Lightning Labels Releases Digital Printing Advice on Testing the Market with Custom Labels and Stickers

How testing and low printing costs can help manufacturers choose which custom labels and stickers to printDenver, CO, (November 20, 2012) – Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, encourages manufacturers to take advantage of low digital label printing costs and test custom labels and stickers before ordering large quantities.

“Testing labels and stickers before mass-producing them gives manufacturers the opportunity to see what will attract their ideal customers and generate buzz about their products,” says Business Development Manager AnneMarie Campbell. “Knowing what does and does not work will be worth the reasonable cost of printing short runs of the labels.”

How Testing Affects The Product Label Market

Most manufacturers realize that their product’s custom labels and stickers will have competition, whether it’s in online listings or on a store shelf. Although consumers are encouraged to not judge a product by its label or packaging, instead focusing on ingredient lists and honest product descriptions, it’s almost impossible for people to not be swayed by the stickers and labels on a product.

But how can product producers know what labels and stickers will actually work to their advantage unless they have tangible numbers to base their assumptions on? Even if colors, design, style and descriptive copy have all been considered with care as to what manufacturers think their target audience will notice and appreciate, the labels may not be as successful as they hope or imagine.

However, when label and sticker testing is utilized – that is, testing several concepts to see what resonates with the most people and offers the most positive results – it is less likely a costly custom label campaign will be unsuccessful. The low cost of short runs of multiple label designs from Lightning Labels makes testing a worthwhile, cost-efficient investment all manufacturers should consider.

Testing Copy for Custom Labels and Stickers

Do you know what you want to say on your custom labels and stickers, but you’re unsure exactly how to say it? Perhaps you are undecided between several product descriptions, but you want to know which would have the biggest impact on your audience?

Running several labels with varying copy and charting the results to see what words and descriptions draw people in may also indicate the style of copy a manufacturer or business uses on a website or other promotional materials.

Testing Label and Custom Sticker Materials

Lightning Labels offers customers a variety of custom stickers and labels materials and printing options. Whether businesses want to test how customers will react to eco-friendly materials – such as BioStone, recycled kraft, recycled vellum or EarthFirst PLA – or see if consumers have a preference between luxurious and more standard materials, printing smaller test batches can offer some answers and insight that may help assure businesses their investment will be worth it.

Other Means of Ensuring Label and Custom Sticker Success

Businesses may determine the success of their custom stickers and labels not only by ordering small batches of product labels, but also taking advantage of material samples from Lightning Labels. However, while testing is beneficial for a company’s product branding success, it’s also important to remain flexible when designing and creating custom stickers, labels and packaging.

Although you will want the label to reflect the business’ ideals and honest product information, it’s important to take heed of testing results and give targeted customers something they will want to buy. Finding a successful balance may be difficult, so keep the rest as easy as possible.

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About Lightning Labels:
Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, and now offers a full line of custom packaging products. From small orders for individuals, to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill sticker, label and product packaging projects of all types. Best of all, like the name implies, Lightning Labels provides a quick turnaround to every customers’ labeling and product packaging needs. Uses for Lightning Labels custom product labels and custom stickers include food packaging and organic food labels, wine and beverage labels, bath and body labels, and nutraceutical products, such as vitamins, essentials oils, and herbal remedies, as well as event stickers, adhesive window stickers and more. Lightning Labels strongly supports the development of environmentally friendly printing materials and carries EarthFirst PLA, a new kind of green label material made from corn instead of petroleum. While operating as a high-tech printer, Lighting Labels prides itself on its personalized customer service. Lightning Labels provides one stop shopping for all of your label and product packaging needs. For more information and to place orders online, visit For the latest in packaging news and labeling promotional offers, find Lightning Labels on Facebook, Twitter (@LightningLabels), and Google+.

A Percentage of Custom Label Orders Will Go to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief

We Pledge To Give 5% of Custom Label Orders to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Custom Label Orders Will Support the Hurricane Relief Effort

I’m very proud to announce that Lightning Labels is donating 5% of all new custom label orders for all kinds of label and sticker products to the American Red Cross to help the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. Their contribution will support the thousands of Hurricane Sandy victims who have devastatingly lost their homes as well as those who are still without power. “As concerned American citizens we must do our part to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy. Our deepest sympathy goes out to everyone who was affected by the hurricane,” said Business Development Manager, AnneMarie Campbell. “Lightning Labels caters to customers across the entire country and we must do what we can to provide crucial support during this tough time,” she adds.

