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Demand For Nutrition Transparency Fuels New Alcohol Labeling

Liquor Labeling TrendsDiageo Move Drives Industry-Wide Rethink of Packaging Content, Branding

Consumers want transparency in their alcohol consumption, and we’re not talking about see-through bottles.

Responding to growing demands to know nutritional content of both food and beverage, the world’s largest distiller, Diageo, will begin showing nutritional information on Guinness stout, Smirnoff vodka and Tanqueray gin packaging, according to a Bloomberg News article published on washingtonpost.com in March.

That trend is likely to grow, putting beer, wine and hard liquor makers large and small on notice to ready themselves for packaging and labeling changes that will include nutritional content. Those that move quickly may capture a competitive edge, while companies lagging behind could start to see consumer support lag as well.

Niche brands such as beer microbrewers can use smaller scale to their advantage. Notes a March 2015 fortune.com article, “…it will likely take some time before labels will feature such information as it is a costly endeavor for such big brands to change the labels on their packaging.” In contrast, once they receive TTB label and packaging approval, small brands can print digital labels and packaging in as few as 1-2 days and be ready to roll out very quickly.

Branding and relabeling changes, however, may not all be about adopting the new standard. Until or unless regulatory authorities mandate such nutritional disclosures, some liquor producers may opt for the “counter-culture” approach with messaging and graphics proclaiming adherence to the basics (e.g., “our smoothness and taste speak for themselves-that’s all you need to know”).

While this sorts itself out, London-based Diageo, active in 180 countries, already has received US approval for product labels from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), which regulates alcohol. The Bloomberg article notes, “‘Consumers are increasingly discerning about what’s in their glass,’ the distiller’s chief executive, Ivan Menezes, said in an e-mailed statement. ‘We are committed to ensuring our consumers have the best possible information from which to make informed choices.’”

At this point, the TTB is making inclusion of nutritional information voluntary except for some existing narrowly defined requirements–unlike the Food and Drug Administration, which mandated nutritional listings decades ago.

No matter how liquor makers view it, change is afoot and companies need to be responsive and agile in every area from creative brainstorming and desirable messaging to new label and packaging printing. Many companies may experiment to see where the right messaging lies. For example, baby boomers on up will tend to be less motivated by nutritional disclosures, perhaps following the “ignorance is bliss” philosophy, while millennials generally will prefer more transparency and clarity.

Obviously, Diageo is betting that the latter mindset will prevail. The Fortune article notes, “Diageo, the world’s largest liquor company, has led the charge to change misconceptions about what exactly can be found in alcoholic beverages…it will begin adding nutritional information — including protein, fats, calories, and carbohydrates — to labels in the U.S., Diageo…has fought for such approval for more than a decade.”

No doubt, much of the rationale for Diageo’s strong support lies in health issues. According to a March vox.com report, “‘Many adults take in a tremendous amount of calories from alcohol, and they have no idea,’ says Sara Bleich, a public-health researcher at Johns Hopkins. She has found that the average American who drinks regularly takes in 400 calories daily from alcohol — not a huge surprise, given that average beer or glass of wine has about 150 calories.”

The Vox article adds, “[Bleich] and colleagues have previously found that the particular information on nutrition labels can have a dramatic impact when it comes to consumption of soda and other sugary drinks. Though she hasn’t yet looked at the potential impact of labeling alcohol specifically, she imagines the effect would be similar.

Regardless of how and when all this plays out, there’s no doubt that liquor labeling and packaging change is on its way. This well may be a dramatic case of early adopters gaining major competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Give Off A Professional Vibe With High-Resolution Quality Labels

Quality labels can make one product stand out above the rest.Don’t Let Limitations Compromise Your Custom Labels

Small-business owners and hobbyists who sell their products on the side typically don’t need an enormous quantity of custom labels, nor are they working with the seemingly unlimited budgets enjoyed by their larger competitors. Limiting factors like these often result in entrepreneurs taking DIY approaches to packaging that may leave their wares appearing a little lackluster on the labeling front.

