schools Need a Good Design First

Athletics are generally a rallying point for schools at all levels, so why not let fans show where their allegiance lies through sports stickers? The numbers don’t lie – a study conducted by Marist Poll found that more than half of U.S. residents are college football fans, while college basketball is quite popular as well (39 percent of sports fans tune in, according to a report from ESPN). Even local high school-level sports tend to have a notable following.

Schools looking to capitalize on the interest in sports can use stickers to drive additional revenue while empowering fans to show their pride in their teams. Stickers can be sold as standalone products, such as bumper stickers, or they can be attached to other promotional items, such as mascot figurines or key chains.

Designing Stickers for School Sports Teams

Selling stickers can be a great revenue stream for schools in regions where collegiate and academic sports are quite popular. However, as is the case with any branded memorabilia, educational institutions need to design an eye-grabbing image or else people may not feel compelled to purchase sports merchandise.

Complex magazine noted that sports logos don’t need to be the product of some multi-million dollar branding investment, as many of the most popular sports franchises today have icons designed by ambitious amateurs. The important thing with designing a school sports team logo is crafting an icon that will stand the test of time while simultaneously calling upon local heritage.

Although not a college sports team, the original logo of the now-defunct Seattle Supersonics is a great example of what schools should look to accomplish. The basketball team’s icon contained the local Seattle skyline inside a basketball, making the logo relevant both to the region and the sport.

Printing Designs on Customized Stickers

Once a logo has been designed, schools can begin printing it on customized stickers and other merchandise. Custom stickers are incredibly versatile and can be printed to fit items of a number of different sizes and shapes. It doesn’t matter whether schools want a weather-resistant sticker to decorate an arena or just want a small sticker for a key chain, there are stickers that will suit educational institutions’ every need.

Printing Health Information – Food & Nutraceutical Product Labels

Focus on Health Information Label Printing This March

health information label printing from Lightning Labels

Use health information label printing to promote nutritious choices.

Food and nutraceutical brands can take advantage of National Nutrition Month to utilize health information label printing to provide consumers with insight about healthy lifestyle choices; for instance, helping shoppers interpret nutrition labels. Initiated by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics back in 1973, the month-long event is intended to educate consumers on healthy food choices. For brands that make food, supplement or nutraceutical products, March is the ideal time to promote items than can be integrated for a more nutritious diet. Eating balanced meals doesn’t have to be a chore; with the wide variety of products on the market, it can be fun. Product labels are a great place to remind shoppers that healthy foods can taste great, too.

Use Health Information Stickers to Promote Nutritional Ingredients

Brands can use health information stickers to call attention to healthy diet choices and drive engagement with products. During March, companies can work on their own educational campaigns that are in line with those of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Provide information about what goes into a balanced diet using visuals that are easy to understand. Turning an image of a plate into a pie chart that breaks a meal down into fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins can provide a useful guideline for shoppers who are trying to learn better eating habits. Companies that create supplements can benefit from using sticker labels to highlight the most beneficial components of products. Do you make a beverage that has a high volume of vitamin B12? Include a message about the role this vitamin plays in overall wellness. Inform shoppers how they can make the most of supplement use.

Bring Awareness to Food Product Nutrition Information

Throughout the month, brands can draw attention to food product nutrition information on packaging. Another consideration during this month is the impending changes to nutrition labels, recently announced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Before the new guidelines are made official, companies can demonstrate they are ahead of the curve by providing information about changes to come on food and nutraceutical labels. The new rules will likely downplay the importance of fat content and draw greater attention to the number of calories and the serving size, National Public Radio reported. The new elements of the label will be large and bold so they are more visible. Help your consumers adjust to the changes before they are implemented. Gain the trust of shoppers and they will keep returning to your products.

Printing Clear Stickers: Advantages of See-Through Stickers

Printing Clear Stickers Inspires Consumer Confidence

printing clear stickers with Lightning Labels for products and packaging

Printing clear stickers lets consumers see exactly what they’re getting.

