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Target Your Market With Hot Sauce Labeling Design Tips

Use Hot Sauce Labeling Design Tips to Aim Products at Consumer Groups

hot sauce labeling design tips from Lightning Labels

You can target gourmets or casual eaters by considering hot sauce labeling design tips.

Different hot sauce labeling design tips may appeal to varied sections of the market. Marketers may be able to tap into recent food trends to come up with ideas for printable food labels. For instance, consumers that consider themselves “foodies” are on the rise. Some of these individuals like to cook gourmet meals for themselves, others enjoy dining out at the hottest new spot and trying new places frequently. On the one hand, many of the most popular restaurants are beginning to incorporate street food into their menus by adding ingredients you may not usually find in these homegrown favorites.

This means hot sauce may well be capable of transcending the gap between the casual food consumer and self-proclaimed foodie. Feel free to be open and creative when designing hot sauce labels.

Consider Targeted Markets for Hot Sauce Labeling

Think about different targeted markets for hot sauce labeling. Is your product “haute sauce” or “hot sauce?” That is, who’s buying your condiments – foodies, more general consumers or a little bit of both? While you may be able to aim your product somewhere between these groups, other brands may want to pick a side. Are foodies your main customers, or do broke college kids pick up your delicious hot sauce to make their bland dorm food more palatable? Depending which version sounds like your typical shopper, you may want to emphasize different aspects of the label. For college students and others looking to spice up a boring meal, the price point may be the best seller. For Epicureans, you may want to focus on unique ingredients and flavor profiles, as well as the best cuisine to accompany the sauce.

Smart Hot Sauce Label Marketing Can Grow Sales

Hot sauce label marketing is the best way to increase visibility with consumers. Once you’ve identified what kind of shopper you’re targeting specifically, it will become a lot easier to design fun labels that are really appealing. For instance, a big part of foodie culture is social – not just the experience of dining, but sharing it via social media. Is your label design Instagram photo- or Facebook status-worthy? Make sure you indicate on the label if your company has a social media presence. It may even be smart to encourage people to use a specific hashtag when posting about your sauces. An attractive and interesting hot sauce label will sell itself, but don’t forget to include the important information, like ingredients and branding.

Make Canned Food Labels that Highlight Nutritious Benefits

Creating Labels for Canned Food for Specific Markets Increases Consumer Confidence

labels for canned food from Lightning Labels

Provide useful information when making labels for canned food for specific markets.

Because individuals have different nutrition requirements or dietary restrictions, creating labels for canned food for specific markets is a good idea. During National Canned Food Month is a good time to increase consumer awareness about these items. Canned food labels can be considered a great tool for educating customers about things like health, nutrition and cost-effective alternatives to fresh produce. By targeting specific markets with different information, you can increase consumer confidence and establish your company as an important informational resource. Marketing to parents is always a good idea because they usually have specific needs. It’s also smart to market labels towards health-conscious consumers, especially early in the New Year when people are hard at work on their resolutions.

Design Canning Labels That Sell to Parents

Include helpful information to create canning labels that sell your items. For instance, families value certain types of messages more than others. Parents with growing children may factor many things into purchasing decisions because they want nutrient-rich food that is cost-effective. Because canned products are able to be stored for long periods of time, they may be purchased in bulk, which lowers the cost per item. Ease of preparation is often another consideration. Canned vegetables, soups and sauces are both healthful and quick to make for multiple people. Another way to make the process of cooking meals easier on parents is to include recipes on labels. You can use colorful images to emphasize nutritional ingredients. If you make a canned tomato sauce, include a bright image of a tomato and inform consumers of its nutritional value, such as its high concentration of vitamin C, which has numerous benefits.

