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Custom Labels Help Promote Ice Cream ‘Flavor of the Month’

Custom Ice Cream LabelsProduct Labels Give ‘Flavors of the Month’ Their Own Unique Spin

Product labels can help customers differentiate between unique products. A unique label can help catch the customer’s attention and allow the product in question to stand out among its counterparts.

For ice cream producers, unique product labels can help them advertise fun and unique flavors. Several famous ice cream brands periodically create new flavors in light of different holidays or to observe current events. For example, Baskin-Robbins recently rolled out a special Oreo and Cake Batter flavor for National Ice Cream month.

A specially designed product label can help the company promote the brand in grocery store freezers. If people see they can only get one flavor for a specific time, they may be more willing to try it now since they know they only have a limited time to get it. Labels promoting limited-time offers may also prompt more repeat purchases over a specific time frame.

Print Ice Cream Labels Quickly and For Any Occasion

Of course, if ice cream producers are going to release special flavors in monthly promotional events, it is important they leverage ice cream labels quickly and efficiently. After all, there is not much point in promoting “flavors of the month” if producers fail to get their labels in time for promotions.

By utilizing a custom label printing company such as Lightning Labels, ice cream producers and sellers can get their labels printed quickly. This ensures they always have their labels in time, regardless of whether they are selling a monthly flavor or creating a flavor for specific holidays and events, such as Independence Day.

Cold Proof Labels Preserve Designs

The frigid depths of freezers may not be friendly to many product labels, but cold proof labels can help prevent much of the damage these adverse conditions could cause. This is paramount for ice cream sold in stores – customers want to know what flavors they are buying, but if they can’t read the label, they may not make the purchase. These labels may also improve productivity at ice cream shops – people won’t be left searching in the backroom for the right flavor because they can’t discern one from the other.

“Flavor of the month” promotions are an effective way to boost sales and offer customers a special treat, the right labels will help ice cream producers present these special flavors in an entertaining way.

Unique Product Labels Help Consumers Remember Your Brand

Unique Product LabelsA Unique Product Label Can Spur Brand Recall

People may be subjected to hundreds of marketing messages on a daily basis, but that’s nothing a well-designed product label can’t take care of.

That may seem like a tall task at first glance. Whether people are watching television, browsing the Web or even walking down the street, they are taking in marketing messages constantly through billboards, commercials. Web advertisements or anything in between. This makes it harder than ever for brands to make a meaningful impression on customers.

However, product labels are different than all those other types of promotional messages simply because they are tangible. People can pick up an item and inspect it, they can also touch and feel labels. This added tangible factor gives product labels a unique means of reaching customers that helps bolster brand recall.

A Brand Label Capitalizes on the Visual Nature of People

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that a brand label can be such an effective means of helping customers remember your brand. Various studies over the years have discovered that the majority of people are visual learners by nature, meaning they are more likely to remember things they see over messages they hear.

For example, one study conducted by the United States Coast Guard Academy found that as much as 65 percent of the population are visual learners, which means they are more likely to recall brands they have seen before. Separate research from psychologist Jerome Bruner also found that 80 percent of people remember things they see or do, which supports the Coast Guard Academy study.

For product manufacturers, the first order of business should be producing a unique label that will help people recall the brand. This starts by choosing memorable colors and images. A study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group found interesting photos and pictures can go a long way in piquing the interest of customers. Whereas generic photographs and images are quickly ignored by prospects, truly unique and interesting pictures can really capture the attention of customers.

As for what constitutes an “interesting” picture, that can depend on the brand and item being promoted by the company. It could be an abstract icon or graphic, a picture with different filters to make it appear more interesting or a logo. The key here is picking imagery that will stand out in the crowd, as that will help maximize brand recall.

Transitioning Images to a Printed Label

No matter what companies do to design their imagery, it’s important these graphics transition well to a printed label. Sometimes an image or picture will look good on the computer, but when it’s printed and applied to a physical object, it doesn’t look quite as good.

Labels aren’t computer screens, they have their own unique properties. Even at that, there is a wide variety of label materials that can all affect the appearance of images. Considering how important visual media is to brand recall, companies must remember to take the actual label into consideration as well.

How To Create Labels For Heart Healthy Natural Products

Create Labels for Heart Health this February

February is the perfect time to create labels for heart health from Lightning Labels

February is the perfect time to February is the perfect time to create labels for heart health.