Brands can ensure shoppers know what they’re getting by printing clear stickers. Custom clear stickers allow companies to display their branding information as unobtrusively as possible, giving the consumer a bigger view of the item they’re buying. Sometimes the best-selling point for an item is the appearance of the product itself. If food items look great, there’s no reason to cover them up. Cupcakes, cookies and candy are all enticing in appearance, so it’s counterproductive to cover them up entirely, or to just provide a picture on the box when the real thing looks better. For other products, shoppers want to make sure they are really getting what they pay for. Sometimes packaging prevents consumers from examining the product, and this can be a deterrent to purchasing. Clear stickers allow brands to make a product their own without the label getting in the way of the overall look.

Get Creative with Custom Clear Stickers

Using custom clear stickers can create unique effects that wouldn’t be possible with a more traditional label. You can use a clear sticker on the front of a transparent bottle that allows shoppers to see the back of the label on the other side of the container. Then, you can use this space for some interesting artwork. Sometimes layering a clear sticker over other materials can create a really interesting look. For gift-ready packaging, brands can wrap an item in attractively colored paper and finish it off with a clear branded sticker. Once again, clear stickers can also provide vital information without getting in the way of an item that is vibrantly colored or attractive in its own right. A clear sticker displays brand information while creating a sleek no-label appearance that is perfect for making items look great.

See-Through Stickers Are Versatile

See-through stickers are a price-efficient solution for custom food labels, but they can be applied to many different types of products, like bath and body items. Instead of printing directly onto product boxes, printing clear stickers is often a more effective way to achieve the same look. For items in certain kinds of containers, it is probably the only way to achieve a label-free appearance. In addition to putting them on products, companies can put them to use for correspondence purposes. When sending out promotional mailings, businesses can use a clear sticker to seal the envelope. See-through stickers add a unique touch to many products.

3 Ways to Promote your Business with Holiday Labels and Stickers

3 Ways to Promote Your Business with Holiday Labels

holiday labels and stickers from Lightning Labels

Promote your business with holiday labels on pre-wrapped gifts.

It’s easy to promote your business with holiday labels. The holidays are the busiest part of the year for many retailers, as well as the most important. This season provides countless opportunities to attract new customers. Millions of shoppers hit stores over Thanksgiving weekend, and that’s only the beginning. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 140 million people shopped over the holiday weekend, up from 139 million in 2012. However, a lifestyle survey from DDB communications group determined the majority of shoppers prefer to buy gifts on nights and weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Take advantage of the crowds by creating festive sticker and bag labels that really stand out.

Here are a few ideas for custom holiday stickers:

1. Incorporate Stickers into Your Holiday Marketing Plan

Step away from your regular branding routine and design new labels as part of a holiday marketing initiative. If you’re in the candy industry, why not create holiday-themed candy bag labels? Sweets are a quick go-to gift for everyone from co-workers to family members. With a holiday label, customers may not even feel the need to wrap the gift, making the whole process even easier for them and ensuring your products are even more desirable. Festive stickers and labels can be placed on all kinds of food and drink products, from baked goods to wine. Customers appreciate products that will make holiday shopping easier, especially if items allow them to avoid wrapping gifts. In addition, products packaged with gift-ready labels can lead consumers to continue thinking of your brand in the future when the holidays are over.

2. Use Custom Holiday Stickers on Gift Bags

Custom holiday stickers can give products the extra touch needed to be gift-ready right off the shelf. Try putting items in gift bags adorned with holiday labels so that customers can still identify your brand. Package products in an attractive way so that they are appealing as last-minute gifts. All shoppers appreciate convenience, especially during the often stressful holiday season. Gain new customers with innovative gift packaging that attracts attention from a whole new audience.

3. Label Holiday Cards

Labels have a variety of uses. In addition to placing them on products, try putting them on holiday greeting cards or thank-you notes. Expand the reach of your brand even during times when customers are less likely to be buying your products, such as just after the holiday rush. Reach out to past customers with a seasonal message or letter of thanks, and add a holiday sticker with brand information. Use the labels to provide a reminder about your online store or social media platforms. Best of all, when you design your own custom labels for holidays, an attractive card could end up on the fridge or countertop, giving customers a constant reminder of your brand or product.

Make Patriotic Custom USA Stickers Stand Out from Standard Red, White and Blue

Custom Stickers With A ‘Made In the USA’ Label Can Attract Customers

custom USA stickers for packaging

Tell consumers exactly where products are made with custom USA stickers.