Create Canned Food Labels to Encourage Healthy Living

Designing canned food labels to feature health benefits can also increase brand awareness. When companies include scientific information about how nutrition impacts health, customers are more likely to trust their products. When creating can labels, brands can provide helpful tips about how to eat meals more healthfully. For instance, you can use label space to provide a visual guide that provides a portion control guide, or helps determine how much of the meal should be comprised of vegetables in addition to protein and whole grains. Another idea is to inform customers of tips for staying active. As a rule, everyone should take 10,000 steps every day. Are your consumers following this guideline? Give them tips to increase their mileage, like always taking the stairs or investing in a pedometer. You can spread these tips out across different labels and even use barcode label printing to encourage shoppers to see them all.

Label Design Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

Use Label Design Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions to Increase Sales

running with design ideas for New Year’s resolutions

Help motivate consumers when coming up label design ideas for New Year’s resolutions.

Take advantage of the spirit of self-renewal when thinking up label design ideas for New Year’s resolutions. Because consumers are changing their habits, certain markets open up at the beginning of the year. This is a good time to create new custom product labels that help those with new resolutions take steps to reach their goals. With a savvy design scheme, you can use labels to attract new customers and strengthen your relationship with existing fans. Losing weight is one of the top resolutions that individuals make every year. This means athletic gear, healthy foods, beverages and nutraceutical supplements could be in high demand over the next few months, especially if they’re packaged with the right labels.

1. Be Informative When Labeling for New Year’s Resolutions

When labeling for New Year’s resolutions, provide helpful tips for those hoping to live healthier lifestyles. On food labels, include recipes for wholesome dishes. Food product labels can also be used to communicate ideas for exercises or stretches. Demonstrate that your brand is a helpful informational resource for those hoping to become more active in the New Year.

Other types of companies can join in too. Since supplements and sports beverages tend to support healthy lifestyle changes, utilize label space to provide advice on how to eat more nutritious meals or how to target nutrients that optimize energy.

2. Use Motivational Colors in Product Labeling for New Year’s

Alert customers that you’re on their side by visually changing product labeling for New Year’s. Making small changes in wording and color can go a long way in attracting the attention of a new customer group. Certain colors are more likely to motivate people to get moving. For instance, studies have shown that the color green has beneficial effects on the psychology of people exercising. Being shown pleasant images of outdoor green spaces during a workout has shown positive effects on mood.

3. Provide Encouragement on Labels

If you sell a product that can help people reach their goals, create a promotion. For example, if you create a healthy cereal, give consumers a discount after they have purchased a certain number of boxes. Offer a free giveaway that will help customers reach their goals, like a pedometer. Brands can also include blank charts on health product labels that will help customers monitor their own progress by keeping track of meals and exercise routines. Another simple way to help is to provide motivational language that lets consumers know that your brand supports their activities. Saying “you can do it” provides positive reinforcement that will make customers want to continue purchasing your products.

Create Promotional Labels to Keep Customers After the Holidays

Keep Customers After the Holidays Using an Interesting Label Design

demonstrate the year-round appeal of products with promotional labels

Keep customers after the holidays by demonstrating the year-round appeal of your products.

Use an innovative label design to keep customers after the holidays are over. Once holiday shoppers have finished up their gift lists, sales can fall into a slump. However, with some creativity and thoughtful strategy, you can maintain interest in your products throughout the New Year using promotional labels.

The transitional period after the holidays is a great time to introduce an interesting new design. Catch the attention of customers when they are expecting most brands will return from seasonal designs back to their traditional look. While sales may be slower following the holiday season, consumers are always on the lookout for interesting products. You can create labels that reel in shoppers and make them want to give themselves a post-holiday gift.

Create Promotional Labels with Year-Round Appeal

Another good way to beat the post-holiday slump is to create promotional labels that demonstrate your product is a necessity all year long. Customers don’t just like to pamper themselves during the holiday season. From candles to food items, some products promote luxury throughout the year. When designing labels between holidays, avoid using imagery directly tied to the seasons. One way to do this is to make labels text-based with vibrant colors. Using streamlined sans-serif fonts can communicate that a brand is fresh and forward-thinking. Particularly for food products, the information about a product is often what sells. Present it on labels in an interesting way that sets your product apart from others next to it on store shelves. Sometimes negative space on a label can be very eye-catching. You can also change up the label shape to further attract attention.

