Make Earth Day Every Day: Choose Sustainable Materials for Your Product Labels

Biostone is a label material made from rocks, not trees

Lightning Labels offers several sustainable label materials, including BioStone. It is a stone paper that is fully compostable.

Celebrating Earth Day this Sunday? Great! We are, too — and every day — here at Lightning Labels. Just a few years ago, we unfortunately could not say this. There were very limited “eco-friendly” label material options available at that time, and those that existed did not meet our stringent guidelines for quality.

Today, though, we are proud to offer a full lineup of sustainable label materials. Check them out:

Made from stone, not trees
Fully biodegradable and compostable
Strong and durable
Water resistant
Excellent ink adhesion properties

Recycled Kraft
Recycled from 100% post-consumer waste
Earthy, organic look and feel
Strong liner suitable for machine application

Recycled Vellum
Recycled from 100% post-consumer waste
Elegant, white vellum material
Strong liner suitable for machine application

EarthFirst PLA
Eco friendly alternative to White BOPP, our most popular label material
Made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), not petrochemicals
Water and oil resistant
Versatile and suitable for most applications, from bath and body products to food containers