Hurricane Sandy struck the northeastern coast on the evening of Monday, October 29th wrecking havoc on everything on its path. According to James Barron from The New York Times, “The toll — in lives disrupted or lost and communities washed out — was staggering.” The damage, devastation, and grief caused by Superstorm Sandy is inconceivable. Over 100 houses burned to ash in Breezy Point, Queens, over 8.2 million people between Maine and North Carolina were without power, more than 100 lives were taken, and the New York City subway system was at a standstill for days. The Jersey Shore, Staten Island and coastal Brooklyn neighborhoods, such as Red Hook and Coney Island are still struggling to recover. During this crucial time, Lightning Labels’ deepest thoughts and concerns are with the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Custom Product Labels Can Help the Red Cross Provide Aid

From now until November 21, 2012 Lightning Labels will take 15% off new label orders and donate 5% of your order to the American Red Cross. To order custom product labels and or stickers, use code THANKS15.  Lightning Labels donations will go directly to the Red Cross’s Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

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Hey Craft Distilleries, Have You Thought About Custom Labels?

Get Your Custom Labels for Artisanal Distilleries


 US Whiskey Map

Browse more data visualization.

With the resurgence of craft distilleries across the country, Lightning Labels has to take notice. Not only do we print wine and beer labels, but we can also make custom labels for whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, and brandy. The total number of craft distilleries is on the rise and we would love to take part in the branding and packaging of the next great American distilleries!

Lightning Labels loves to support local businesses and the growing number of craft distilleries makes us very intrigued. It’s fascinating that over 90 new distilleries have emerged between 2010 & 2011, according to Michael Kinstlick at Coppersea Distilling, LLC. The American distilling industry is truly making a comeback. Kinstlick also concluded that the “number of craft distilleries in the market will grow from about 250 to over 1000 over the next 10 years.” That’s pretty unbelievable if you ask me.

More Craft Distilleries, Means More Custom Beverage Labels!

Not only does this mean more essential taste tests, but more creative, original product labels! The growing market implies more competition and one way for distilleries to separate themselves from the rest is through their packaging and their custom beverage labels. Make smart, innovative labels that evoke a true artisanal drink experience. For expert advice on creating your custom labels, check out these 5 tips for designing full color labels!

How many of you have visited craft distilleries?  What did you enjoy about them? Do any distillery beverage labels jump out at you? If so, please share! I’ll make sure to showcase your favorite distillery labels on our Facebook page. I’m personally a big fan of these two labels for Booker’s and Basil Hayden’s.

Get Your Custom Beverage Labels From Lightning Labels

Color Choice Matters When You Print Custom Color Labels

Choose Your Colors Wisely When You Design Your Full Color Labels

His And Hers Colors

Browse more data visualization.

Color and gender go hand in hand. It’s not something we think about that often, but it’s all around us. It’s commonly assumed that girls favor pink and boys favor blue but I never knew until this infographic the massive amount of preferred color differentiation between men and women based on color names. The infographic really represents popular color names by gender preference (i.e. male and female) but it also provides us insight for color choice in designing custom color labels.

Color Names Matter When Designing Custom Color Labels

Both and men and women tend to generalize color names: men do so slightly more often than woman, and women prefer calling colors more feminine names while men like using “bodily fluid and excrement terminology,” says Stephen Von Worley. For example, some of the top color names preferred by women are neon lavender (78% female), dusty teal (98% female), coral (82% female), pale sage (98% female), barbie pink (84% female), peacock blue (84% female), and camel (78% female). In contrast, some of the top color names preferred by men are goblin green (93% male), skin (74% male), and mucus (60% male). This not only means that you should probably take into consideration those viscerally named colors when your design your custom product labels, but that you should also be more aware of how the other gender may interpret your full color label based on your color choice.

This infographic may make it easier to communicate with the other gender about color choice for your custom color labels, as well as help you rethink some colors you included in your original design. You certainly don’t want the color name mucus (which is kind of a mustardy-green) on your product labels. Perhaps, it makes sense to choose relatively general colors like magenta (51% male) or aqua (57% female) when trying to coordinate color design ideas with your colleagues. It’s now clear to me that men and women have a tendency to call extremely similar colors or the same exact colors by different names. Hopefully this interactive chart can further assist you when you design your full color labels and if not, then just explore! It’s strangely intriguing and incredibly fun to engage with.

What did you take away from this inforgraphic? Please let me know what you liked or disliked about it in the comment section below!