February is American Heart Month, so it’s an ideal time to create labels for heart health. For many products, wellness is a great selling point. From healthy food products to nutritional supplements, there are many items that can be revamped to demonstrate health benefits. Make custom nutraceutical labels and stickers that demonstrate how the product can support a heart healthy lifestyle. According to the American Heart Association, certain choices support cardiovascular health more than others. Being fit and active keeps the body and heart in good shape. With the addition of a nutritional diet, individuals are potentially on the road to a longer life. By combining activity with balanced nutrition, consumers can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Heart Healthy Natural Product Labels Raise Awareness About Cardiovascular Disease

Using heart healthy natural product labels can grow nutraceutical sales. The American Heart Association says that adding certain supplements to a nutrient-rich diet can be beneficial. Labeling supplements that could support heart health can help brands increase awareness. February is a good time to make some changes to labeling strategies to show your brand’s support for health awareness. Using red in labels can help grab the attention of consumers who are keeping cardiovascular health in mind as they shop. Your brand can also design its own heart healthy logo to bring attention to the best choices. Green is also a good choice to call attention to naturally derived products, since it’s an earth tone.

Be Helpful When Labeling Heart Healthy Products

Sharing useful information is a good rule of thumb for labeling heart healthy products. Make nutraceutical labels that guide consumers toward the right choices. Include some helpful hints on labels that can assist individuals in their initiatives to achieve better health. While food products are a good place to put recipes and meal preparation ideas, nutraceutical labels are a better place for lifestyle tips. In addition to using these products to better manage cholesterol and other issues related to heart health, it’s a good idea to give some ideas for how to be more active. For those just starting out, walking is a good bet. Encouraging consumers to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator could cause a significant impact in their daily routines. When you provide customers with advice they can really use, the result could be an increase in brand awareness and consumer trust.

Label Design Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

Use Label Design Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions to Increase Sales

running with design ideas for New Year’s resolutions

Help motivate consumers when coming up label design ideas for New Year’s resolutions.

Take advantage of the spirit of self-renewal when thinking up label design ideas for New Year’s resolutions. Because consumers are changing their habits, certain markets open up at the beginning of the year. This is a good time to create new custom product labels that help those with new resolutions take steps to reach their goals. With a savvy design scheme, you can use labels to attract new customers and strengthen your relationship with existing fans. Losing weight is one of the top resolutions that individuals make every year. This means athletic gear, healthy foods, beverages and nutraceutical supplements could be in high demand over the next few months, especially if they’re packaged with the right labels.

1. Be Informative When Labeling for New Year’s Resolutions

When labeling for New Year’s resolutions, provide helpful tips for those hoping to live healthier lifestyles. On food labels, include recipes for wholesome dishes. Food product labels can also be used to communicate ideas for exercises or stretches. Demonstrate that your brand is a helpful informational resource for those hoping to become more active in the New Year.

Other types of companies can join in too. Since supplements and sports beverages tend to support healthy lifestyle changes, utilize label space to provide advice on how to eat more nutritious meals or how to target nutrients that optimize energy.

2. Use Motivational Colors in Product Labeling for New Year’s

Alert customers that you’re on their side by visually changing product labeling for New Year’s. Making small changes in wording and color can go a long way in attracting the attention of a new customer group. Certain colors are more likely to motivate people to get moving. For instance, studies have shown that the color green has beneficial effects on the psychology of people exercising. Being shown pleasant images of outdoor green spaces during a workout has shown positive effects on mood.

3. Provide Encouragement on Labels

If you sell a product that can help people reach their goals, create a promotion. For example, if you create a healthy cereal, give consumers a discount after they have purchased a certain number of boxes. Offer a free giveaway that will help customers reach their goals, like a pedometer. Brands can also include blank charts on health product labels that will help customers monitor their own progress by keeping track of meals and exercise routines. Another simple way to help is to provide motivational language that lets consumers know that your brand supports their activities. Saying “you can do it” provides positive reinforcement that will make customers want to continue purchasing your products.

3 Tail-wagging Tips to Enhance Custom Product Labels for Pet Goods

How Custom Product Labels Can Help Pet Goods Stand Out

custom product labels for pet goods from Lightning Labels

Custom product labels flaunt the qualities of your pet goods.

In a competitive market, custom product labels for your pet goods can play a vital role in the health of your marketing strategy. It’s no secret that the pet product market is a competitive one, and your brand can stand out from others with the right packaging.

