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New Year, New Labels: Update Your Nutraceutical Labels to Appeal to Weight Loss Resolutions

2015-Nutraceutical-labelsDesign New Nutraceutical Custom Labels for 2015

A new calendar year is the perfect time for companies to rethink their custom labels. For businesses, a lot of changes can occur over the course of a year, and they may look to expand to new target markets, roll out innovative products, remove outdated offerings and make a number of other changes. New custom labels are a great way to make that clean break and reset the brand image.

When it comes to nutraceutical companies, the new year is the perfect time to revise product labels. People often make various health-related New Year’s resolutions – perhaps they want to lose weight, get in shape or put on some muscle. Those are all common resolutions, but many of these people may not know where to start or which products they need to embark on their journeys to fulfill their goals.

Seasonal custom labels may lead people down the correct path while also establish the nutraceutical company in question as an industry thought leader. In that regard, the product label is not only beneficial as a marketing piece to generate sales, but a necessity for inspiring loyalty in customers who will come back to the brand for future purchases.

Custom Labels Must Be Made for the Target Audience

When nutraceutical brands rethink their custom labels, it is pivotal they keep their target audiences in mind. For example, a supplement manufacturer may have a very specific audience to consider – weight lifters, people on diets and other health-conscious individuals. This affects the claims that are featured on labels, imagery used and other prominent packaging elements.

However, if nutraceutical companies want to do a special, limited-run release – for instance, targeting people making new years resolutions – they need to rethink their approach to label designs. Resolution-makers may not be well-acquainted with supplements, vitamins and other dietary consumables. Product labels should reflect that by perhaps being easier to understand – featuring less jargon and containing more detailed usage instructions geared toward people who may be new to the fit lifestyle.

Nutraceutical Labeling for All Occasions

Regardless of whether supplement companies want to update their nutraceutical labeling for New Year’s or any other event, they must keep the target audience in mind. This will help them craft the most relevant packaging and maximize their appeal to customers.


Follow Pet Food Labeling Requirements to Keep Animals Healthy

Pet Food LabelsNutrition Facts are Necessary Components of Pet Product Labels

As is the case with food items for humans, nutrition facts are necessary parts of pet product labels. As Hill’s Pet Nutrition noted, a pet food label is a legal document that must be attached to packaging and is regulated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). It’s often the prime means of communication between the pet food manufacturers and pet owners.

Understanding pet food products is important, particularly for new owners. If they want to make their new pet feel at home and help them acclimate to their living conditions, providing them with healthy, nutritious edibles can play a large role in that process. If people aren’t feeding their pets well, animals won’t be able to get comfortable in the home.

Making Nutrition Labels

For the average customer, pet nutrition labels can be difficult to understand. Many people still have difficulty coming to terms with nutrition labels on the food they eat every day, let alone goods designed for animals. In order to comply with regulations set forth by the AAFCO, all animal food product nutrition labels need to contain the following information:

  • Ingredients: Much like any food label, ingredients must be listed in an understandable manner. Ingredients should be listed in descending order by weight. Generally speaking, this means high water content (such as chicken) will come before dry grains and vitamins.
  • Guaranteed analysis: This section indicates the minimum and maximum levels of nutrients, such as protein, fat, fiber and moisture. Generally speaking, it does not provide exact levels but provides effective ballpark numbers.
  • Nutritional adequacy statement: This is a legally required statement that verifies the testing methods that producers leverage in order to ensure the nutritional adequacy of the product being sold, according to the news source.
  • A toll-free number: Finally, all packages should include numbers for customers to call with any questions or complaints. This enables manufacturers to improve the quality of their products as well as execute any necessary recalls.

Pet Safety Starts with the Label

If owners want to guarantee pet safety, it starts with the label. This allows buyers to make the best purchase decisions. As such, it’s pivotal that manufacturers produce labels with all the requisite data points to inform their customers.

