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Water Resistant Labels Prevent Peeling from Summertime’s Elements

Water Resistant LabelsStop Stickers Peeling by Using Water Resistant Labels

Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to design an eye-catching label that meets all compliance standard, so stickers peeling is obviously something they would want to avoid. Not only does this reduce the marketability of products, as the label will look unprofessional or may fall off completely, it also may leave customers without vital instructions on proper usage.

Not all paper liners and adhesives are designed to withstand exposure to water, and if that’s the case, stickers and labels will fade, peel or otherwise be damaged when left in these environments. With the summer months here, this should be a big concern for brands that manufacture products that may come in contact with moisture, whether it’s at the beach, in a cooler with melting ice or anywhere else.

Taking a Look at Water Resistant Labels

Water resistant labels are crucial for any product that needs to withstand an unusual amount of moisture or contact with water. Although many labels nowadays are laminated to improve durability against scuffs and ink smudging, that alone is not enough. Additionally, specific adhesives should be used to supplement cohesion.

At Lightning Labels, we tend to use white BOPP and high-gloss laminate for custom water resistant labels. Typically, these labels are affixed to bath and body products designed for use in the shower, but these labels would also work for products in other watery environments. UV outdoor gloss may also be considered to withstand the sun’s UV rays, making it perfect in combination with vinyl face stock to create highly durable outdoor labels.

Carefully choosing the right laminate for product designs is critical not only to enhance the finished look of labels, but also to provide an extra layer of durability to harsh environments such as the beach.

Seasonal Fun Calls for Summer Labels

People spend more time outdoors in the summer and that means the products they use regularly will see more time outdoors as well. If manufacturers produce items that could be used outside – whether it’s at the beach, camping or in backyard parties – they need to consider summer labels. By designing labels with outdoor activities in mind, companies can rest assured knowing the integrity of their branding and labels won’t be compromised by summer fun.

Picture Perfect Labels: 5 Tips for Designing Eye-Catching Labels

Picture Perfect LabelsWinning New Customers With an Eye-Catching Label

Part of product design is an eye-catching label. Although quality will always be important, the fact of the matter is that many shoppers tend to be visually oriented – well-designed products will capture their attention and pique their interest. If brands want to stand out from the crowd and reach a broader number of consumers, one way they can start is by simply designing a better label.

This is true across all product categories, whether companies are producing bottles of wine, bags of coffee, nutraceutical products or anything in between.

Five Tips for Creating Attention-Getting Labels

Fortunately for businesses, there are established best practices and a lot of science behind developing attention-getting labels. Here are a few of the key points to remember:

1. Color is Key for Stand Out Labels
Never underestimate the role that smart color choice plays in the creation of stand out labels. Many companies realize that vibrant colors pop out on store shelves and can catch the attention of passerby customers, but that’s not the only thing that should be considered.

According to Street Directory contributor Kurt Geer, different colors carry unique messages about the brand. For example, black suggests the company in question is an authority within its industry, while blue carries a message of security and responsibility. As brands develop their labels, it’s important to remember the different impacts they can have on customer perception.

2. More Isn’t Always Better, but Neither is Less
Sometimes organizations want to jam pack their labels with pertinent information, others  want to keep their stickers as minimalist as possible. The truth of the matter is that information density will depend a lot on the category in which the item in questions falls.

A high-class wine might want to stick with the minimalist route to convey a sense of luxury, while pharmaceutical products need to have all the appropriate information on their labels or else they may face lawsuits. While design pundits may argue one way or the other, it will depend largely on the brand in question and the product the company produces.

3. Be Careful with Claims
Claiming a product is made in the U.S.A. or through sustainable practices is a great way to differentiate a product from competitors and can help businesses win over some customers. However, many of these claims require companies to take specific action in order to print them on product labels and packaging. If companies don’t follow the rules precisely, they may jeopardize the trust of consumers and find themselves on the wrong ends of fines.

4. Pick the Right Label Materials
Not all labels are equal. Some are designed for in-store display, while others are constructed to endure outside weather conditions. Failure to consider where products will be displayed can lead to easily damaged labels that won’t attract any customers.

5. Size and shape
Scalability is important to label design, especially when companies produce various sizes of their goods. Labels should be scalable, as this will help save the company time in production and it will also preserve branding efforts.

Designing an attractive label is no easy task, but following these five steps can help companies get on their way.