Even in uncertain economic conditions, consumers are devoted to their furry friends and want to ensure they’re buying the best products for them. As the economy picks up steam, people are likely to be even more willing to spend on their pets, suggesting they’re looking for the best items out there. And when they’re shopping, there’s one place consumers are sure to look first when inspecting a product: the label.

While price may influence buying habits, many pet product consumers have a specific set of requirements products must meet to be considered for purchase. Custom product labels inform shoppers of how your brand doesn’t just meet their expectations, but exceeds them as well.

Product Label Printing Creates Packaging that Speaks to Consumers

By partnering with a product label printing provider, you can incorporate tons of valuable information onto your labels. However, you have to know what consumers are looking for. Based on findings from marketing agency IMC, here are 3 ways to capture the attention and business of pet owners:

1. Use Labels to Demonstrate Nutrition: Fewer shoppers are settling for any old can of mushy pet food. More people want items with high-nutrient ingredients, and vegetables in particular. It seems the growing trend of shoppers reading nutrition labels has affected their pet product purchases. In addition to providing an ingredient list on your products’ custom labels, you can also incorporate images to portray their quality. Lightning Labels uses digital printing to place high-resolution images on your labels and stickers to guarantee they’re attractive and unique.

2. Boast Health Benefits: People’s concern for their pets’ well-being extends beyond the day-to-day life of their cat, dog or other animal. With more consumers interested in health insurance and medication for their pets, they’re looking for products that promote long-term health. This type of information can be incorporated into product labels with distinctive fonts. Lightning Labels offers a variety of fonts to choose from and can print text in a variety of sizes to ensure you get your message across to consumers.

3. Flaunt Your Products’ Portability: Because pets are members of their owners’ families, they often tag along for outings and vacations. With more than half of IMC’s survey participants saying they travel with their pets, many are looking for products that make it easier to do so. In fact, a significant portion expressed interest in practical water dispensing gadgets, car seat additions and cleaning products that would make journeys with their pets more enjoyable. Consider demonstrating how your products meet the needs of traveling pet owners with highly informative and attractive labels. With an incredible selection of colors to choose from, you can create eye-catching labels that don’t just command attention, but are informative as well!

Creating Labels for Products is As Easy as a Game of Catch

As the tips above demonstrate, there are many angles you can choose from when deciding which direction to go with your labels for products. While the choice may be overwhelming, the experts at Lightning Labels can make the whole process easy and enjoyable. In addition, Lightning Labels’ great rates make orders of any size affordable. You can even order a small test batch to ensure you love your product labels before committing to a design. With Lightning Labels, you’re sure to find the purr-fect fit for your pet products.

Right now, Lightning Labels is offering 15 percent off new label orders through Sept. 3, 2013, using promo code END15 at checkout. The maximum discount is $1,000. Free ground shipping applies to regularly priced orders shipped only within the U.S. and Canada. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotion. Visit Lightning Labels for more information or for updated promotions.

How to Communicate Product Purity on Essential Oil Labels

Design Essential Oil Labels that Portray Product Quality


Design essential oil labels that portray product quality. It’s easy to build essential oil labels online with Lightning Labels.

While an aesthetically pleasing design is important for essential oil labels, it’s also necessary to include information that will sell your product. More than ever before, consumers today are concerned about what’s in the products they use every day. The demand for long-lasting goods has increased the number of artificial additives and unpronounceable chemicals found in household items. As new research consistently suggests these ingredients are harmful, many consumers have decided to focus on buying products that are 100% natural. When they’re shopping, they’re constantly reading labels, looking for items they can be sure are good for them.

If you want to attract the growing group of ingredient-conscious shoppers to your essential oil products, then it’s imperative that you step up your marketing game. The first step to doing this is investing in effective and affordable essential oil labels. And when it comes to choosing the best labeling solutions, there are two key factors to keep in mind: appearance and durability.

You’ll want labels that are professional, attractive and eye-catching, which is why you shouldn’t settle for any old label maker. Lightning Labels’ essential oil labels can be designed in an incredible variety of colors and for any bottle or container shape.

While design is key, you have to make sure your labels can withstand the consistency of your products. That’s why Lightning Labels’ essential oils labels are waterproof to ensure packaging isn’t smudged or destroyed by water or oil.