Why Designing Your Own Custom Labels for Holidays is a Great Idea

Advantages of Ordering Custom Product Labels for Your Holiday Gifts

We’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season, and every year it feels like we begin gift shopping earlier and earlier. It’s hard to believe we’re nearing November and Black Friday is almost upon us. Why not avoid it all together this year and just order your own personalized product labels? You’re probably asking yourself why would I bother? And the answer is simple, because you would look like an awesome friend, relative, or spouse. Rather than going to the liquor store last minute to pick up a bottle of wine to gift, plan ahead! You can design the perfect custom label for every occasion.

Personalized Wine LabelsCreative Commons License This graphic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

DIY: Design your own personalized product labels for the holidays!

Personalized product labels add a whole new touch of flair and joy to your holiday season. You can really personalize anything with labels from wine and beer to homemade candles and soap. Get your creative juices flowing because there are endless possibilities. Giving gifts with custom labels will make your present standout amongst everyone else’s, which makes you look like the amazing person you are.

Not only is designing your own holiday-themed labels fun, it’s also easy! Brainstorm text ideas like “Have a Lovely Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas” or “Spread the Holiday Joy and Have a Happy Hanukah” followed by a bespoke signature like “Cheers, the Smith Family” or “With Love, Jon.” Once you’ve decided upon the text, then you can consider using an image or a fun, festive graphic. Perhaps your kids can even draw something to use on your personalized product labels. Please take a look at our label artwork specifications if you’re interested in including an image.

Lots of beverage companies are beginning to offer customized labels for the holidays. For instance, Knob Creek lets fans “customize” their labels through their Facebook page. However, these labels are not that personal or meaningful, for they only allow you to write a few characters onto an already-designed black or beige label template. Knob Creek then mails you the personalized label for you to stick right on top of their bottle’s original label. In my opinion, why not go all out with your custom product labels? It’s much more impressive to design your own simple label using your own words than typing 3 words into a box to be printed. It’s a little more effort but Lightning Labels is here to help!

Like Knob Creek, just ask our label experts what kind of label to order if you want to stick it right on top of another label. Otherwise, neatly peel away the existing product label and replace with your brand new holiday-themed label! It’s so easy. If you have any other questions follow up with customer service or ask us on Facebook or tweet @LightningLabels!

Lucky for you our exclusive Halloween offer will let you get your custom holiday labels for even less! Use code WEB10 to save 10% on all new label orders placed online!

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Top 6 Custom Food Labels & What Their Colors Say About Them

6 Favorite Custom Food Label Stickers & Their Color Meanings

I can’t say it enough that Lightning Labels customers always make wonderful product labels! This week I’m particularly impressed by the custom food labels that I’ve come across digging around in our photo archives. I’ve selected six custom food labels that utilize color (or lack thereof) in noteworthy ways to brand their product.

Custom food label stickers are designed to attract their target customers, which is why color choice is key. Colors come with emotional baggage or, in other words, color meaning. For instance, blue evokes reliability, security, and or trustworthiness, whereas red suggests energy, passion, and or aggression. When designing your custom food labels, I beg you to take color choice into consideration. Colors bring to mind different feelings and emotions for lots of people and, depending on your branding tone, you will want to be well aware of color meaning.

Explaining the Top 6 Custom Food Labels Through Color

1. Bubba Rose Biscuit Company’s Dog Treats

Bubba Rose Biscuit Company's Custom Food Labels

The red is attention grabbing and exciting! It compliments the black text well.  And the beige is neutral and comfortable. This is a great example of a simple custom label with a slight pop of color working in its favor. Way to go Bubba Rose!

2. Culinary Crafts’ Pumpkin Bread and Chocolate Chili Pepper Artisan Cheese

Culinary Crafts Custom Food Labels

Once again the red is energetic and attention grabbing, while the purple suggests mystery and regality. The orange pumpkin really pops against the purple background, making the label fun and playful. The yellow text was also a great choice, creating a cheerful and friendly vibe.

3. The Letelier Food Company’s Strawberry Balsamic Jam and Blackberry Jam

The Letelier Food Company's Custom Food Labels

Adorable labels that contrast the elegant simplicity of black with a splash of pink or purple text. Purple can seem mysterious or regal, while the pink is soft and tender. However, both the purple and pink mimic the color of the jam that’s inside the jars.