Incorporate January Promotions into Holiday Promotional Labels

If you do decide to create holiday promotional labels, include a deal that customers can claim in January or February. There’s no better way to encourage shoppers to buy than to offer them price incentives to do so. It’s easy to get creative when developing promotions. Use an extended-content label that customers can peel off to reveal a coupon. Make the deal redeemable both in stores and online so that individuals have more avenues to make a purchase.

Include Extra Information on Product Labels

While a well-thought-out design is key, you can have fun with product labeling, too, even while adhering to labeling tips for businesses. Many companies include trivia or jokes on their packaging. These tidbits foster customer engagement and often encourage individuals to collect your products. If you create a food product, include a seasonal recipe on the label. Another way to get customers thinking about your product outside the holiday context is to provide a message that leads consumers to your website. For example, let them know you have more recipes or other pertinent information online.

Five Seasonal Beer Label Design Ideas

Use Seasonal Beer Label Design Ideas to Target Different Groups

beer label design ideas from Lightning Labels

Use winter memories to come up with seasonal beer label design ideas.

When coming up with seasonal beer label design ideas, it can help to think back to your favorite winter recollections and traditions.

The holidays are a time to make lasting memories, so consumers are more likely to gravitate toward products that inspire some sort of nostalgia.

Make the most of this by utilizing seasonal imagery on labels to target different demographics. Different groups will be interested in different imagery.

Use personalized beer bottle labels to get consumers from varying demographics excited about your products.

1. Try Seasonal Beer Labels with Youthful Spirit

Evoke excitement when making seasonal beer labels for energetic, vivacious drinkers. For this active demographic, the winter season brings the joy of extreme sports like snowboarding and skiing. Use pictures than emphasize the exhilaration of the great outdoors. Make a beer label they’ll want to drink when they’re warming up in the ski lodge.

2. Include Traditional Imagery on Your Winter Beer Label

Think of classic stories when creating a winter beer label for your brew. Older drinkers also have fond memories of the winter season, so this group may be more interested in classic winter imagery. Think of the visual elements addressed in classic seasonal tunes: sleigh rides, cozy fireplaces and window sills covered with fresh snow. Ice skating is a timeless activity that most people think of fondly. Customize your beer labels to capture the beauty of winter so consumers can experience it from the comfort of their living room or in a warm bar.

3. Trigger Childhood Memories

Many adults have fond memories of cavorting in the snow as a child. Think about the activities you enjoyed during winter as a kid. Did you like to go sledding down the hill in the back yard, or build snow forts? Perhaps you enjoyed a friendly snowball fight with the neighbors. These unforgettable memories awake the child within and can make for great inspiration for adults when creating your own beer labels.

4. Design Labels for Craft Beer Drinkers

You can include as much fun imagery as you want, but serious imbibers still want to know about what they’re buying. Alongside your seasonal graphics, make sure you include important information about your beer. You can describe the style and tasting notes, and include what kind of hops or malts were used to make the beer. This group will also want to know exactly what style of beer they’re buying. Integrating a hop leaf into the overall design can be a good way to get craft drinkers’ attention.

5. Make Bottle Labels with the Dinner Party Crowd in Mind

Some of the fondest memories take place around the dinner table, where family and friends have congregated to enjoy the season together. Consider this when designing your beer label, and include information about possible food pairings emphasizing that your brew is the perfect beverage to go with a hearty meal. Make bottle labels that not only bring back memories, but create new ones as well.

3 Ways to Promote your Business with Holiday Labels and Stickers

3 Ways to Promote Your Business with Holiday Labels

holiday labels and stickers from Lightning Labels

Promote your business with holiday labels on pre-wrapped gifts.