Printing Health Information – Food & Nutraceutical Product Labels

Focus on Health Information Label Printing This March

health information label printing from Lightning Labels

Use health information label printing to promote nutritious choices.

Food and nutraceutical brands can take advantage of National Nutrition Month to utilize health information label printing to provide consumers with insight about healthy lifestyle choices; for instance, helping shoppers interpret nutrition labels. Initiated by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics back in 1973, the month-long event is intended to educate consumers on healthy food choices. For brands that make food, supplement or nutraceutical products, March is the ideal time to promote items than can be integrated for a more nutritious diet. Eating balanced meals doesn’t have to be a chore; with the wide variety of products on the market, it can be fun. Product labels are a great place to remind shoppers that healthy foods can taste great, too.

Use Health Information Stickers to Promote Nutritional Ingredients

Brands can use health information stickers to call attention to healthy diet choices and drive engagement with products. During March, companies can work on their own educational campaigns that are in line with those of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Provide information about what goes into a balanced diet using visuals that are easy to understand. Turning an image of a plate into a pie chart that breaks a meal down into fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins can provide a useful guideline for shoppers who are trying to learn better eating habits. Companies that create supplements can benefit from using sticker labels to highlight the most beneficial components of products. Do you make a beverage that has a high volume of vitamin B12? Include a message about the role this vitamin plays in overall wellness. Inform shoppers how they can make the most of supplement use.

Bring Awareness to Food Product Nutrition Information

Throughout the month, brands can draw attention to food product nutrition information on packaging. Another consideration during this month is the impending changes to nutrition labels, recently announced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Before the new guidelines are made official, companies can demonstrate they are ahead of the curve by providing information about changes to come on food and nutraceutical labels. The new rules will likely downplay the importance of fat content and draw greater attention to the number of calories and the serving size, National Public Radio reported. The new elements of the label will be large and bold so they are more visible. Help your consumers adjust to the changes before they are implemented. Gain the trust of shoppers and they will keep returning to your products.

How to Create Labels for Heart Healthy Natural Products

Create Labels for Heart Health this February

February is the perfect time to create labels for heart health from Lightning Labels

February is the perfect time to February is the perfect time to create labels for heart health.

February is American Heart Month, so it’s an ideal time to create labels for heart health. For many products, wellness is a great selling point. From healthy food products to nutritional supplements, there are many items that can be revamped to demonstrate health benefits. Make custom nutraceutical labels and stickers that demonstrate how the product can support a heart healthy lifestyle. According to the American Heart Association, certain choices support cardiovascular health more than others. Being fit and active keeps the body and heart in good shape. With the addition of a nutritional diet, individuals are potentially on the road to a longer life. By combining activity with balanced nutrition, consumers can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Heart Healthy Natural Product Labels Raise Awareness About Cardiovascular Disease

Using heart healthy natural product labels can grow nutraceutical sales. The American Heart Association says that adding certain supplements to a nutrient-rich diet can be beneficial. Labeling supplements that could support heart health can help brands increase awareness. February is a good time to make some changes to labeling strategies to show your brand’s support for health awareness. Using red in labels can help grab the attention of consumers who are keeping cardiovascular health in mind as they shop. Your brand can also design its own heart healthy logo to bring attention to the best choices. Green is also a good choice to call attention to naturally derived products, since it’s an earth tone.

Be Helpful When Labeling Heart Healthy Products

Sharing useful information is a good rule of thumb for labeling heart healthy products. Make nutraceutical labels that guide consumers toward the right choices. Include some helpful hints on labels that can assist individuals in their initiatives to achieve better health. While food products are a good place to put recipes and meal preparation ideas, nutraceutical labels are a better place for lifestyle tips. In addition to using these products to better manage cholesterol and other issues related to heart health, it’s a good idea to give some ideas for how to be more active. For those just starting out, walking is a good bet. Encouraging consumers to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator could cause a significant impact in their daily routines. When you provide customers with advice they can really use, the result could be an increase in brand awareness and consumer trust.