A Percentage of Custom Label Orders Will Go to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief

We Pledge To Give 5% of Custom Label Orders to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Custom Label Orders Will Support the Hurricane Relief Effort

I’m very proud to announce that Lightning Labels is donating 5% of all new custom label orders for all kinds of label and sticker products to the American Red Cross to help the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. Their contribution will support the thousands of Hurricane Sandy victims who have devastatingly lost their homes as well as those who are still without power. “As concerned American citizens we must do our part to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy. Our deepest sympathy goes out to everyone who was affected by the hurricane,” said Business Development Manager, AnneMarie Campbell. “Lightning Labels caters to customers across the entire country and we must do what we can to provide crucial support during this tough time,” she adds.

Hurricane Sandy struck the northeastern coast on the evening of Monday, October 29th wrecking havoc on everything on its path. According to James Barron from The New York Times, “The toll — in lives disrupted or lost and communities washed out — was staggering.” The damage, devastation, and grief caused by Superstorm Sandy is inconceivable. Over 100 houses burned to ash in Breezy Point, Queens, over 8.2 million people between Maine and North Carolina were without power, more than 100 lives were taken, and the New York City subway system was at a standstill for days. The Jersey Shore, Staten Island and coastal Brooklyn neighborhoods, such as Red Hook and Coney Island are still struggling to recover. During this crucial time, Lightning Labels’ deepest thoughts and concerns are with the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Custom Product Labels Can Help the Red Cross Provide Aid

From now until November 21, 2012 Lightning Labels will take 15% off new label orders and donate 5% of your order to the American Red Cross. To order custom product labels and or stickers, use code THANKS15.  Lightning Labels donations will go directly to the Red Cross’s Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

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Facebook Promotes New “Text to Like” Campaign with Window Decals

Facebook Text to Like Decal The widely used social media networking site Facebook is using adhesive window decals to promote its new “text to like” campaign.

Social media news blog Mashable confirmed yesterday that select local businesses have already started receiving the stickers in their mailboxes. Each window sticker features a large “like” icon, the Facebook logo and icon, the online address of the business’s Facebook page, and instructions for letting other Facebook users know that you “like” the business via text messaging.

It turns out that the “text to like” feature is available not only to these targeted businesses that have received decals in the mail, but to anyone with a custom URL on Facebook. I tested this myself by sending a text to 32665, Facebook’s mobile messaging number, with the words “like LightningLabels” and received a confirmation message almost immediately that it had worked.

So if you have a Facebook page for your business with a custom URL, you don’t have to wait and see if Facebook sends you a free window decal for your storefront in order to promote your business using this new feature. You can have your own custom window decals printed up with instructions on how your customers can show their support for you by sending a simple text message. And you might also want to consider having them made up not only for your own storefront, but for your customers as well. As my friend Jen put it, everyone likes to get a free toy in the mail. Her business received its “text to like” decal from Facebook yesterday. She was pretty excited about the surprise.

Facebook is not the first Internet company to encourage local businesses to promote their online presence with window stickers. In December, the search engine giant Google sent more than 100,000 window decals to the most popular listings in its Local Business Center database that featured QR codes.  Companies stuck these postcard-sized sticker to their front windows. Anyone walking past one of these businesses could then scan their smart phones over the Google’s QR  sticker to instantly pull up information on their mobile browser about the business such as reviews, photos, and coupons.

Editor’s Note: Facebook has strict terms regarding the terminology, logos and icons that may used to promote Facebook pages. It is recommended that you read these terms of use thoroughly before designing your own promotional label or sticker. Lightning Labels LLC is not responsible for anyone who violates these terms.

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Gatorade Labels Tampered with in Colorado

Gatorade In my four years of blogging I don’t think I have ever mentioned any celebrity gossip news. Until now. But for anyone interested in product labels this is a fascinating story.

Over this past weekend unique Gatorade bottles started appearing on the shelves of Denver area grocery stores. The labels on these bottles were not regular Gatorade labels, they had images of Tiger Woods and his wife along with the word “Unfaithful” in Gatorade’s distinctive font.

Investigators have already discovered the man behind the label tampering. He claims he did it as a “pop art” project with the goal of creating a conversation. I expect he will end up being charged with a crime.

What is interesting here is that a Gatorade label is not an easy label to duplicate. It is a thin film that would be very challenging to print on a home printer. The perpetrator has admitted that this project did cost him a lot of money, which indicates to me that a professional label print shop printed these labels. I wouldn’t like to be the owner of that label printer when federal investigators come knocking.

When you order product labels you need to own the copyright for the artwork that is being printed. Now, a label printer can’t possibly check the copyright of every label they print, that is why we have to have a legal disclaimer. But we have rejected label jobs where someone has taken a well known trademark and used it for their own purposes. We would have rejected printing these fake Gatorade labels, too.

The other interesting story here is once the labels were printed, how did they manage to get these obviously fake labels onto store shelves? I am sure we will find out these details in coming days.

Photo courtesy of 9News.

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