Innovative Packaging Design

Innovative, fun, or even weird packaging design can make or break a product’s sales. Doing something different with your packaging design can bring your brand media attention, spur new sales, attract new customers, and perhaps even earn a coveted “end cap” display space at your local pharmacy, department store, or grocer.

If you haven’t got the budget for a complete packaging redesign, however, consider drawing up a new custom label for your product. Done correctly, a new label can earn the same kind of attention as a whole new package. Remember, however: your long-time customers might be upset by any large changes to the brands they’ve grown to see as a part of their lives. The best redesigns also involve a level of customer outreach—reassuring your old customers that it’s only the packaging, not the product that’s changing is key.

Here are some examples of excellent packaging to get you thinking about your own packaging.

Kleenex “Fruit” Tissues

Why does Kleenex want to associate blowing noses and picking up gross things with fruit? Hmm. Whatever the reason, the packaging looks great and draws the eye. Plus I get to pretend that it’s a big piece of fruit I’m picking up when my cat throws up in the corner.



Bananagrams Word Game

If you hate the plodding pace of Scrabble but still love proving you know more words than your friends, you should give Bananagrams a try. Even if you don’t like word games, the game’s great packaging is likely to grab your attention. It’s genius is its simplicity: a few hundred-thousand letters (exaggerating) inside a cloth bag shaped like a banana. You can take it anywhere you can find a flat surface, then humiliate your friends with your superior vocabulary. Give it a whirl! Continue reading “Innovative Packaging Design” »

Notice: Lightning Labels Office Closed This Afternoon Due to Inclement Weather

Our office is closed this afternoon due to inclement weather conditions. If you need to get a quote or place an order, though, no worries! Our custom labels website is open 24-7 … through rain, through sleet, and through lots and lots of snow (like we have here in Denver today.)

The office will resume normal business operations at 7 am Mountain Time on Monday, February 6.

Q&A with Kevin Morgan Studio, Art Director for Jorma’s Fur Peace Ranch Guitar Camp

This month’s Customer Spotlight is on Kevin Morgan Studio. Lightning Labels conducted the following interview with Owner/Graphic Designer Kevin Morgan about his most recent label design for Jorma’s Rhythmic Tonic Tea. Read on to find out how this herbal tea label, Jefferson Airplane, and one of the best guitar camps in the world are connected. 

Product label artwork - Jorma's Rhythm Tonic Tea

As the official Art Director for Fur Peace Ranch, Kevin Morgan Studio designed this product label for Jorma's Rhythm Tonic Tea

LIGHTNING LABELS: Thank you for letting us feature this one-of-a-kind label, which depicts a burly guitar player jamming out in a room with a wooden plank floor. Or maybe on a porch, it’s hard to tell. A dog rests beneath his simple wooden chair. When I first saw this label, I thought the scene was straight out of a tiny country bar. But then I spotted a cup of tea steeping on a table in the background. What was the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind design?

Kevin Morgan Studio: Jorma Kaukonen was one of the founding members of Jefferson Airplane and is still touring with Hot Tuna. Jorma has a guitar camp in southeast ohio called the Fur Peace Ranch — you know… a “Fur Peace” from anywhere. Musicians and Instructors from around the globe come to the Ranch, and it is becoming quite known in the guitar camp circles as one of the best in the world. You can see what they are all about at

How does it illustrate the Jorma product, and how will the label be used?

Jorma’s Tea blend is one of the products they sell at the Ranch as part of Continue reading “Q&A with Kevin Morgan Studio, Art Director for Jorma’s Fur Peace Ranch Guitar Camp” »

Packaging for a Global Audience

Globe packaged a "handle with care" boxNowadays, many Americans are pushing brands to think of the environment, both in the creation of their products and packaging. However, this isn’t a concern globally, which may give brands more leeway as they produce their goods.

For example, many foreign countries prefer metal packaging, which is driving investments in metal industries. Recent innovations in the production of metal are key factors, which with brands in the food, personal care, beverage and healthcare industries using the material for their product packaging.