Whether consumers are browsing shelves in-store or meandering past stalls at their local farmers market, good-quality, high-resolution labels will always stand out above the rest. With this rule in mind, traveling down the DIY path could put sellers at a disadvantage. After all, despite the old adage, people do judge books by their covers – and products by their packages.

Skimping on Custom Stickers Could Disengage Consumers

Sometimes, entrepreneurs try to keep the designs of their custom stickers as simple as possible so the associated printing costs don’t spiral out of control, but taking this approach – however thrifty it may be – could turn out to be a mistake. Craft beers in particular are known for the unique, detailed and sometimes whimsical illustrations that adorn their labels, so brewers who drop the ball in this regard should be prepared to see a negative effect on their sales.

Last year, Creative Bloq showcased some of the most original craft beer labels out there. These included cats, robots, donkeys and daisies (in the case of Chicago-based Half Acre Beer Company), fairytale-esque offerings befitting of the Grimm Brothers Brewhouse name and the legendary Lucha Libre wrestler masks translated into sticker form for Mexican craft beer Cerveceria Sagrada.

With such stiff competition out there, why sell yourself short just to save a buck?

Quality Labels, Low Prices

With Lightning Labels, you can get the best of both worlds: quality labels at an inexpensive price, in as large or small a quantity as you need. Whether you’re in the market for craft beer and wine labels, bath and body product stickers or even lip balm packaging, Lightning Labels can deliver a professional-looking result without breaking the bank. If you need to meet a deadline, that’s no problem either, as our typical turnaround time is between 48 and 72 hours.

Make Your Next Event a Splash with Personalized Water Bottle Labels

Beverage LabelsWater Bottles Don’t Just Hydrate

Events can be enlightening and engaging gatherings of some brilliant minds, but at the same time, attendees can become thirsty after all that talking. This is why so many events and conferences keep participants hydrated by passing out (or selling) water bottles to attendees.

However, these water bottles serve multiple purposes – they should not just be used for quenching the thirst of those at events. Companies can actually use water bottles as marketing and branding pieces at events, establishing themselves as thought leaders. When people walk by the venue, or if attendees bring their water bottles elsewhere, everyone will know which organization is handling the event due to the personalized labels featured on the containers.

Customized Water Bottle Labels Promote a Brand

Event holders should look into customized water bottle labels as a means of reinforcing their brand messaging. At events and conferences, everyone needs to stay hydrated, it helps them remain alert and aware. By using custom water bottle labels, brands can get free advertising among event attendees as well as when people walk by the venue, bolstering brand exposure for a significant margin.

The big upside to customized water bottle labels is that they are cost effective marketing tools. Organizing or sponsoring an event, particularly a large-scale industry conference or something similar, can be expensive. However, handing out water bottles with branded labels can be done for a fraction of the cost, which can be crucial for businesses on a tight budget. They do not need to spend big to leave a mark in their industries.

Bottle Labels Design Tips

That being said, crafting water bottle labels is not as easy as it may seem. Water bottles are stored at a variety of temperatures – they may be shipped in the back of a hot truck and then stored in cool freezers. They could also be carried around in coolers that fill with water as the ice melts.

Labels must be designed with all of the environmental factors in mind. If the adhesive melts in high temperatures, the adhesive could melt and the label bubbles. In cold temperatures or watery environments, labels are liable to slip off. Brands must keep this in mind as they choose the adhesive and paper liners for their water bottle projects.

Add Flare to Your Oktoberfest Party with Custom Beer Labels

Oktoberfest Beer LabelsCustom Labels Bring Oktoberfest Celebrations to the Next Level

Millions of people from across the globe flock to Germany each year for Oktoberfest, but with custom labels, people can celebrate Oktoberfest no matter where they are.

As Infoplease noted, Oktoberfest is one of the most popular celebrations in the world, particularly among beer aficionados. More than 6 million people often head to Munich for the 16-day beer festival, but it is popular elsewhere as well, particularly in areas with large German populations. In the United States, the largest authentic Oktoberfest is held in Cincinnati, Ohio, and attracts more than 500,000 people.

