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Classy Labels Win Big – Lightning Labels 2nd Annual Photo Contest

Classy Labels on Show after Facebook Photo Contest

classy labels from Lightning Labels

Classy labels took home top prizes in Lightning Labels’ Facebook Photo Contest.

Even if you missed voting in the Lightning Labels’ second annual Facebook Photo Contest, you can still see the classy labels that amassed the most likes and won prizes like a MacBook Air, iPad Mini and a Kindle PaperWhite. After tallying the thousands of Facebook votes, we’re showcasing the winning printed labels and stickers on the Lightning Labels Facebook page for our more than 37,000 fans and followers to see.

Clear Adhesive Labels Were Clear Contest Winners

clear adhesive labels from Lightning Labels

Nail polish-maker Starrily took home the Grand Prize for its clear adhesive labels.

The grand prize and ultimate bragging rights went to nail polish-maker Starrily, which featured clear adhesive labels that allow the company’s colorful polishes to be seen directly through the labels. Not only does this show that labels can truly complement the product inside a package or bottle, but it also proves that labels don’t have to take any attention away from the actual product itself. Clear adhesive labels are just the labels for the job.

Purchase Labels Like Ones That Grabbed Voters’ Attention

Starrily wasn’t the only business that ordered and printed award-winning labels from Lightning Labels, and you can get plenty of inspiration before you purchase labels for your own products. First place winner Vapor Girl, Inc. designed and printed rectangular labels that looked just as sweet as the sugar cookie electronic cigarette e-liquid they promoted; second place winner Van Dorn Gourmets utilized both rectangular and round labels on small silver tins of gourmet seasoning, which stood out from the crowd; and third place winner Patrick and Jane, LLC created one-of-a-kind branded lip gloss labels for their delicious assorted flavors of lip scrub.

Feeling inspired to bring your product label designs to life? Purchase labels from Lightning Labels today, and your designs could be just the ticket to not only attract consumers, but win awards, too.

Label Printing Company, Custom Labels, Label Printing

Limited-Edition Labels Enhance the “Custom” in Custom Label Printing

Denver, CO, (December 4, 2012) – Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, encourages manufacturers to take advantage of digital label printing technology and incorporate unique, limited-edition labels and packaging this holiday season. To assist customers and manufacturers with holiday marketing, Lighting Labels releases business development tips that cover short-run, limited-edition labels, seasonal custom labels and product packaging.

“Just as technology has enabled major advances in such areas as social media, so is it positively impacting other forms of personalized business development,” says Business Development Manager AnneMarie Campbell. “The manufacturer can collect a certain number of orders, then create personalized product labels targeted to buyers. Instead of just trumpeting the product, it also heralds the customer – heightened perceived value, loyalty and goodwill – which is fitting this holiday season.”

People Flock To Short-Run, Limited-Edition Labels
Even if the product is left unchanged, printing an updated or special-edition label design – made easy with advancements of digital label printing techniques – can attract more customers to the product. Lightning Labels’ business development tips apply to targeting a new audience or marketing toward an entirely new set of potential customers. This creates an opportunity to test new label design and copy without the risk and pressure of harming the product’s already-positive image.

If the limited-edition run is overwhelmingly successful, Lighting Labels recommends doing more special-edition promotions and/or integrating some related tactics into their everyday labels and product marketing strategies.

What Limited-Edition Labels And Products Truly Mean
Special-edition custom labels haven’t always been affixed to products; in fact, the trend didn’t come into full effect until the late 1990s, when it was used as a marketing ploy. Companies utilizing this strategy were quick to discover that not only did demand for the so-called “limited” products increase, but people were willing to pay more money for products labeled as “limited” or “special.”

What started as a marketing plan for higher-end manufacturers and companies is now utilized across the globe by companies. During the holidays, though, more special-edition products seem to line the shelves, from collector tins to themed labels and packaging. Millions of people have made it their hobby to collect as many of these products annually as possible.

How Seasonal Labels And Packaging Affect Consumers
People historically understood that the holidays were fast-approaching by changes in weather, but the prevalence of seasonal custom labels has changed consumers’ holiday associations. Rather than determining the true start of autumn by falling leaves, people rush to devour limited-edition pumpkin spice delicacies and harvest-colored custom labels; winter’s arrival is welcomed by companies’ use of holiday-themed labels and packaging.