Get Nutraceutical Labels In Time for Holiday Sales

Prepare Nutraceutical Labels for the Holiday Season

nutraceutical labels from Lightning Labels

Shoppers will pay special attention to nutraceutical labels after New Years.

The end of the year is not too far off, which means supplement and vitamin makers should consider revamping their nutraceutical labels to attract shoppers with New Year’s resolutions. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, brands that aren’t already thinking about their holiday marketing strategy could be missing out on an important opportunity to jumpstart sales. While health and dietary products may not yet be top-of-mind for consumers seeking holiday gifts for their loved ones, millions of shoppers with health-related resolutions will be looking for products that can help them achieve their goals. With the right custom nutraceutical labels, brands can ensure their vitamins and supplements satisfy consumers’ demands for healthy products.

According to an infographic from Betterment.com, an online investment platform, nearly half of Americans make New Years resolutions. Forty-seven percent of these individuals set goals to improve themselves in some way and 38 percent make resolutions related to weight. In the weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve and for months after the holiday, consumers will pay special attention to product labels. With the help of Lightning Labels, brands can create custom nutraceutical stickers that grab shoppers’ attention and turn them into buyers.

3 Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Nutraceutical Stickers

As the winter holidays approach, brands looking to revamp their product packaging shouldn’t wait any longer to order nutraceutical stickers. When designing labels for the winter shopping season, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

1. Embrace the Season with Holiday Labels: For products hitting store shelves in the coming weeks, consider adding a little seasonal cheer with holiday labels that embrace winter colors. Lightning Labels’ four-color printing process can create stickers and labels in an incredible variety of hues.

2. Speak to Eco-Conscious Consumers on Nutraceutical Labels: Healthy living isn’t the only thing on consumers’ minds. Green-minded shopping practices have become mainstream, and many people strive to only purchase items that have been made with the Earth in mind. Especially if they’ve made a resolution to be more eco-conscious, consumers will respond well to green packaging. Lightning Labels offers several eco-friendly sticker and label materials to choose from.

3. Highlight Important Information on Nutraceutical Stickers: Come the first of the new year, shoppers will be reading product labels thoroughly as they seek out items that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Put an emphasis on ingredients, health benefits and other important information on nutraceutical stickers. Lightning Label’s digital printing services allow brands to place small, yet clean and legible print on any product label.

Custom Vitamin Labels: Design Your Own Labels to Sell Your Products’ Health Benefits

Design Your Own Labels in Time for Cold and Flu Season

design your own labels with Lightning Labels

Lightning Labels can help you design your own labels for vitamins.

If your business manufactures vitamins and supplements, you can design your own labels to take advantage of an important sales opportunity in the coming months. While fall is most often associated holidays, cold-weather festivities and preparations for winter, it can also signal the beginning of a different kind of season: cold and flu season.

The flu epidemic hits every year, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s practically impossible to determine how severely the virus will spread. While flu season usually reaches its peak in January or February, an outbreak can occur as early as October and the epidemic can continue through May. Because last year’s flu season was particularly harsh, consumers are likely more conscious of the disease than ever before. People are shopping for products that can help them maintain good health, and custom vitamin labels that are unique and informative can make your products stand out from competitors.

In late January, a contributor for Forbes pointed out how the strong flu season was an incredible sales period for pharmacies and over-the-counter cough- and cold-product makers. Whether you make full-spectrum multivitamins or sell herbal supplements aimed at improving immune systems, you can achieve similar results this year by marketing your products effectively with custom labels.

3 Tips for Designing Custom Vitamin Labels

While your products may be small, likely the amount of information you want to provide consumers is not. Maximize the space your product packaging provides with custom vitamin labels that reflect your brand’s quality, as well as your products’ preventative or healing powers. Here are three tips to consider when creating custom labels for vitamins and supplements:

1. Partner with a Label-Printing Expert to Create Vitamin Bottle Labels:

Especially if you’re designing labels yourself, it’s important to work with a label printer that can accommodate all of your needs. Lightning Labels has extensive experience with vitamin bottle labels and offers several reliable label material options, including removable and squeezable ones, as well as various polypropylene options. Additionally, our diversity of label shapes and sizes are sure to match all items in your product suite.