As Packaging Digest notes, metal containers offer a variety of unique features, ranging from improved storage to low production costs. Moreover, Continue reading “Packaging for a Global Audience” »

Do You Know Who Your Label Colors Are Talking to?

" "The old adage “a picture is worth 1,000 words” is only partly true.” In reality, it’s the colors that do the most talking when it comes to images, including label artwork. When consumers’ eyes dart across the various products situated on retail shelves, they aren’t going to be picking up minute details in pictures. A vibrant color, though, may very well catch their attention.

Because one set of colors may speak to one consumer demographic yet fall on the deaf ears of another one, product manufacturers should keep their target audiences in mind when choosing color combinations for their label designs. As Pallasweb notes, young people tend to be drawn to vibrant and strong colors. However, the same palette may effectively turn away older consumers, who find it to be too garish.

Moreover, individual colors can evoke a range of emotional responses, sometimes in the same consumer. For example, red is typically tied to passion, violence and aggression. Blue, on the other hand, is linked to loyalty, security and conservativeness. Manufacturers need to keep these connotations in mind as they work with their graphic artists to create their product labels.

Custom Labels Website Gets Customized Makeover

Website gets a new look for 2012 - Lightning Labels

Our custom labels website has a fresh new look for 2012. Bright and modern with a beautiful gallery of product photos up front and center on the home page, we think you’ll love it as much as we do! Its streamlined navigation will make it even easier to use, too. And did I mention that you can get your instant, online quote without leaving the home page?

The website makeover is just one way we are celebrating our tenth anniversary of printing premium labels … Lightning Fast!

Other Treats to Look Forward to in 2012 Include … Continue reading “Custom Labels Website Gets Customized Makeover” »

Early Birds Take Note, We’ve Expanded Our Office Hours!

Clocks illustrating expanded hours

Starting today, we are expanding our office hours here at Lightning Labels. New hours are as follows:

7 am to 5:30 pm (Mountain Time)

Monday through Friday

That means you’ll have one more hour in the morning to chat with a Customer Service Representative about the slick new labels we’re creating for you. One more hour to get as many quotes as you want if your computer happens to be on the blink. One more hour so you can cross “order custom labels” off your list … first thing in the morning. Continue reading “Early Birds Take Note, We’ve Expanded Our Office Hours!” »

Failing to Put Warning Labels on Products is Risky Business

Toy Warning LabelIt seems like a no-brainer — if products could pose any danger to users, manufacturers should disclose this information. It doesn’t matter of they make toys or dietary supplements, it’s vital that brands note any potential dangers.

Yet, for some reason many companies forget to do this and have to recall their products — or even worse, they get sued by their customers as a result. Either way, these simple mistakes can cost thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on the size of the company and the popularity of its products. Not to mention Continue reading “Failing to Put Warning Labels on Products is Risky Business” »

Closing Early Today Due to Icy Denver Roads

Our office will close early today at 3:30 pm MST so that our employees may safely make it home. As the result of a snowstorm and dropping temps, many of the roads here in the Denver metro area will become hazardous as dark falls.

As always, you may get an instant quote for your labels and stickers or start your online order 24/7 using the Lightning Labels website.

Our office will reopen tomorrow as usual at 8 am. Safe journeys, everyone — wherever you may be — and thank you for your patience! Continue reading “Closing Early Today Due to Icy Denver Roads” »

Sticker Appreciation 101

While we usually blog about more practical applications for labels and stickers, we couldn’t resist sharing these photos of an interactive art installation featured on BuzzFeed. For details about The Obliteration Room, read What Happens When You Give Kids Thousands of Stickers.

A clean slate - Obliteration Room ( Yakoi Kusama, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane)

Art instruction - Obliteration Room ( Yakoi Kusama, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane)

Young artist at work - Obliteration Room ( Yakoi Kusama, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane)

Work in progress - Obliteration Room ( Yakoi Kusama, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane)

Closeup - Obliteration Room ( Yakoi Kusama, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane) Continue reading “Sticker Appreciation 101” »