It’s easy to promote your business with holiday labels. The holidays are the busiest part of the year for many retailers, as well as the most important. This season provides countless opportunities to attract new customers. Millions of shoppers hit stores over Thanksgiving weekend, and that’s only the beginning. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 140 million people shopped over the holiday weekend, up from 139 million in 2012. However, a lifestyle survey from DDB communications group determined the majority of shoppers prefer to buy gifts on nights and weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Take advantage of the crowds by creating festive sticker and bag labels that really stand out.

Here are a few ideas for custom holiday stickers:

1. Incorporate Stickers into Your Holiday Marketing Plan

Step away from your regular branding routine and design new labels as part of a holiday marketing initiative. If you’re in the candy industry, why not create holiday-themed candy bag labels? Sweets are a quick go-to gift for everyone from co-workers to family members. With a holiday label, customers may not even feel the need to wrap the gift, making the whole process even easier for them and ensuring your products are even more desirable. Festive stickers and labels can be placed on all kinds of food and drink products, from baked goods to wine. Customers appreciate products that will make holiday shopping easier, especially if items allow them to avoid wrapping gifts. In addition, products packaged with gift-ready labels can lead consumers to continue thinking of your brand in the future when the holidays are over.

2. Use Custom Holiday Stickers on Gift Bags

Custom holiday stickers can give products the extra touch needed to be gift-ready right off the shelf. Try putting items in gift bags adorned with holiday labels so that customers can still identify your brand. Package products in an attractive way so that they are appealing as last-minute gifts. All shoppers appreciate convenience, especially during the often stressful holiday season. Gain new customers with innovative gift packaging that attracts attention from a whole new audience.

3. Label Holiday Cards

Labels have a variety of uses. In addition to placing them on products, try putting them on holiday greeting cards or thank-you notes. Expand the reach of your brand even during times when customers are less likely to be buying your products, such as just after the holiday rush. Reach out to past customers with a seasonal message or letter of thanks, and add a holiday sticker with brand information. Use the labels to provide a reminder about your online store or social media platforms. Best of all, when you design your own custom labels for holidays, an attractive card could end up on the fridge or countertop, giving customers a constant reminder of your brand or product.

5 Holiday Label Design Tips

Lighting Labels Offers Holiday Label Design Tips to Make Products Extra Festive

make holiday labels from Lightning Labels

Use these holiday label design tips to expand your reach this holiday season.

This holiday season, get ahead of the marketing game with holiday label design tips from Lightning Labels. This is the busiest time of the year for many retailers, novelty food makers and other businesses.

On top of getting products on the shelves, you need put together a seasonal promotional scheme that will ensure shoppers notice your brand.

Lightning Labels can help manufacturers large and small make their products command attention this holiday season with custom shape labels.

5 Tips for Making Holiday Labels

1. Create Holiday Labels for Different Markets
Customizing holiday labels for different markets can help improve your brand’s performance. It’s important to keep in mind what kind of person will be buying and receiving your products this holiday season. Are your products aimed at children? If so, make sure  your custom labels include family-oriented imagery that parents are likely to be attracted to.

You can also appeal to a wider audience by placing an emphasis on the winter season. Images of animals frolicking in fresh snow can have mass appeal, for example. Naturally, it’s best to save the pictures of Santa Claus and elves for younger children. In contrast, pictures of sleigh rides and fireplaces may have a nostalgic draw for older consumers.

2. Custom Holiday Labels can be Humorous or Austere
There are many different approaches you can take when making custom holiday labels. Many consumers respond positively to humor, but depending on the type of product you are labeling, a more traditional holiday theme may be better. Use custom shape labels to make funny images that stand out, or make a wreath or gingerbread cookie shape. In an aisle of holiday-themed packages, an interesting label shape is bound to catch the eye.