The low cost of digital label printing makes limited editions an attainable marketing and promotional plan that can be used for various events and seasons throughout the year. Although it’s not limited to the holiday season, it can be a good time to begin and test the strategy. Low custom labels, label printing, label printing companylabel printing costs and affordable prices of smaller sample batches from Lightning Labels give manufacturers the option to try this tactic on a few products or orders at a time.

How to Market Custom Labels and Products Seasonally
Lightning Labels’ industry advisors note that limited-edition custom labels not only look festive and welcoming, but they can be a gateway into creating an entire themed marketing campaign. Coffee drinkers around the world rejoiced when Starbucks announced via social media that its special-edition red cups were available once again, and manufacturers can use similar strategies.

Promote cheery, special-edition custom labels on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, then take advantage of multichannel marketing by posting pictures of the labels and packaging on Instagram and Pinterest, then tie everything together with a related #hashtag. Consider adding holiday-themed hashtags and QR codes to the limited-edition packaging that people can access once they see or purchase the collectable product.

Right now Lightning Labels is running a special promotion to celebrate its more than 10,000 Lightning Labels Facebook fans by offering 10% off all online orders from December 3, 2012 through December 5, 2012.  Simply use promo code LLFB10 at checkout.  The promo code LLFB10 is valid on new label orders placed online only and does not apply to reorders.  The maximum discount is $1,000. Free ground shipping applies to regularly priced orders shipped within the United States and Canada, but shipping charges apply for printed press proofs. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

About Lightning Labels:
Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, and now offers a full line of custom packaging products. From small orders for individuals, to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill sticker, label and product packaging projects of all types. Best of all, like the name implies, Lightning Labels provides a quick turnaround to every customers’ labeling and product packaging needs. Uses for Lightning Labels custom product labels and custom stickers include food packaging and organic food labels, wine and beverage labels, bath and body labels, and nutraceutical products, such as vitamins, essentials oils, and herbal remedies, as well as event stickers, adhesive window stickers and more. Lightning Labels strongly supports the development of environmentally friendly printing materials and carries EarthFirst PLA, a new kind of green label material made from corn instead of petroleum. While operating as a high-tech printer, Lighting Labels prides itself on its personalized customer service. Lightning Labels provides one stop shopping for all of your label and product packaging needs. For more information and to place orders online, visit LightningLabels.com. For the latest in packaging news and labeling promotional offers, find Lightning Labels on Facebook, Twitter (@LightningLabels), and Google+.

A Percentage of Custom Label Orders Will Go to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief

We Pledge To Give 5% of Custom Label Orders to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Custom Label Orders Will Support the Hurricane Relief Effort

I’m very proud to announce that Lightning Labels is donating 5% of all new custom label orders for all kinds of label and sticker products to the American Red Cross to help the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. Their contribution will support the thousands of Hurricane Sandy victims who have devastatingly lost their homes as well as those who are still without power. “As concerned American citizens we must do our part to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy. Our deepest sympathy goes out to everyone who was affected by the hurricane,” said Business Development Manager, AnneMarie Campbell. “Lightning Labels caters to customers across the entire country and we must do what we can to provide crucial support during this tough time,” she adds.

Hurricane Sandy struck the northeastern coast on the evening of Monday, October 29th wrecking havoc on everything on its path. According to James Barron from The New York Times, “The toll — in lives disrupted or lost and communities washed out — was staggering.” The damage, devastation, and grief caused by Superstorm Sandy is inconceivable. Over 100 houses burned to ash in Breezy Point, Queens, over 8.2 million people between Maine and North Carolina were without power, more than 100 lives were taken, and the New York City subway system was at a standstill for days. The Jersey Shore, Staten Island and coastal Brooklyn neighborhoods, such as Red Hook and Coney Island are still struggling to recover. During this crucial time, Lightning Labels’ deepest thoughts and concerns are with the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Custom Product Labels Can Help the Red Cross Provide Aid

From now until November 21, 2012 Lightning Labels will take 15% off new label orders and donate 5% of your order to the American Red Cross. To order custom product labels and or stickers, use code THANKS15.  Lightning Labels donations will go directly to the Red Cross’s Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

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Sneak Peek at 2012: MORE Label Material Options for You!

