Hop on the Brand Bandwagon with Better Labels

When consumers are buying products, there are typically two things they think about: brand and price. Even if a certain company produces more expensive products, shoppers may still go for that item because the business has a stronger brand.

Think of Apple as opposed to other smartphone producers, or food brands like Oreo against the store’s generic brand. It’s all about filling a role for consumers. If companies can show they understand their ideal customers better than any of their competitors, they will have an easier time capturing sales.

“If your company doesn’t connect with your target audience then you’ve got to fix those issues and fill those gaps. Branding reflects a company’s true identity and is the essence of your business,” American Express’ OPEN Forum explains.

The product label is the best place to begin conveying brand personality. Companies can use different fonts, colors and images to convey different ideas about their products and services. For example, minimalist designs and cursive fonts suggest elegance.

If product manufacturers are looking to develop a stronger brand, the label is the best place to start. Professional printers such as Lightning Labels can help you manufacture labels that convey your brand to customers.

2 thoughts on “Hop on the Brand Bandwagon with Better Labels

  1. Autumn

    I absolutely agree. I will, personally, choose the brand that is more familiar because it’s a well-known name and because that’s what I’ve been buying anyway (because it’s a well-known name brand). I will, however, try another brand, or a new product, if I find the packaging appealing. I LOVE packaging; it doesn’t matter what it’s for, but if it catches my eye, I want it! If I’m going to try something new at the grocery store, for example (a brand I’m not familiar with), I tend to pick up the items that have a more “elegant” packaging. That suggests to me that they are high-end and going to be really tasty. They are not always delicious, by the way, but I did what they wanted by playing right into their hands as a consumer who is a sucker for packaging.

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