Build Essential Oil Labels Online – Then Print With Us

Marketing your product is never a simple task, but Lightning Labels makes it easy and affordable to get your designs printed, whether you build essential oil labels online with your own tools or you work with a designer. Because Lightning Labels uses digital printing, you don’t have to worry about the costs of printing labels using a traditional press. Orders of all sizes are economical, and you can even request test labels before committing to a design. In addition, labels and stickers ship quickly, which means you’ll get your order soon after you’ve approved it.

2 Tips for Creating Essential Oil Labels that Communicate Your Product’s Quality

Now that you know how easy it is to order custom essential oil labels, here are a couple tips to keep in mind when designing packaging that lets consumers know your products are top notch:

Add Images of Your Ingredients: Essential oils are made out of some of Mother Earth’s best stuff, and you should let your target audience know your offerings flaunt these natural ingredients. One way to show shoppers your products contain extracts from herbs, spices, fruits and other plants is by including images of them on your labels.

Choose Colors That Reflect Your Products: Whether your essential oils are used for aromatherapy, massages, body care or other household purposes, you can reflect this with appropriate color schemes. For example, for massage oils, opt for paler, calmer tones. For air fresheners, choose light, bright hues.

For more design tips, download Lightning Labels’ free white paper, “6 Easy-to-Follow Tips to Make a Statement with Colorful Custom Labels and Stickers,” accessible from the Lightning Labels Facebook page. These expert printing tips can be applied to essential oil labels to enhance marketing efforts and highlight the purity of natural products.

Custom Product Labels for the Pet Industry: Differentiate Pet Products from the Pack

Custom Product Labels Give Pet Brands a Purr-fect Look

custom product labels for pet products

Consumers seek specific qualities when reading custom product labels for pets.

Lightning Labels, custom label and sticker printing leader, is excited to explain how custom product labels can flaunt the qualities pet owners seek out when shopping for their fury friend.

When it comes to the bond a person shares with his or her dog, cat or other pet, it’s important to note how central a role these animals play in the lives of their owners. People consider their pets a member of their family and they want to take care of them in the best ways possible. That’s why consumers are more than willing to seek out the best products for their animals. As such, manufacturers can effectively target pet owners with custom product labels that not only cater to shopper needs, but also set the brand apart from the competition.

“The market for pet products is a large and diverse one,” said AnneMarie Campbell, Business Development Manager at Lightning Labels. “Brands have to work extra hard to stand out if they want to develop a strong, loyal fan base. That’s why they should invest in the best marketing strategies. Packaging products with attractive and durable custom labels can not only reel in consumers, but show them how the brand contributes to a happy, healthy life for their pet.”

Easy Product Label Printing Makes Embellishing Goods a Cinch

Whether pet companies are designing labels for the first time or have been around for a while and are looking to revamp their image, Lightning Labels’ product label printing is an easy and affordable way to create the perfect product packaging.

As mentioned above, pet owners look for specific qualities in products, including healthfulness, ease of use and portability. With myriad label fonts to choose from, brands partnering with Lightning Labels can select the perfect text type for their items. In addition, digital label printing allows users to include small, but legible and aesthetically pleasing text on their packaging to ensure consumers get the information they need.

Design Labels for Products that Stand Out

In addition to demonstrating a brand’s quality, labels for products also make items stand out in stores and online. Lightning Labels offers a seemingly limitless selection of colors to choose from and can include images of all kinds on product packaging to ensure brands’ design options are versatile and endless.

Lightning Labels regularly offers special promotions and discounts. Visit Lightning Labels on Facebook for more information and to find any current promotions for custom product labels and more.

About Lightning Labels:
Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, and now offers a full line of custom packaging products. From small orders for individuals, to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill sticker, label and product packaging projects of all types. Best of all, like the name implies, Lightning Labels provides a quick turnaround to every customers’ labeling and product packaging needs. Uses for Lightning Labels custom product labels and custom stickers include food packaging and organic food labels, wine and beverage labels, bath and body labels, and nutraceutical products, such as vitamins, essentials oils, and herbal remedies, as well as event stickers, adhesive window stickers and more. Lightning Labels strongly supports the development of environmentally friendly printing materials and carries EarthFirst PLA, a new kind of green label material made from corn instead of petroleum. While operating as a high-tech printer, Lighting Labels prides itself on its personalized customer service. Lightning Labels provides one stop shopping for all of your label and product packaging needs. For more information and to place orders online, visit LightningLabels.com. For the latest in packaging news and labeling promotional offers, find Lightning Labels on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter (@LightningLabels), Google+ and LinkedIn.