2011 was a great year for Lighting Labels, and we hope it was for you, too! Here are the year’s highlights, followed by a sneak peek of what we have in store for you in 2012. We have a lot to look forward to this year as we celebrate a decade of printing high-quality, full color custom labels … Lightning Fast!

Looking Back at 2011 …

  • Started offering free ground shipping for all orders within the US & Canada
  • Launched the Label & Packaging News Center
  • Introduced the world to our fully compostable BioStone labels
  • Unveiled full lineup of eco-friendly label materials
  • Added new novelty label options for wine makers, including the lovely Satin Cloth
  • Upgraded website with shopping cart & user registration option
  • Reduced minimum order from 100 to 50 labels per version
  • Offered more special discounts than any previous year

And Forward to 2012

  • Our easy-to-use website will get a new look
  • We’ll help you save even more money when ordering labels
  • Because you asked, we will continue to give you even MORE label material options
  • New materials will include Gold BOPP, a cost-effective coverup paper, and holographics  — rainbow, sparkles, cracked ice, & stardust!

We have many other treats in store for you, too Continue reading “Sneak Peek at 2012: MORE Label Material Options for You!” »

New Eco-Friendly Label Materials That Rock

BioStone Sample Label

I am thrilled to announce that Lightning Labels now offers these three environmentally friendly labeling materials: BioStone, Recycled Vellum, and Recycled Kraft. While all three materials rock, BioStone is literally made of stone. Here are the highlights of each new material:


Fully biodegradable

Perfect for composting

Cannot be laminated

Made from stone, not trees

Just plain cool Continue reading “New Eco-Friendly Label Materials That Rock” »

10% Off Custom Label & Sticker Orders Placed Online, Use Coupon Code Summer11

Summer Sale Ends Aug 31, Certain Exclusions* Apply

If you have been thinking about placing an order with us — or any custom label printer, for that matter — now’s the time to do it! To celebrate  what many consider Colorado’s finest season, which may not pertain to winter sports enthusiasts, Lightning Labels is having a Summer Sale! We’ll give you 10% off any order you place online with us through August 31. All you have to do is use the coupon code Summer11 when ordering through our website, www.lightninglabels.com.

Our Summer Sale isn’t limited to custom label orders, either. You can get the discount on high-quality, custom printed stickers and adhesive window decals, too. The offer also applies to regular skiers, snowboarders, and other people addicted to winter sports, ahem.

Moving on from that lame joke … seriously, I understand that if you have been shopping around for custom printed labels and don’t know where to start or who to order from, the process can be confusing. Especially if this is your first time placing an order like this. So if getting a fantastic deal deal during our Summer Sale isn’t enough to convince you to order from us, here are just a few of the many reasons you should order from Lightning Labels in time to receive your 10% discount. Like now, so you don’t forget.

Benefits of Working with Lightning Labels

• Get an instant online quote

• Order a free sample pack

• Place your order in just a few steps

• Receive free ground shipping and lightning fast service

• Most orders ship in 2-3 days following proof approval

Oh, and we offer the best customer service is the best in the industry. No lie!

If you still have questions, please send us an email, or call us toll-free at 1.888.685.2235.

*Free ground shipping within the continental U.S. valid for this promotion. Maximum discount of $500 per order. Offer applies to regular priced orders.

Our Lightning Fast Service Just Got Faster!

Lightning Labels now ships most orders in just 2-3 days.

Standard Turnaround Time for Label & Sticker Orders Now 2-3 Days, Offered at No Extra Charge

Lightning Labels is pleased to announce that we are now shipping most custom label and sticker orders in just two to three days following proof approval.

Our increased turnaround time, which is now standard at no extra charge, has several benefits for our customers. Our ability to get orders out the door even quicker than before is especially helpful for customers who regularly order small quantities of our labels and stickers. Here are just a few ways these businesses can benefit from our faster service:

  • Ability to meet last-minute business demands
  • Makes JIT inventory management easier to implement, as we can print small quantities of labels and stickers as needed in a minimal amount of time
  • Minimizes risk of inventory spoilage, including situations where labeling must frequently be updated to comply with regular changes in government regulations
  • Allows labels to be changed frequently for marketing reasons, such as testing different packaging designs

What really excites us about being able to print orders in only two to three days now is that we can better serve customers that are creating a niche for themselves in their respective markets.