But even if there are no nearby Oktoberfest celebrations for beer enthusiasts to attend, they do not have to feel left out. They could just as well hold their own theme parties, complete with Oktoberfest brews and custom beer labels.

Beer Label Printing Accentuates Home Parties

By leveraging beer label printing, party coordinators can craft custom beer labels and affix them to whatever bottle they want. This is perfect for people looking to hold a personal party, a work celebration or any other get together.

Although custom labels may sound like a big investment for any party, they can actually be produced relatively inexpensively and quickly through digital printing and other similar means. Because of this, they are perfect for fun themed parties and will not break an event’s budget. German-themed foods such as grilled chicken, pretzels and pork knuckles can add a lot of flare to any celebration, but it does not get much better than serving Oktoberfest beer with customized product labels – especially if hosts are serving a home-brewed Oktoberfest beer.

Label Printing Without Breaking the Bank

Whether people want label printing for their theme parties or for any other reason, they should choose an experienced label printer. Selecting any printing company can result in labels that do not fit quite right or they may wind up falling off due to moisture from condensation. An experienced label printing company can help people print the perfect labels for the job, whether for an Oktoberfest party or if they actually want to brew and sell their own beers.

Label printing can be done quickly and inexpensively, so if hosts really want to knock their parties out of the park, they should consider custom label printing.

Personalized Wine Bottle Labels Can Enhance Wedding or Event Favors

Personalized Wine LabelsPersonalized Labels in High Demand for Upcoming Weddings

Engaged couples spend a lot of time and effort planning the perfect wedding, so why not dedicate the same amount of attention to creating personalized labels for wine bottles?

This is a question many engaged couples may ask themselves over the next few months. According to statistics published by Sound Vision, August, September and October are three of the most popular months of the year to get married, so many soon-to-be-married couples will have their minds on wedding preparations. More than $72 billion is spent annually on weddings, with the average budget cresting the $20,000 mark.

Wine is an important part of weddings, as it is the drink of choice for many people attending these events. Wine Folly suggests that couples should purchase approximately one bottle of wine per every two guests, which can quickly reach in excess of $1,000 if engaged couples invited upward of 100 people.

Why Personalized Wine Labels are Perfect Additions to Any Wedding

Because weddings are all about the couple getting married, it is not unusual to see people opt for personalized wine labels that are designed to fit the motif of the wedding. The engaged couple may have a favorite bottle of wine, but in the interest of keeping with the theme of the wedding, standard labels may not be suitable for the event.

Personalized labels can be customized to fit the specific needs of the wedding, featuring specific patterns, colors, inspirational quotes, unique congratulatory messages and anything else imaginable. This allows couples to truly embrace the spirit of the wedding by crafting a label that reflects the mood of the celebration.

Custom Wine Labels on a Budget

Weddings are expensive but that does not mean custom wine labels need to be. By working with a label printer, young couples can produce appealing custom wine labels that will fit the mood of any type of wedding. By working with a custom label printing company, couples are also rest assured they get high-quality labels that can easily be affixed to their wine of choice.

Additionally, working with a printing company ensures that couples will get their labels in time for the special event. Digital printing technology allows machines to manufacture custom labels quickly and effectively for any deadline.

Five Seasonal Beer Label Design Ideas

Use Seasonal Beer Label Design Ideas to Target Different Groups

beer label design ideas from Lightning Labels

Use winter memories to come up with seasonal beer label design ideas.

When coming up with seasonal beer label design ideas, it can help to think back to your favorite winter recollections and traditions.

The holidays are a time to make lasting memories, so consumers are more likely to gravitate toward products that inspire some sort of nostalgia.

Make the most of this by utilizing seasonal imagery on labels to target different demographics. Different groups will be interested in different imagery.

Use personalized beer bottle labels to get consumers from varying demographics excited about your products.

1. Try Seasonal Beer Labels with Youthful Spirit

Evoke excitement when making seasonal beer labels for energetic, vivacious drinkers. For this active demographic, the winter season brings the joy of extreme sports like snowboarding and skiing. Use pictures than emphasize the exhilaration of the great outdoors. Make a beer label they’ll want to drink when they’re warming up in the ski lodge.