2. Strive for Quality with Labels for Vitamins:

The vitamin and supplement market is large, and as cold and flu season approaches, competition will be particularly aggressive in the coming months. You need a custom label that stands out to ensure your goods don’t blend in with the rest of the products on store shelves. Lightning Labels digital printing ensures your design looks professional and reflects the quality of your ingredients. We offer a seemingly infinite range of colors to choose from and our printing process captures even the most minute details in designs to create labels that are a cut above those on competitors’ goods.

3. Set Your Products Apart with Custom Label Printing:

While a quality label can help your products stand out on store shelves, you need a design that captures shoppers’ attention. Whether you’re looking to market your offerings temporarily for cold and flu season or are seeking new long-term product packaging, it’s important to know what your competitors are doing e then head in a more innovative direction. For example, in addition to listing ingredients, consider explaining how the most active ones can help boost immunity or soothe cold symptoms. For vitamins aimed at children, you can add cartoon graphics fun facts. With Lightning Labels’ labeling solutions and printing service, your options for how to design labels to create something unique are limitless.

Dietary Supplements Labeling Guide & Requirements

Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements – a guide

Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements From Lightning Labels

Need help with dietary supplements labeling requirements? Ask us!

A dietary supplement labeling guide is an important part to any nutraceutical product, as it shows buyers the ingredients of whatever it is they are purchasing. Many people are very interested in what their dietary supplements contain for health reasons as well as body-conscious initiatives, and they want to make sure the product will fit their regimen. Product packaging is the main component when shoppers look to buy these supplements, and the best and most accurate label can make or break a company’s sales. The labels can be creative or straightforward, but they need to be clear, concise and on every supplement the store sells.

The best way for dietary supplement brands to sell their products and get people to invest in them long-term is to be honest and offer the best information possible right on the label. This will not only grab their attention but inform them about the supplements the brand offers and how it will give them the benefits them desire. The custom labels are easy to read and can also be creative to attract the customer’s eye and make them want to learn more about what the supplement can offer.

How to Adhere to Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements

Many people are looking to enhance their diets and make a healthy lifestyle a priority, meaning companies can benefit from high-quality dietary supplement labeling guides. It’s important for dietary supplement businesses to be able to clearly communicate the benefits and ingredients of their products, and an FDA dietary supplements labeling guide will allow them to do so in a cost-effective way that also follows FDA procedures.

While it is important to create exciting labels, companies also need to think about how the information on their dietary supplements follows industry regulations. Having a dietary supplement labeling guide will allow them to do just that.

Lightning Labels Can Help You Adhere to Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements

Complying with dietary supplements labeling requirements can be made easy using a Lightning Labels high-quality materials. Total customization includes a variety of materials and finishes, including sizes and shapes with a seemingly endless choice of colors.

For more information or to place an order, visit our vitamin bottle labels page. Or simply visit our Custom Label Quote page for an instant online quote!

Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to produce orders both small and large at competitive prices. We provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, a full line of custom packaging products, and top-of-the-line, personalized customer service. Visit Lightning Labels on the web today for the best prices on any size order for high quality, state-of-the-art custom label printing, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How to Make Nutraceutical Labels Creative and Informative

Redesign Nutraceutical Labels in Time for Bathing Suit Season

items on nutraceutical labels

Explain how the items listed on nutraceutical labels contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Warm weather is quickly approaching, and consumers are looking to perfect their beach bodies by hitting the gym and eating healthier. As shoppers peruse food, drinks and supplements in store aisles and online, they’re looking for products that will help them look and feel good this summer. With so many shoppers looking at product packaging this season, your nutraceutical labels will make or break your product’s sales.