“Through our quick turnaround service, we are able to help our customers offer their customers small quantities of private labeled products in a hurry, which makes our customers more successful at what they do,” said Lightning Labels General Manager James Lowry. “We like it when everyone wins in this business.”

Cutest Animals Ever

LL Employees Reminisce About Company Mascots, Share Pet Photos

Millie & Fred, the Original Lightning Labels Mascots

Millie (pictured here) and Fred were the original Lightning Labels mascots.
Millie (pictured here) and Fred were the original Lightning Labels mascots.

Even if we don’t all have pets of our own, the Lightning Labels Team adores animals. Especially cute ones. We love animals so much, in fact, that Lightning Labels once adopted two cats from a nearby animal shelter and made them its official mascots. Millie and Fred, who were six years old at the time, even had their own office at the Lightning Labels production facility, complete with cat beds, toys, and plenty of food.

“They were really cute. They used to sit in my lap,” recalled Cari Goldman, our Graphic Designer. “I miss them.”

Scott Coan, one of our Pre-Press Technicians, developed a special bond with Millie. Her favorite place to “work” in the office was Scott’s lap, and he used to carry her to the printer and back. Scott did, however, have to occasionally set boundaries with Millie.

“When she wanted to ride my shoulder all of the time, I sort of laid down the law,” Scott recalled.
Fred had a mellower disposition, which most employees attributed to his multiple health issues, including diabetes.

Although Lightning Labels no longer has bonafied animal mascots, many of the company’s employees have equally adorable pets at home that are cherished members of their families. The photos below show you just how precious these animals are. I hope you enjoy browsing these cute pet photos as much as I did.

Bugs & Essie

We are not sure what Bugs has his eye on in this photo, but one thing is for sure: Bugs is not going to let it get away.
We are not sure what Bugs has his eye on in this photo, but one thing is for sure: Bugs is not going to let it get away.
Essie's shyness just adds to the adorable quality this little dog posseses
Essie’s shyness just adds to this little dog’s adorableness.

Our General Manager, James Lowry, owns two pets. Bugs is a somewhat mischievous, fun-loving cat. Essie is not quite as outgoing, and her shyness only adds to this sweet little dog’s charm. And as you can see from the photos of the two, James’ daughters are gifted amateur photographers.

Diamond & Majik

Diamond, an Arabian stallion, apparently has a sense of humor
Diamond may be retired from his career as a barrel racer, but he apparently hasn’t lost his sense of humor as evidenced by the smiley face “accessory” he is wearing in this photo.

Majik loves to cuddle up his owner's lap almost as much as he loves catnip
Majik is a quite the princess, both in looks and manners … if princesses are allowed to indulge in catnip, that is. (It’s only two or three times a week, Majik claims.)

Cari says that she owns a horse and cat, although I have a suspicion that it might be more precise to say that they own her. She has had 17-year-old Majik, a.k.a. The Furry Little Overlord” for over 15 of the feline’s 17 years.

“She may be old, but she’s spry, and she’s quite adept at making her demands known,” Cari said.
Majik “sweetly” greets Cari each morning with, “Get out of bed and feed me now!” In the evenings, Cari serves as the personal taster of Her Highness, meaning that she tastes the food on “Cari’s” dinner plate before serving it to Majik. One of twice a week, Majik indulges in a bit of catnip.

“I shouldn’t call my mistress a junkie,” Cari admitted, “But behind her back I do refer to her as ‘Stoner Kitty’.”

Cari characterizes her 20-year old Arabian stallion, who is retired from barrel racing, as a big puppy who is always happy to greet her and her family. One of his favorite past times is checking the family members’ pockets for apples and carrots.

“Once he’s finished them, he has to settle for plain grass, but he’ll stuff his face anyway,” Cari said.

Apparently, Diamond is also quite smooth with the ladies and well-mannered with everyone in general. Unless food is involved.

Gigi & Grover

Gigi the Keeshond pictured in her full glory
Gigi the Keeshond pictured in her full glory.

