Boosting Sales Through Better Label Design

Improving your label design can improve your product sales

While some labels are designed to convey information, such as ingredients or nutritional facts, others can help generate awareness and boost sales. As the old expression goes, “There are no second chances at making a good first impression.” Whether consumers are browsing the shelves of a grocery store or picking a bottle of wine from a liquor store rack, labels are often the key to making that first impression.

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Making the Grade: Ideas For Clarifying Food Labels

For manufacturers hoping to avoid complaints and confusion over food product labels, a recent contest for ideas on how to improve such labels could serve as inspiration. The contest was sponsored by GOOD magazine, the Art Center College of Design’s Designmatters, and Berkeley School of Journalism’s station News 21.

1. Replace serving size with “snack” or “meal” labels. Further augment categorization by adopting a color/size code that indicates the overall healthiness of a product.
2. Assign letter grades for overall nutritional value or even a product’s eco-footprint.
3. Create a label communicating the exercise necessary to burn off the calories in the food.
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Putting the Fun Back into Labels

Lightning Labels, Other Converters Discuss Novelty Labels in L&NW Feature Article

Label & Narrow Web reminds us in its July/August edition that the labeling industry sometimes undervalues novelty labels.

“There’s an aspect of the labeling industry that is perhaps overlooked. In discussing labels, at the forefront there’s usually a focus on evolving print technologies, the latest in substrates, inks and coatings, environmental sustainability, and ways to enhance brand awareness,” Steve Katz writes. “What’s sometimes is forgotten is the fun factor. Labels are fun.”

We here at Lightning Labels couldn’t agree more. Which is one reason we jumped at the opportunity to contribute to the article. To read the rest of the article, check out the July/August print edition of Label & Narrow Web Magazine; or read Novelty Labels on the L&NW website.

New Eco-Friendly Label Materials That Rock

BioStone Sample Label

I am thrilled to announce that Lightning Labels now offers these three environmentally friendly labeling materials: BioStone, Recycled Vellum, and Recycled Kraft. While all three materials rock, BioStone is literally made of stone. Here are the highlights of each new material:


Fully biodegradable

Perfect for composting

Cannot be laminated

Made from stone, not trees

Just plain cool Continue reading “New Eco-Friendly Label Materials That Rock” »

Keep it Simple with Product Labeling

A product label or advertisement is often seen as the gateway to capturing consumer interest. An individual may choose to walk away from a label that isn’t attractive, regardless of the quality of the product being offered.

There are plenty of ways to appeal visually to potential clients. Sometimes it’s the basics that will save a label and, ultimately, a product from being neglected.

Here’s a list of five things to consider when designing a product label: Use a high resolution image. People shouldn’t have to squint their eyes to read your tagline.

1. Use a high resolution image. People shouldn’t have to squint their eyes to read your tagline.

2. Don’t be bland. Boring colors or a plain picture are sure to be ignored by passersby.

3. Avoid being too fancy. A complicated design can have just as poor of an effect as a blurry or bland one.

4. Proofread your label many times. Common mistakes occur even with the simplest of designs.

5. Consider your target market. Under what demographic do the majority of your clients fall? Would they appreciate a more professional label? A creative one? Or even a label that’s humorous?
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Why I Heart COLOURlovers

I often say a label is your most important marketing vehicle. Because of this, it is important to perfect your label design — including its color scheme. If you or your designer are struggling to put together that perfect combination of colors, you might want to check out COLOURLovers.

My Love of COLOURlovers is Not Blind

Colour Lovers Palettes

I adored this site from the first time I laid eyes on it. Over the years, my adoration has blossomed into a love that continues to grow stronger. Back in the day, COLOURlovers was a fairly simple site where you created bars of color schemes similar to paint store swatches, and then shared them with the COLOURlovers community. Since then, the site has added many tools to assist you in the creative design process.

That said, the basic building blocks of COLOURlovers are still there. There are just a lot more building blocks. As of this writing, you can browse more than 1,600,000 user-generated palettes to use as starting points for creating your own. If you want to view new palettes as they are created, you can sign-up to have them streamed to you through an RSS feed.