Consumers want nutritional facts and ingredient information, and they’re more likely to check out items that provide them in a clear, legible way. While it seems like any old nutraceutical label design will do, there are many factors that could turn shoppers away from a product, including print that is too small or unclear. By choosing to create nutraceutical labels using digital printing, however, you can easily fit information onto stickers and packaging in a clean, aesthetically pleasing way. In addition, you can create custom labels that are unique and eye-catching.

3 Ideas for Informative and Creative Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals

It may feel like federal regulations concerning what must and cannot go on custom labels for nutraceuticals limit creativity. However, there are several ways you can make your labels more attractive and informative while complying with merchandising laws. Here are three ways to spruce up nutraceutical labels:

1. Jazz up Instructions
If you sell a product that requires instructions, the first step to designing your nutraceutical labels is determine whether the wording is clear and concise. Keep directions as short as possible without withholding information. Consider using step-by-step lists to make information more understandable. Another way to make product information more appealing and understandable is by adding images. Think about including a simple illustration to demonstrate each step.

2. A Little Color Will Go a Long Way
Sure, nutrition charts have to be in a specific format, but who says they can’t be pink? You can make your products more attractive simply by matching custom stickers and colors to those used on the rest of the product packaging. While this a small change, establishing uniformity or a central theme for your labels makes your brand more recognizable.

3. Explain the Benefits of Ingredients and Nutrient Values
While consumers are avid label readers, they may not fully understand what to look for. If your products contain natural or organic ingredients, explain their benefits. For example, perhaps they’re good choices for consumers who want healthier skin or hair.

The same goes for nutrition facts. Explaining why the protein or fiber value of your food item contributes to a healthy diet is one way to do this.

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Get Ready For Bathing Suit Season by Reading Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals

All Eyes On Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals as Summer Weather Approaches

custom labels for nutraceuticals

All eyes on custom labels for nutraceuticals as summer weather approaches.

Lightning Labels, custom label and sticker printing leader, is alerting manufacturers that summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a major consumer focus on weight loss, which means more shoppers are focused on the nutrition facts and ingredients on custom labels for nutraceuticals.

While spring may have just sprung, millions of consumers – especially those in warmer regions – are already thinking about slimming down for beach weather and attire. They’re hitting the gym and watching their diets to make the most of bathing suit season this year. That means they’re looking for products that will help them lose winter weight and look great. As they shop around for food, beverages and supplements, consumers are focusing on ingredients and nutritional labels. Give shoppers the information they need with high-quality custom nutraceutical labels.

“There are several periods throughout the year that consumers tend to focus on their health, and the weeks leading up to beach season is one of those times,” said AnneMarie Campbell, Business Development Manager at Lightning Labels. “Today’s shoppers have become avid label readers and look for very specific ingredients and nutritional components in the products they consume. Brands can tap into the pool of health-conscious shoppers this spring by placing custom created digitally printed stickers and labels on their food, beverage and supplement offerings.”

2 Benefits to Enhancing Products with Custom Stickers for Nutraceuticals

Because consumers are focused on labels to find healthy items, the right custom stickers for nutraceuticals can turn browsers into buyers. Here are two other benefits to revamping nutraceutical labels this season:

1. Comply with Regulations Without Sacrificing the Aesthetic Appeal of Product Stickers and Labels

There are strict federal regulations governing what must and cannot go in nutrition fact charts and ingredients lists. However, if nutraceutical label content is poorly designed and formatted, brands risk overwhelming consumers and losing the potential to turn them into loyal customers. Lightning Labels’ high-resolution digital printing allows manufacturers to create stickers and labels that are both legally compliant and legible.

2. Get a Great Unit Price on Any Size Order Custom Nutraceutical Labels

In addition to creating legible, clean and unique nutraceutical labels, Lightning Labels offers them at an affordable price – no matter the size order! Digital printing allows companies to order large batches for major products and smaller amounts for label tests and seasonal marketing purposes.