2. Include Traditional Imagery on Your Winter Beer Label

Think of classic stories when creating a winter beer label for your brew. Older drinkers also have fond memories of the winter season, so this group may be more interested in classic winter imagery. Think of the visual elements addressed in classic seasonal tunes: sleigh rides, cozy fireplaces and window sills covered with fresh snow. Ice skating is a timeless activity that most people think of fondly. Customize your beer labels to capture the beauty of winter so consumers can experience it from the comfort of their living room or in a warm bar.

3. Trigger Childhood Memories

Many adults have fond memories of cavorting in the snow as a child. Think about the activities you enjoyed during winter as a kid. Did you like to go sledding down the hill in the back yard, or build snow forts? Perhaps you enjoyed a friendly snowball fight with the neighbors. These unforgettable memories awake the child within and can make for great inspiration for adults when creating your own beer labels.

4. Design Labels for Craft Beer Drinkers

You can include as much fun imagery as you want, but serious imbibers still want to know about what they’re buying. Alongside your seasonal graphics, make sure you include important information about your beer. You can describe the style and tasting notes, and include what kind of hops or malts were used to make the beer. This group will also want to know exactly what style of beer they’re buying. Integrating a hop leaf into the overall design can be a good way to get craft drinkers’ attention.

5. Make Bottle Labels with the Dinner Party Crowd in Mind

Some of the fondest memories take place around the dinner table, where family and friends have congregated to enjoy the season together. Consider this when designing your beer label, and include information about possible food pairings emphasizing that your brew is the perfect beverage to go with a hearty meal. Make bottle labels that not only bring back memories, but create new ones as well.

Create Custom Champagne Labels for New Year’s Eve

Create Custom Champagne Labels for New Year’s No One Will Forget

custom champagne labels for new years from Lightning Labels

Create custom champagne labels for New Year’s that make an impression after the holiday is over.

Create custom champagne labels for New Year’s Eve that will make drinkers remember your brand’s name for the remaining 364 days of the year. New Year’s Eve celebrations set the tone for the rest of the year. While your consumers are busy coming up with the perfect resolution, you should be designing a champagne label to inspire them. Custom champagne labels can charm customers on a holiday that is all about spending time with friends and family. Especially on the one night of the year when nearly everyone drinks champagne, you need to make sure your bottles stand out. Make sure customers pick out your bottle of champagne, sparkling wine or cider to drink while watching the ball drop. Custom champagne labels communicate what your brand is all about, from traditional champagnes to beverages aimed directly at the party-going crowd.

Use High-Quality Materials for New Year’s Champagne Labels

Made from the best materials, your New Year’s champagne labels will impress consumers. Lightning Labels offers a variety of materials made especially for wine bottles, so labels will exude quality. For customers that enjoy luxury, paper stock with matte finish or a textured material is perfect. Drinkers won’t just enjoy the beverage, they will also love the label itself. Our high-resolution printing process also ensures that your branding information is crystal clear. On New Year’s Eve, things can get rowdy, but Lightning Labels provides you with strong adhesives that will stay put no matter what labels come in contact with. With durable printing materials, your label will last all night.

Design Custom Champagne Labels for Events

It’s also a good idea to make custom champagne labels for events unrelated to the New Year. Champagne doesn’t just get party-goers cheery enough to belt out Auld Lang Syne, it’s also the go-to celebratory drink for any occasion, making it perfect for weddings and graduations. Customers may even pop a bottle open after landing a promotion they’ve been gunning for. When designing custom special event labels, you can make them for a variety of occasions. Use florals and whites for a label that newlyweds may enjoy. You can even use a matte finish to allow consumers to write notes of congratulations for loved ones. Being creative is one way to ensure that customers remember your brand or occasion all year long.

DIY Beer Label Printing Brings Cheers for Oktoberfest

Make a DIY Beer Label Fitting for Fall Festivities

DIY beer label from Lightning Labels

How to boost seasonal marketing with a DIY beer label.