If your products are manufactured in the states, you should consider how custom stickers featuring a made in the USA label can improve your brand image and expand awareness of your items. Labor Day is coming up and consumers appreciate patriotism year-round, whether it happens to be Memorial Day, Independence Day or time for school to start again. In fact, coupled with their love for America, increasing economic, social and environmental concerns have led many people to only shop for and use products that are manufactured stateside.

Questionable working conditions abroad and the toll international product shipping takes on the environment have led many consumers to make a conscious effort to buy items that are made in the United States. Meanwhile, more large companies that once manufactured the bulk of their offerings offshore are now bringing production back to the states, creating more jobs for U.S. workers. Consumers are taking note of such developments and are encouraging them through their purchases. In fact, according to USA Today, the average American is willing to pay 60 percent more for U.S.-made wooden baby toys, 30 percent more for mobile phones manufactured in the states and 19 percent more for American-made gas ranges.

You can appeal to the expanding demographic of patriotic shoppers by letting them know your products are made in the USA with attractive and unique custom stickers and labels.

Get Creative with Custom Stickers Printing and Boost Brand Image

The word “patriotic” usually evokes visions of red, white and blue, the star-spangled banner and other traditionally American symbols. While these are commonly recognized icons, they can become repetitive and even cliché. Just walk down the aisles of a supermarket before a national holiday; everything blends together and no products stand out. That’s why you should consider going a unique route with your custom stickers printing.

Here are two ideas to design eye-catching USA stickers:

Incorporate Popular, Yet Unique Images: Instead of including the over-used American flag, consider including an outline of Mount Rushmore, a caricature of the president or a humorous illustration of a bald eagle.

Use Labels for Fun Facts About Product Location: Why not explain exactly where a product is made? Consider mentioning where in the country your items are manufactured to add a little character to your brand. You can include a quick phrase about the state, city or town and even include an image of it on your labels.

For more design tips, download Lightning Labels’ free white paper, “6 Easy-to-Follow Tips to Make a Statement with Colorful Custom Labels and Stickers,” accessible from the Lightning Labels Facebook page. These expert printing tips can be applied to custom USA stickers and made in the USA labels to enhance product branding and consumer appeal.

Make Products Pop Like Fireworks With Custom USA Stickers

Show Patriotism and Pride This Summer with Custom USA Stickers

custom USA stickers show product patriotism

Products can benefit from USA stickers this Independence Day and beyond.

Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, encourages manufacturers to prepare their products for the Fourth of July and other patriotic summertime events by using USA Stickers. Products can be just as American as apple pie in time for Independence Day, which can make them the perfect addition to themed cookouts, family gatherings and other summertime events.

These custom stickers don’t have to be utilized only in July, either. Businesses and individuals can create red, white and blue stickers and labels that showcase year-round American pride, attracting support and garnering sales from current and prospective buyers.

Why ‘Made in the USA’ Labels Matter

More than ever, consumers are reading labels of products they currently use and those they are thinking about purchasing, and sometimes, what’s on the label makes or breaks sales. But ingredients aren’t the only consideration people take when poring over labels – “Made in the USA” labels show buyers and prospects that the manufacturer supports the country. That can be a big benefit to businesses and others, as American consumers look to boost the domestic economy.

“With the troubles our economy has faced, more people are making a conscious effort to buy local products, and this applies to goods made in America, too,” said AnneMarie Campbell, Business Development Manager at Lightning Labels. “When manufacturers display the fact that their products were made in America, more people will want to support the company in hopes to support local businesses and, ultimately, the economy.”

2 Ways to Make Red, White and Blue Custom Labels and Stickers Pop

Chances are other manufacturers will also plan USA-themed designs in time for Independence Day, so here are two ways to make red, white and blue custom labels and stickers stand out from the competition:

1. Use Custom Stickers to Tell a Story
While “Made in the USA” labels are a great idea and are impactful enough on their own, larger custom stickers can be used to tell people a bit about the product and its patriotic background. How many local workers does the business employ? Does the company support military efforts or donate to veterans’ charities?

2. Make USA Stickers Timeless, Not Timely
Although American-themed stickers are great additions to products around the Fourth of July, they can be designed to outlast the summer. Making these stickers attractive and informative yet timeless in the sense they don’t mention specific dates or months may serve to remind consumers that the manufacturer supports America all the time – not just on Independence Day.