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About Lightning Labels:
Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, and now offers a full line of custom packaging products. From small orders for individuals, to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill sticker, label and product packaging projects of all types. Best of all, like the name implies, Lightning Labels provides a quick turnaround to every customers’ labeling and product packaging needs. Uses for Lightning Labels custom product labels and custom stickers include food packaging and organic food labels, wine and beverage labels, bath and body labels, and nutraceutical products, such as vitamins, essentials oils, and herbal remedies, as well as event stickers, adhesive window stickers and more. Lightning Labels strongly supports the development of environmentally friendly printing materials and carries EarthFirst PLA, a new kind of green label material made from corn instead of petroleum. While operating as a high-tech printer, Lighting Labels prides itself on its personalized customer service. Lightning Labels provides one stop shopping for all of your label and product packaging needs. For more information and to place orders online, visit LightningLabels.com. For the latest in packaging news and labeling promotional offers, find Lightning Labels on Facebook, Twitter (@LightningLabels), and Google+.

Consumers Read Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals and Prefer Organic Products

More Consumers Are Becoming Avid Readers of Custom Labels for Nutraceuticals

product labels for food

Consumers may be willing to pay more for products labeled organic.

Consumers today are more health conscious than ever before, and more people are fine-tuning their label reading skills. As nutrition becomes more mainstream, when shoppers set out to find products, they’re constantly eyeing custom labels for nutraceuticals and packaging before they make purchasing decisions. To attract such consumers, brands need to make sure their custom labels and stickers explain how their product complements a healthy lifestyle.

As scientists discover more about the causes and triggers of diseases like obesity and diabetes, organizations, government agencies and brands have embarked on educational campaigns to encourage shoppers to read nutraceutical labels. For example, the New York City Health Department recently began featuring banner ads in the city’s subway system urging commuters to check labels for sodium content. The tagline of the campaign is “Compare Labels. Choose less sodium.”

This initiative is one of many encouraging U.S. consumers to become more conscious of the health value of the foods and beverages they consume. As more people learn how to read labels, brands can help consumers make purchasing choices by delivering the right message on custom packaging and labels.

Custom Stickers for Nutraceuticals Attract Consumers

As more shoppers look for specific health benefits when browsing for food and beverage products in stores and online, many are also choosing items that bear custom stickers for nutraceuticals or are organic, according to a recent study.

Researchers at Cornell University discovered people don’t only believe organic items are healthier than non-organic ones, they also believe these foods taste better and are of higher quality.

The study gathered input from 115 shoppers at a mall in Ithaca, New York. Each participant was asked to taste yogurt, cookies and potato chips. They were given two varieties of each food, one of which respondents were told was organic and the other was supposedly not. However, both items in each category were secretly identical products.

When asked to rate each product, consumers identified organic samples as much better products, suggesting labels and stickers alone can have a strong influence on purchasing decisions. In fact, on average, consumers said they would pay up to 23.4 percent more for the “organic” foods.

In addition, participants assumed the supposedly organic cookies and yogurt not only tasted better, but also had fewer calories and less fat than their counterparts.

Nutraceutical Labels Help Educate Health-Focused Consumers

Because the word “organic” alone can lead consumers to prefer certain products, manufacturers should consider the benefits of updating their product packaging to ensure items’ health benefits are front and center on nutraceutical labels.

While designing new custom labels seems time-consuming and costly, working with a reputable digital label printer can get the job done quickly and painlessly. Digital printing allows businesses to create aesthetically pleasing stickers and labels that feature rich colors and high quality images. In addition, unlike archaic forms of packaging production, digital printing is a low-cost, high return investment option for label orders of all sizes – not just large ones.

As consumers demand more information on labels, brands can’t afford to not heed their call. The right custom packing allows manufacturers to cater to avid label readers without spending a fortune. Not only can ordering such custom labels and packaging save businesses money, it might land them a prize.

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