Oktoberfest brings several thoughts to people’s minds year after year: traditional German food, plenty of culture, and, of course, specially crafted beer with custom beer labels. Whether you’re making beer to be sold at fall festivals, parades or just as an at-home hobby, make a DIY beer label with Lightning Labels and bring Oktoberfest traditions to wherever you are!

Festive fall DIY beer labels don’t have to be just for pumpkin-flavored ales, spiced beers or harvest blends; instead, they can take your current branding strategies to the next level as a seasonal boost to marketing on year-round products. Manufacturers looking to revive tired labels or attract new beer-drinkers this October can throw a few fall DIY beer label tips in the mix.

2 Ways to Create Oktoberfest-Ready Square Labels

Don’t feel intimidated by the thought of creating new square labels for beer, whether you have a preexisting design in mind or are starting from scratch. Consider these two ways to ensure your square labels for beer will be ready come fall:

1. Fall Color Palettes Say a Lot

One of the easiest ways to give your beers an edge this fall in time for Oktoberfest is by utilizing rich fall colors on your beer labels. Mustard yellow and gold, oxblood and maroon, browns and orange all look great on dark bottles of beer and simultaneously appeal to people’s love of limited-edition, seasonal products. Don’t forget to add leaf green accents to illustrate a strong hops flavor!

2. Include Buzzwords and Fall Lingo on Clear Matte Labels

Clear matte labels are especially efficient because they don’t take all the attention off the product inside the packaging or – in this case – beer bottle. But just because people will be able to see the rich, amber colors of the beer and bottle through the clear label doesn’t mean they require less-involved marketing and design strategies.

Instead, utilize this space for words and label copy. This may include must-have information like ingredients, alcohol content and warnings, but can also appeal to the season using words like harvest, autumn, crisp and, of course, Oktoberfest.

Budweiser Bowtie Packaging Design Puts a Crimp In the Competition

Sometimes Packaging Is the Creative Design

Budweiser New Design

The new Budweiser bowtie packaging design from anheuser-busch.com.

When marketing your product, a key challenge always is to make your brand memorable—particularly in crowded marketplaces that can obscure all but the most outstanding looks. Budweiser has scored a bullseye with its latest packaging design—which is really more engineering than anything else.

The iconic bowtie logo, used since 1956, has been memorialized into a crimped can that bows in the middle. It won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the new package ties to the Budweiser brand.

It’s a stroke of genius in an advertising industry that too often creates expensive, elaborate messaging that few associate with the product. How many times have you been asked about a particular commercial, only to respond that you vividly remember everything except for the brand being advertised?

Geico created the gecko to indelibly drive product recognition. Now Budweiser has done the same with its bowtie package. How you can achieve the same feat in your marketplace, understanding that most don’t have a Budweiser-sized budget or long-lived iconic image to reinforce the effort?

1. Study your shape. As Budweiser has so dramatically demonstrated, you don’t have to stick with the same product container shape as everyone else. While its effort required years of research and refinement, and actually uses double the aluminum of traditional beer cans, you don’t have to necessarily spend a fortune to make a splash. Review the latest and greatest in container packaging and work with your graphic design/engineering team to create some shapes. This can be fun and doesn’t obligate you to go into production.

2. Leverage your label. In tandem with container shape selection, look at label possibilities. While the container itself may not be that unusual, combined with an intriguing label it can take on a life of its own. Play with different label materials, colors, shapes and special effects to see what may be possible. It doesn’t always have to be complicated. Think about the simplicity of the Apple logo.

3. Create your “con”-emoticon, icon, some type of memorable mascot, or inviting image that will make it hard to forget your brand. Is there anyone who doesn’t associate the gecko with Geico? They famously took an animal name that sounded very much like their corporate name, and voila! Where are there similar opportunities with your brand, company name, and the like?

To get the creative juices flowing, think out of the box a bit. Chrysler, in its desire to be viewed as reinventing itself in a more glamorous light, could consider the chrysalis, the cocoon from which the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly. While the term is somewhat esoteric, the fact that the two words share their first five letters opens up an immediate opportunity for brand identification. And the visuals of a beautiful image emerging from its cocoon bring to mind many design possibilities.