Gigi showing off "her" pet cat
Gigi showing off “her” pet cat.

R.J. Kniss, one of our Customer Service Representatives, is quite attached to his goofy pets. Gigi, a gorgeous Keeshond, and Grover, a tabby cat, are great friends who have quite a bit in common. They both like to cuddle up and take long naps together, share Gigi’s cookies and water bowl, and jump on the bed. They also like getting their butts scratched, and are turned off by yuppy pet food.

Sophie & Allie

Tammie's Shiba Inu loves the snow, but might benefit from a pair of "Doggles" to protect his eyes.
Tammie’s Shiba Inu loves the snow, but might benefit from a pair of “Doggles” to protect his eyes.
Allie is the cutest cattle dog mix we know. Aww ...
Allie is the cutest Cattle Dog mix we know. Aww …

Tammie MacLachland, our Customer Service Manager, is a true animal lover. About the only websites she ever visits for fun on the Internet have funny pet videos and cute animal photos. Therefore, it is only natural that she has two dogs of her own (and wishes that she had more). Sophie, a Shiba Inu, and Allie, a Cattle Dog mix, have similar tan and cream coats. They love to play and relax together, and have been spotted napping together.

Sassy & Oakley

Sassy is as photogenic as she is beautiful.
Sassy is as photogenic as she is beautiful.
Oakley, a Lab mix, takes a moment to ponder life
Oakley, a Lab mix, takes a moment to ponder life

Scott adopted Millie after she retired from being an office mascot at Lightning Labels. And although Millie is no longer with him, he enjoys spending time with his pets Sassy and Oakley. Scott rescued Oakley, a black Lab mix, from the Boulder Human Society three years ago. About six months after welcoming Oakley into their home, Scott and and his wife adopted Sassy, a beautiful cat with Persian looks. Oakley’s hobbies include walking and playing in the snow. Sassy, on the other hand, prefers sitting in the sun and getting her hair brushed.


Scout, a blue merle Sheltie, enjoys a warm Autumn day amidst a grove of Colorado Aspens.
Scout, a blue merle Sheltie, enjoys a warm Autumn day amidst a grove of Colorado Aspens.

My own dog, Scout, is a four-year-old Shetland Sheepdog with a blue merle coat. My “pretty boy” is extremely friendly and loves to get attention by performing tricks … especially when there are treats involved. Although he has a ton of energy, he also enjoys snuggling up next to me on the couch when I am reading or working on the computer. His favorite hobbies are running, snowshoeing, solving puzzles, and chasing squirrels. A gift from one of my sisters who has a dog named Atticus, Scout is named for a character in Harper Lee’s literary masterpiece “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Spending time with Scout brings me immense joy.

LL Now Offering Custom Printed Window Decals

Lightning Labels is happy to report that we have added custom printed window decals to our product line.

Our custom printed window decals look and feel just like traditional static clings, but are backed with an ultra-removable adhesive. The addition of the this adhesive ensures that your window decals will stay in place where you put them. Its ultra-removable property also enables these window decals to be removed without leaving being a trace of residue, and re-used if desired.

Our custom printed window clings are also UV-resistant and extra-durable with a clear bopp base material, making them ideal for outdoor applications such as automobile window decals and storefront signage.

If you like the look and feel of custom printed static clings, but hate the fact that they are prone to air bubbles and don’t always stay put, then custom printed window decals might be exactly what you need.

For more information on this new product, please visit the custom window decals page on our main website, send us an email, or call us toll-free at 1-888-685-2235.

We Will Be Closed Monday, May 31 in Observance of Memorial Day

Season of Remembrance Begins Photo by Kathleen T. Rhem. April 30, 2007, The gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery are graced by U.S. flags on Memorial Day. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Army)

Season of Remembrance Begins - Photographer Kathleen T. Rhem captures the gravestones at Arlington Memorial Cemetery on Memorial Day 2007. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Army)

As Memorial Day approaches, we here at Lightning Labels would like to express our appreciation for all the men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces, as well as our gratitude for the sacrifices their families have made.

Thank you!

In observance of Memorial Day, we will be closed for business on Monday, May 31. Our office will reopen at 8:30 am on Tuesday, June 1.