Now let’s look at one of the many cool tools COLOURlovers now offers. Continue reading “Why I Heart COLOURlovers” »

10% Off Custom Label & Sticker Orders Placed Online, Use Coupon Code Summer11

Summer Sale Ends Aug 31, Certain Exclusions* Apply

If you have been thinking about placing an order with us — or any custom label printer, for that matter — now’s the time to do it! To celebrate  what many consider Colorado’s finest season, which may not pertain to winter sports enthusiasts, Lightning Labels is having a Summer Sale! We’ll give you 10% off any order you place online with us through August 31. All you have to do is use the coupon code Summer11 when ordering through our website,

Our Summer Sale isn’t limited to custom label orders, either. You can get the discount on high-quality, custom printed stickers and adhesive window decals, too. The offer also applies to regular skiers, snowboarders, and other people addicted to winter sports, ahem.

Moving on from that lame joke … seriously, I understand that if you have been shopping around for custom printed labels and don’t know where to start or who to order from, the process can be confusing. Especially if this is your first time placing an order like this. So if getting a fantastic deal deal during our Summer Sale isn’t enough to convince you to order from us, here are just a few of the many reasons you should order from Lightning Labels in time to receive your 10% discount. Like now, so you don’t forget.

Benefits of Working with Lightning Labels

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How to Track Your Competion Online

Tracking the competition online

Do you know that you should be tracking your competition online, but don’t know where to start? Then check out the eCommerce column in the July/August edition of Label & Narrow Web Magazine. This edition of eCommerce, co-authored by Lightning Labels General Manager James Lowry and myself, will give you step-by-step directions for monitoring competing brands online.

What I love most about this column is that James explains how many of the traditional marketing principals seasoned marketers are already familiar with can be applied to performing competitive analysis on the Internet. I then recommend some of the easiest tools you can use to see what the competition is up to. You’ll also probably like that all of the tools I highlight are free or inexpensive.

James and I would love to know if you have any tips not mentioned in our column for converters wondering what first actions they should take to monitor their competitors’ online activities. We are also interested in seeing how tracking your competition online has benefited your business.

And if you are not a converter but are interested in having high-quality, full color custom labels printed, please keep Lightning Labels in mind. You can learn more about us and how to place an order online by visiting us online at, emailing us at, or calling us toll-free at 1.888.685.2235.

Do Wine Labels Influence Consumer Purchasing Decisions?

Person chooses bottle of wine based on its label

At an outdoor jazz concert I attended over the weekend, a friend offered me a glass of wine.

“Have you had it before?” he asked. When I said no, he poured a sample into my plastic cup and asked me not to hold him responsible if it was terrible. It turned out that he hadn’t tried it himself either. Curious, I asked him why he had decided to purchase this particular bottle of wine. I assumed he would say a friend had recommended it.

“First of all, it’s a California Chardonnay. I really like those,” he said. “Other than that, I guess it was the bottle that really caught my eye.” The bottle itself had influenced his choice … really? I probed further. After thinking about it for a moment, he concluded that the real reason he had picked it was the label. He liked the way it looked.

“Yeah, the label is pretty cool. I like the dragon on the front and the story about it on the back,” he explained, referring to both the front and back labels on the wine bottle. Then I turned to another friend and asked him if he also picks wine based on the label design. Definitively, yes. In fact, being an infrequent consumer of wine, he almost exclusively purchases wine using this method. Turns out, even the white-headed lady sitting next to us does the same thing … but only when she is in a rush.

This story illustrates how important it is for anyone creating a wine label to consider the power it has to affect their sales, particularly when it comes to acquiring new customers. That said, not everyone, of course, will buy wine without tasting it beforehand or having someone recommend it to them. But if you put bland, generic labels on your wine bottles, don’t be disappointed if your sales are low. There is a very good reason why you often hear me say that labels are your product’s most important marketing vehicle.

So if I was a wine maker, I would certainly hedge my bets by ensuring that all my wines were labeled with eye-catching, unique designs and printed in full color on high quality materials. Of course, we here at Lightning Labels would be happy to help you with that last part. Any time you need to have custom wine labels printed, please feel free to contact our customer service department at, or give us a call at 1.888.685.2235.

P.S. Just in case you are wondering, the Chardonnay with the dragon label was pretty good!

‘Goat Milk Stuff’ Family Featured on NBC’s TODAY Show

Segment Shows How Family of 10 Pulls Together to Operate Soap Making Business

Mike Leonard of NBC’s The Today Show recently interviewed one of our many fabulous customers, the Jonas Family, about the unique soap making business they own and operate on their three acre homestead in rural Indiana. The story about Goat Milk Stuff aired Monday on the show’s Leonard’s Look segment.
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