4. Put it all together. With all this creative output on display, decide what’s feasible in light of logistics, budgets and other pragmatic considerations. You may discover that the greatest, most memorable packaging/design idea just won’t cut it in your real world environment. Or, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that your most outlandish design is in fact very doable.

And persevere. If, for example, that incredibly appealing label won’t work with your machine application protocols, keep working with concepts to see what may be more compatible.

Look At Custom Labels In a New Light

As part of this process, request Lightning Labels sample packs of custom labels to brainstorm different looks, feels and functionality.  Lightning Labels is currently offering 10 percent off online orders through June 2, 2013, using promo code MDAY10 at checkout. The maximum discount is $1000 and this offer does not apply to reorders. Free ground shipping applies to regularly priced orders shipped only within the United States and Canada. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotion. Visit LightningLabels.com for details.

Can Your Custom Beverage Labels Handle the Heat?

Transform Custom Beverage Labels for the Spring and Summer Rush

Custom Beverage Labels

Can your custom beverage labels take the heat this spring and summer?

Whether you’re planning a neighborhood block party, outdoor wedding, corporate picnic or any other festive spring and summer events, it’s likely beverages – especially chilled water bottles and cold, refreshing beer – are high on the list of supplies. But rather than scouring store shelves to find delicious and invigorating, albeit generic, refreshments to serve your guests, co-workers, family and friends, what better addition to any event than drinks outfitted with custom beverage labels?

Both consumers and manufacturers can heed this advice from a promotional standpoint: Not only will all eyes be drawn to refreshments with custom labels, this type of branding will make the event, product or brand stick in people’s minds in the future, triggering positive experiences and memories associated with whatever beverage they drank at the time.

So You Want to Print Beer Bottle Labels … What’s Required?

Once you’ve decided it’s time to print beer bottle labels or labels for water bottles and wine, the first step is brainstorming what exactly you want to put on the labels. Perhaps the labels will include a themed monogram, photo, illustration or some snappy copy explaining the creation process. But lest you get carried away creatively, it’s essential to make sure beverage labels always serve their intended purpose.

Beer labeling regulations are set by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), which is a part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. If you’re planning on creating unique, customized labels for alcoholic beverages and distributing or selling these drinks to other people, it’s important to follow the rules.

1. Get to Know the Requirements for Beer Labels
The TTB, thankfully, makes it easy for brewers and label-makers alike to access beer label approval guidelines directly on its website. However, first-timers may be confused and overwhelmed by the process – especially because label regulations vary depending on the type of alcohol. Here’s a quick rundown of the must-have label information:

  • Name and address of beverage producer
  • Alcohol content
  • Net contents
  • Calories, carbohydrates and nutritional information
  • Government health warning statement
  • Brand name
  • Alcohol class and type
  • Prohibitions
  • Ingredients containing alcohol
  • Disclosure of major food allergens

2. Got Extra Information? Put it on Beer Labels
Once the necessary information has been determined and is incorporated into the new beer label designs, it’s time to have some fun. When crafting labels, consider the people who will consume these drinks and what the atmosphere of the event or serving location will be like. Labels will differ greatly depending on the type of gathering and beverage type, so create the type of label that you believe will be most appealing to thirsty consumers.

Although color palettes and graphics are key additions to an attractive label, remember that required information from the TTB doesn’t have to be the only text consumers read. If there’s extra information about the producer, beverage or event – if this is for a summertime wedding, how about sharing a story of how the couple met? – make the beverage labels more unique by including it in the design. Just remember to keep copy concise, easy-to-read and interesting!

Ready for some custom beverage labels?  Lightning Labels is offering 15 percent off new label orders through May 20, 2013, using promo code 15FOR11 at checkout. The maximum discount is $1000 and this offer does not apply to reorders. Free ground shipping applies to regularly priced orders shipped only within the United States and Canada. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotion. Visit LightningLabels.com for details.