3. Do Something Creative
Distinguish your products from competitors’ by doing something innovative with your label. Extended content labels can peel off to reveal a special message or coupon code. You can also include a QR code that will take customers to a special holiday page on your website. Perhaps if you’re extra crafty, use a matte finish on labels, and include a handwritten message on top to make the most of personalized holiday gift ideas. Alternatively, you can opt for a peel-off label to make an attractive holiday sticker that customers can keep as a festive memento.

4. Choose Colors that Pop on Your Label
The shelves are likely to be full of red and green products this month. Try to differentiate your items by creating labels that feature variations of these colors or totally different ones. You can use blues, purples and whites to emphasize the beautiful winter weather. With the right imagery, any color palette will work. The more unique, the better.

5. Use a Trusted Label Printer
Lighting Labels is a cost-effective label printing solution for both small enterprises and large businesses. Our state-of-the-art printing technology gives eye-catching results that can enhance your brand.

Labels Play Many Marketing Roles

Labels In Storytelling, Shelf Impact, Brand Recognition…

custom labels from Lightning Labels MarketingWeek magazine details the weighty burden that packaging (and therefore labeling) plays in product marketing and consumer sentiment. Among the areas tying into packaging and custom labels are storytelling, brand recognition and shelf impact.

Ed Woodcock, strategy director of Australian beauty brand Aesop, explains his view of this multifaceted role in an article published recently in MarketingWeek. He notes, “When a shopper is weighing up what to buy, it’s packaging that prompts the pivotal ‘moment of truth.’”

He then details a New York Times columnist wanting to demonstrate how “story” impacts consumer assessment of value: “…it’s not just products in themselves that we value, but also the story that goes with them…So he decided to conduct an experiment.”

Woodcock then tells the tale of the columnist purchasing 100 worn-down items from flea market and thrift shops, then paired each with talented writers tasked with telling a short story about the object to give it new meaning. “The results were astounding,” writes Woodcock. “The average rise in value was 2,700 per cent. A 33c mallet sold for $71. A 25c plastic banana fetched $76.”

Adds Woodcock, “The experiment is a reminder that branding is much like storytelling. Brands attribute meaning to objects and charge otherwise functional products with emotion, much like the stories in the experiment. Marketing is a form of storytelling…It’s a nice anecdote, but what’s this got to do with design?…The obvious answer is that packaging should tell a story…”

Can Product Packaging Tell A Story?

He elaborates, “Ask any designer if packaging can tell a story, and the unequivocal answer will be: ‘Yes, of course!’ By means of colour, visual metaphor, symbol, texture and materials, you can create a mood and a feeling…copywriters can add an engaging tone of voice.

“So, yes, packaging can tell a story. But it has a lot of other responsibilities too; not least shelf impact, product delivery and brand recognition…One of the primary functions of packaging is to help consumers make a choice at the shelf. It prompts a ‘moment of truth’. Many of the choices we make at the supermarket shelf are habitual: we like what we know…But charge a brand with enough meaning and emotion, and consumers can be persuaded to make a change…”

Given the many hats that packaging and labels can wear, it’s important to carefully think through development of these critical elements—not just throw something together as an afterthought. As Woodcock points out, “Packaging is often your brand’s most important medium.”

This is all great food for thought. To get from thought to action, first decide priority. While storytelling, brand recognition and shelf impact are all vitally important, what’s your top concern today? Then, decide how the other areas can support the process.

For example, let’s say your shelf impact isn’t where you want it to be. Will a new label design help you better stand out from the crowd? How can you ramp up overall brand recognition with an indelible tie to the label, so that people seeing your product(s) on the shelf will have an “aha” moment? What stories can you create that also tie to the labeling, further enhancing shelf recognition?

Think About What You Want Your Label Design To Do

Rethinking your label design in light of its weighty role in marketing your product? When you’re ready to go, we’re ready to help you get there.