Make Custom Product Labels Reflect Key Qualities, Uses

‘Simple Truth’ Line Features Straight-Forward Custom Product Labels

Custom product labels that reflect key product qualities and/or demonstrate appeal to a particular audience make it easier for consumers to make a buying decision.

custom product labels at the supermarket

Labels for products in Kroger do their best to stand out.  Photo: Rob Stinnett, Flickr Creative Commons

For example, Kroger supermarkets promote their “Simple Truth” line of natural and organic products. Their custom product labels generally emulate this simplicity with green as the primary ink color on a clean white or off-white background.

Their idea is seemingly simple: Look simple to promote the simplicity of natural and organic products (e.g., purity unadulterated with a bunch of complicated ingredients/processes). It also connotes affordability—simple product, simple price.

While Simple Truth obviously is designed to appeal to a variety of age groups, certain niche products may find success with niche-designed labels. How about a product label appealing to millennials that features nothing except a QR code and spartan information? Obviously, this focuses on a mobile-savvy marketplace while tending to exclude baby boomers and the like.

Make Product Label Printing Count

Here are some other ways product label printing can say volumes about an item’s qualities and uses:

  • Reinforce resilience. Products promoting healthful resilience need to feature labels impervious to water, oil and other environmental contaminants. Although subtle in some cases, a label that won’t stand up to the elements may convey to the buyer that the product won’t stand up to its quality claims either.
  • See red or go green. Printing labels on coated or uncoated stock can be extremely impactful to their appeal. A product wanting to promote environmental friendliness and conservation is much more likely to resonate if the label is earthy looking and feeling—with softer colors and a non-slick-looking stock. On the other hand, products promoting vitality and va-voom (in essence exhorting the marketplace to see red, a passionate color) will want to maximize the stark, slick, powerful nature of the product—likely meriting vibrant colors on coated stock.
  • Be artsy or scientific. For those developing nutraceuticals, there can be the dilemma of whether to develop an artistic, flowery label or a scientific-looking one. Examine your marketplace and desired outcomes. With homeopathic remedies, for example, one argument holds that the more scientific the labeling, the more professional and “scientifically valid” the remedy may appear to be to a wider range of the population. Others could hold that the remedy’s appeal largely to a metaphysical audience warrants a more whimsical, artistic look.
  • Get in shape. Tie label dimensions and shapes to the product message and use. For example, make a label for a weightloss product tall and skinny. When promoting bodybuilding products, consider a beefy and broad-looking label. Organic certified products can reinforce their position with a label shaped like a certification seal.

Use Labels for Products That Send a Strong Message

From earth-friendly labels made of corn to vibrant colors and effects, labels for products offer the opportunity to convey and reinforce many key messages, both about product quality and attributes. When you’re ready to review or renew your options in the label arena, we stand ready to help.

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Get Ready for Back-to-School With Custom Labels and Stickers

Get Ahead on Back-to-School Marketing with Custom Labels and Stickers

back to school marketing with custom labels and stickers

Back-to-school season is a great time to upgrade custom labels and stickers.

Lightning Labels, custom label and sticker printing leader, is encouraging manufacturers across the country to prepare effectively for the upcoming academic year by upgrading their products with custom labels and stickers.

While the final bell of the school year may have just sent students off on summer vacation for a couple months, it’s not too early to start planning for fall. Seasons fly by quickly and before students know it, they’ll be picking out new products to start the new term off right. Manufacturers still have time to plan their back-to-school marketing campaigns, but they shouldn’t put off revamping their product offerings with custom stickers and labels.

“The summer months are a great time to rehash old strategies and redesign product packaging that will harness the attention of shoppers come August,” said AnneMarie Campbell, Business Development Manager at Lightning Labels. “School supply businesses aren’t the only ones that can capitalize on the sales spike that occurs at the end of summer when students and parents get ready for the year ahead. Lightning Labels’ custom stickers and labels can help manufacturers across industries give their products a special flare to celebrate the back-to-school season and catch the attention of consumers.”

Digitally Printed Labels and Stickers are a Wise Investment for Organizations of All Types

Consumer brands aren’t the only ones that can benefit from custom printed labels and stickers when summer ends. Schools, athletic leagues, student clubs and associations can prepare for the start of the academic year by creating high-quality, unique custom labels and stickers.