Customers of Lightning Labels, past and present, who already have great labels to showcase, are encouraged to share them in the company’s Annual Photo Contest, running now through June 30, 2013.  Winners will be chosen through fan votes collected on Facebook in a public voting period to follow the photo submission period.  Amazing prizes include an Apple MacBook Air laptop, an iPad Mini and a Kindle Paperwhite, as well as hundred of dollars in label credits that can be used toward future projects.  Enter the Lightning Labels Photo Contest today.

About Lightning Labels:
Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, and now offers a full line of custom packaging products. From small orders for individuals, to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill sticker, label and product packaging projects of all types. Best of all, like the name implies, Lightning Labels provides a quick turnaround to every customers’ labeling and product packaging needs. Uses for Lightning Labels custom product labels and custom stickers include food packaging and organic food labels, wine and beverage labels, bath and body labels, and nutraceutical products, such as vitamins, essentials oils, and herbal remedies, as well as event stickers, adhesive window stickers and more. Lightning Labels strongly supports the development of environmentally friendly printing materials and carries EarthFirst PLA, a new kind of green label material made from corn instead of petroleum. While operating as a high-tech printer, Lighting Labels prides itself on its personalized customer service. Lightning Labels provides one stop shopping for all of your label and product packaging needs. For more information and to place orders online, visit LightningLabels.com. For the latest in packaging news and labeling promotional offers, find Lightning Labels on Facebook, Twitter (@LightningLabels), Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Avoid Being Too Trendy When Designing Custom Labels and Stickers

Long-term Relevance Beats Out ‘Design du jour’ with Custom Labels and Stickers

Custom Labels

Make brand design work effectively with custom labels and stickers.

Remember (or heard about) those “trendy” design colors pink, bright yellow and aqua in homes of the fifties? While those colors, and various applications of them, have come and gone…and come and gone…and come and gone since then, one constant remains: What’s trendy today can be the object of tomorrow’s demolition crew. The same is true when it comes to custom labels and stickers, and other forms of branding design.

According to graphic designer Debi Knight, owner of Colorado-based Knight Design Studio, “Overly trendy brand design may reflect your desired image today, but what about down the road? Since brand recognition generally works most effectively over the long haul, don’t radically change it too often.”

She adds, “Your logo especially should reflect the nature of the enterprise while remaining relevant over the lifetime of the organization. Presuming you expect that lifetime to be longer than a year or two, opt for a look that is timeless and classic—instead of designing a cutting-edge look that will be decidedly dated all too soon.”

Work Effectively with Printed Labels and Stickers

Knight offers other hands-on tips that can make brand design work most effectively with a variety of applications, including printed labels and stickers:

1. Create artwork in vector art, usually in Adobe Illustrator. Scalable vector art looks good, clear and crisp on everything from a small bottle to billboard. Make sure to change fonts to outlines in the final artwork so that it’s compatible with any computer or software.

Often, creating artwork in Photoshop will cause problems. While Photoshop provides some cool effects not available in Illustrator, the software creates bitmapped instead of vector art. While it will appear okay on the screen or printed (or reduced from the original art), enlarging it more than about 120 percent will pixelate the art (similar to what happens to your TV picture when the signal gets too weak).

2. Be memorable in your branding with a unique logo mark and a distinctive typeface that represents your corporate culture—while keeping messaging simple and direct. Using a visual symbol in conjunction with type can make your branding more memorable, but it must be a symbol that people will connect with mentally or emotionally. Otherwise, it may look great but people won’t link it to your product or company (e.g., how many TV commercials are incredibly entertaining, but when asked to name the product later you can’t remember?)

3. Make symbol(s) and type work together when deploying both in a logo. Symbols should be simple enough to work in both small and large sizes. Make the design/illustration clean and crisp.

4. Choose a limited color palette and generally use classic colors that don’t come and go with each passing fad. Strive to include black because it makes other colors brighter and more eye-popping. Black is also the most readable type color when used with a white background that still prevails on many product labels and packages.

While your number of color selections is best limited, the palette from which to choose is very robust, thanks to today’s digital printing. No longer does printing have to conform to primary ink colors. From pale shades of chartreuse to rich berry reds, options abound.

Rethinking Custom Label Looks?

While it’s nice to get it right the first time with custom labels, digital label printing affordability and flexibility give you room to grow and regear as marketplace preferences and perceptions change.

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