Trendy vs. Timeless: Brand Longevity Drives Packaging Design

Familiarity Breeds Contentment in Packaging Design

custom labels from Lightning Labels

When designing custom labels, give careful thought to timeless versus trendy in packaging design.

Trendy vs. Timeless. Hostess Twinkies, Pepto-Bismol, and Arm & Hammer baking soda are three examples of products whose traditional label look and packaging design continues to draw the marketplace today. They’re well established and readily recognized. It wouldn’t make sense (at this point at least) to “fix what isn’t broken.”

However, if your product or company is a more recent entrant into the marketplace, give careful thought to timeless versus trendy—consider the demographics and psychographics of your marketplace in your effort to design an enduring brand look.

Obviously, this requires some savvy and, typically, investigation of your marketplace(s) to see what might resonate. Here’s the rub: Many products have many audiences, often very different. For example, strong buyers of a particular nutraceutical labels can span myriad age groups, economic strata and the like. While the common bond is the purchase of your product, those who haven’t yet become buyers need to be approached in ways that appeal to their buying preferences.

Younger buyers may want a colorful, trendy brand look that makes a bold statement, while older consumers may seek a more clinical look and feel that imparts professionalism and a no-nonsense approach.

How do you design a label that can adequately address multiple audiences? Or, do you need to create different designs to target each substantive audience?

As a practical matter, the latter can be extremely costly—in terms of resources, time and money. Plus, it can dilute brand recognition. Conversely, the one-size-fits-all approach may not resonate with some would-be buyers.

Given these pragmatic constraints, here are label design tips that can bridge the gap:

1. Survey existing customers (or likely prospects if you’re a start-up) to determine likes and dislikes around graphics and branding. As part of this process, establish why they bought and continue to buy your product line. Try to get answers to such questions as: Do different audiences buy because of reputation first, with label appearance playing a role chiefly as an identifier and supplier of needed information? Do some people buy because of your label look and feel, while others buy for other reasons? What are potential upsides and downsides of changing your branding, including label look? Do they seek information that you’re not currently providing on your label? Do they want that information on the label itself, or is placing a QR code/website address on the label linked to more in-depth information the preference?

2. Conduct Internet research to address consumer buying habits and preferences (both in general and for nutraceuticals specifically) based on a variety of demographic and psychographic data. Then, overlay this general information with your existing buyers to see where the dots connect and where they don’t. It’s probable that, unless you’re willing to create different label looks to market to numerous audiences, you’ll have to prioritize your hierarchy of importance.

3. Test out perceived preferences via focus groups representing different audiences to see how the resulting one-size-fits-all branding and messaging grades out across a range of buying habits, preferences and needs. While formal focus groups can yield a variety of meaningful insights, informal testing through your existing networks of friends, family and colleagues also can be revealing and valuable. Based on the results of your testing—both formal and informal—you can fine-tune your approach for the larger marketplace.

Armed with all this information, you can then design labels that reflect your findings.

Custom Labels Can Make Or Break Product Appeal

What’s in a custom label? A lot of potential profits. Labels are one of the most valuable tools a company has to make its case to the marketplace. So, it’s wise to think long and hard before slapping just any label on your product. We will be happy to help you develop custom label solutions that best meet your needs.

Freshen Up Custom Labels and Stickers for Fertilizer Packaging: The Power of Listing Organic Materials

Attract Consumers To Fertilizer Products with Printed Labels and Stickers

custom product labels for fertilizer marketing

Custom product labels are a great way to boost fertilizer marketing.

Lightning Labels, custom label and sticker printing leader, is encouraging fertilizer manufacturers to give their marketing tactics a reboot this summer with printed labels and stickers. The warmest season is a popular one for expert gardeners and novice home-growers alike, and fertilizer producers can take advantage of the trend by jumpstarting their branding campaigns with hot new product packaging.