What’s a better way to boost awareness and support for a school group, sports team or organization than with customized stickers? Whether these organizations want thousands of stickers or just a handful of diverse labels with different designs, Lightning Labels offers affordable rates and can carry out customized sticker orders in just a few days.

Product Stickers Can Boost Branding When Classes Resume

Product stickers with school or association logos are a great way to improve an organization’s image and increase its awareness during back-to-school season. Meanwhile, brands can design fun stickers for school supplies, such as notebooks and calculators, to jumpstart their branding. Lightning Labels offers a variety of colors to choose from and can guarantee users like their design before committing by offering free proofing.

Summer may have just arrived, but it’s not too early to get ahead on the back-to-school shopping rush. Design custom stickers and labels today!

Lightning Labels is offering 15 percent off new orders placed online through July 12, 2013. Use promo code JULY4 at checkout.  The maximum discount is $1,000. Free ground shipping applies to regularly priced orders shipped only within the United States and Canada. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotion. Visit LightningLabels.com for details.

About Lightning Labels:
Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, and now offers a full line of custom packaging products. From small orders for individuals, to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill sticker, label and product packaging projects of all types. Best of all, like the name implies, Lightning Labels provides a quick turnaround to every customers’ labeling and product packaging needs. Uses for Lightning Labels custom product labels and custom stickers include food packaging and organic food labels, wine and beverage labels, bath and body labels, and nutraceutical products, such as vitamins, essentials oils, and herbal remedies, as well as event stickers, adhesive window stickers and more. Lightning Labels strongly supports the development of environmentally friendly printing materials and carries EarthFirst PLA, a new kind of green label material made from corn instead of petroleum. While operating as a high-tech printer, Lighting Labels prides itself on its personalized customer service. Lightning Labels provides one stop shopping for all of your label and product packaging needs. For more information and to place orders online, visit LightningLabels.com. For the latest in packaging news and labeling promotional offers, find Lightning Labels on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter (@LightningLabels), Google and LinkedIn.

3 Hot Tips for Customized Cosmetic Labels this Summer

Keep up With Summer Skin Care Trends With Customized Cosmetic Labels

custom cosmetics labels tips

Can your products beat the summer heat? Jazz them up with customized labels for cosmetics.

Summer’s here, and manufacturers in the personal care industry can take advantage of the spike in beauty product sales in the coming weeks by revamping their marketing strategy with customized cosmetic labels. The change in temperatures means shoppers across the country are altering their personal care routine by adding products that will keep their skin healthy and boost their appearance this summer. To guarantee your items become part of consumers’ everyday primping, catch their attention with attractive, unique cosmetic product labels.

Labels for Cosmetics Can Give Your Brand a Summer Makeover

Based on industry research trends, here are three tips to boost your brand’s visibility this summer by investing in high-quality labels for cosmetics.

  1. Flaunt Summer Colors With Hot Product Labels: Online retailer Amazon recently revealed its top-selling summer beauty products to Racked. According to the retail and shopping news source, hot-selling makeup items are those that complement a summer glow and add a vibrant hue to consumers’ cheeks, eyelids and nails. Let your products command attention in stores and online by embellishing them with the bold colors summer shoppers want. Custom printing options grant manufacturers a vast array of tones and tints to choose from and create vibrant, classy designs.
  2. Get the Right Info on Labels with Cosmetic Label Printing: With digital cosmetic label printing, you don’t have to worry about fitting product information onto packaging. The high-quality printing technique can place small, yet legible print and recognizable images on labels. This is especially important for products that protect users from UV rays: many of Amazon’s best-sellers were skin care products. Today, more people than ever before are aware of the skin damage sun can cause. In fact, a recent study conducted in Australia that found wearing sunscreen every day can significantly reduce skin aging has received a ton of media attention. As consumers shop for skin care products this season, you can reassure them your products will keep them safe and healthy by including the information on your packaging.
  3. Let Your Labels Reach Different Consumer Groups: While effective branding involves catering to a very specific audience, manufacturers shouldn’t glance over consumers who may not fit into their cookie-cutter target demographic but could become loyal customers if marketed to effectively. According to Houston-area broadcast station CW39′s News Fix, a once-unlikely group of consumers is responsible for a hefty portion of cosmetic sales: men. Last year, men spent $5 billion on moisturizers, concealers, powders, bronzers and other beauty products, the source reported.

To make sure your brand resonates with male and female consumers, you can test out different product labels. Choose a custom label printer that will give you a good deal on orders of all sizes.