Because summer is the prime season for so many delicious fruits and vegetables, people across the gardening-experience spectrum are pushing up their sleeves and getting down and dirty in their yards. Meanwhile, farmers – who are working hard to meet the season’s increased demand for produce – are likely bulking up production, as are professional gardeners and landscapers, who may see a spike in business during the warm months. Many different groups are therefore in need of fertilizer, and with the right printed labels and stickers, manufacturers can guarantee their products are commanding attention.

“Summer is a great time for gardening and planting, both for business and pleasure,” said Julie Mcculley, Lightning Labels Production Manager. “With fertilizer playing a critical role in home gardens and farms, manufacturers have the opportunity to increase sales and boost brand awareness this season. When they’re looking to improve their marketing tactics, fertilizer producers should consider how their labels affect their products’ performance in stores and online. Lightning Labels can help manufacturers create attractive, durable printed labels and stickers that deliver the results businesses need.”

Product Labels Are More Important Than Ever Before

While more people may be looking for fertilizer this season, they certainly aren’t settling for any old product they see on store shelves or on the Internet. Consumers have become extremely ingredient-conscious in recent years, and many only purchase items they’re sure are entirely or partially made of natural or organic components – and this extends beyond the purchases of food products. As such, when consumers and businesses shop for fertilizer, they’re likely inspecting product labels and looking for those key ingredients.

Even though goods made with artificial additives and preservatives promise a longer shelf life and are common in many U.S. households, research suggesting some of these components may be harmful or unhealthy has dissuaded many shoppers from buying such items. An increased focus on the benefits of organic fertilizer – better nutrient release and enhanced soil, for example – has turned many into avid fans. That’s why Lightning Labels’ printing experts recommend featuring a product’s organic ingredients on its custom labels.

Custom Labels and Stickers Help Flaunt Product Ingredients

With the right sticker and labeling solutions, manufacturers will find it is easy to design packaging for their fertilizer products that is both attractive and informative. Lightning Labels’ custom labels and stickers can meet the needs of distributors of all sizes. Manufacturers looking for versatile, high-quality and affordable packaging for their products can rely on digital printing technology to create full-color labels and stickers for any product size and shape. In addition, Lightning Labels can incorporate text and images into custom packaging. Fertilizer makers can choose to list out their products’ organic ingredients in a variety of ways, and even include images to get their point across.

Another major benefit of partnering with Lightning Labels is incredibly fast turnaround. Orders can be shipped within 48 hours of a design receiving its final press approval. Manufacturers can rest easy knowing their newly adorned products will be available for purchase within days of creating a label template that attracts ingredient-focused consumers.

Lightning Labels is offering 10% off ordering labels through Aug. 9, 2013, plus a chance to win a new gas grill using promo code THANKS01 at checkout. By placing an order, customers will be automatically entered for a chance to win. The maximum discount is $1,000. Free ground shipping applies to regularly priced orders shipped only within the U.S. and Canada. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotion. No purchase necessary. Visit LightningLabels.com for more information. See rules for details.

About Lightning Labels:
Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, and now offers a full line of custom packaging products. From small orders for individuals, to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill sticker, label and product packaging projects of all types. Best of all, like the name implies, Lightning Labels provides a quick turnaround to every customers’ labeling and product packaging needs. Uses for Lightning Labels’ custom product labels and custom stickers include food packaging and organic food labels, wine and beverage labels, bath and body labels, and nutraceutical products, such as vitamins, essentials oils, and herbal remedies, as well as event stickers, adhesive window stickers and more. Lightning Labels strongly supports the development of environmentally friendly printing materials and carries EarthFirst PLA, a new kind of green label material made from corn instead of petroleum. While operating as a high-tech printer, Lighting Labels prides itself on its personalized customer service. Lightning Labels provides one stop shopping for all of your label and product packaging needs. For more information and to place orders online, visit LightningLabels.com. For the latest in packaging news and labeling promotional offers, find Lightning Labels on Twitter (@LightningLabels), Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.