4. Nuffins’ Gluten-Free Brownie Mix

Nuffins' Custom Food Labels

Nice job Nuffins! Black is classic and bold and white is crisp and clean. The white against the black is easy to read, and the use of beige and brown makes the packaging seem stable, secure and durable. This is another excellent example that uses neutral colors for a simple, classic design.

5. Pat O’s Pickles’ Super Cukes, FireCracker Dilly Darts, and Cool Dill Cukes

Pat O's Pickles Custom Food Labels

Lovin’ the use of light green and navy blue, with the pop of red on the hot pickles label. The red catches your attention and is energetic and exciting! While the blue and green are welcoming, refreshing and soothing together. Blue is also known to suggest reliability and security, which is a great association to have with a food product. Beautiful labels Pat O’s Pickles!

6. Sorelle Paradiso’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sorelle Paradiso's Custom Food Labels

Sorelle Paradiso’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil labels take full advantage of white’s innocent, simple, clean quality and black’s classic, elegant quality. Black and white go perfectly together, working like a gem for this custom food label. Awesome work Paradise Sisters!

Please let me know if you’re a fan of these custom food label stickers by leaving a comment below!

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How to Customize Your Beer Labels So They Stand Out – The Industry’s Weekly NewspaperInfographic: Private-Label, Craft Beers See Sales Growth - Share This!


Craft Beer and Private Labels are Among Top Growth Areas

On your last trip to the supermarket I’m sure you noticed the myriad of pumpkin themed products. This is especially true in the beer aisle. One of the most popular seasonal beers in the fall is pumpkin beer.  While perusing this aisle during a recently trip to my local grocery market, I noticed there seemed to be an increase in the various beer brands – many of which I’ve never heard of, and an increase of flashy beer labels.  It turns out that my observations were correct on both counts. Craft and private label beers have seen a spike in sales. According to the infographic craft, beers have seen a healthy 145.7% increase in sales. They also are increasing their market share of beer sold in supermarkets. As of July of 2012 craft beer represents 11% of supermarket sales compared to 9.5% in all of 2011.

With craft beer sales bubbling over in 2012 there is a lot of opportunity for a craft or microbrewery to leverage their custom beer bottle labels. Considering that beer labels design is the first step in the relationship between the brewery and the consumer, finding the right label for your product is crucial.

Eye-Catching Designs Are the Trend for Custom Labels

A survey published earlier this year in The International Journal of Wine Business Research, authors from Texas Tech University found “Generation Y regard eye-catching designs as the most important factor for package design.” In addition, this generation, as the largest consumer group in the United States, was reported to often be characterized as financially stable, brand savvy, and seeking quality goods at fair prices.  Just to provide a context, in 2009, there were a total of 76 million people in the United States that were considered part of the Generation Y. This generation is a key demographic to target in your marketing efforts.

Questions To Evaluate Your Custom Designed BeerLabel

There are many ways to improve your beer label printing efforts. In a related blog post by Jennifer Moline in Feedgrids, she outlines some great questions to get designers to think critically about how breweries approach their beer label design. On your next trip to the supermarket here are a few questions to help you evaluate your beer label design.

  1. Which beer label catches your eye first?
  2. Which labels do you, personally, like best? Which beers would you be most likely to buy? Are they the same?
  3. Do any beers seem geared toward women? Which labels do you think would be most likely to appeal to women, and why?
  4. What are the most common colors and palettes? Why do you think they are popular? Are the outliers effective, or do they detract from the beer’s appeal?
  5. What is the most common graphic design trend or art style or subject?
  6. Which features tend to be largest: lettering, logos, or illustrations? How do you think this is intended to increase the beer’s appeal?
  7. Think of your clients. If you had to choose a beer for each based on label alone, which would you choose?

If you are ready to start your beer label printing order now and take 10% off label orders placed online. Use code ONLINE10 by October 14, 2012. Request a quote and order today!

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5 Great Custom Label Designs for Bath and Body Products

5 Favorite Custom Labels for Bath and Body Products

After browsing many other blogs in search of great labels for bath and body products, I realized that Lightning Label’s customers have created their own fabulous designs for product labels and I wanted to highlight some great examples. With so many options to choose from, I decided to narrow it down to my favorite five labels for bath and body products from our customers.

Surprisingly, finding unique custom labels for bath and body products online was not as easy as I thought it would be, given our standards for excellent product design.  Bath and body labels should not only be fun and legible, but they should positively represent their brand and product. Having easy-to-read, one-of-a-kind labels make the product recognizable and intriguing to the consumer. The five product labels I’m showcasing here are all simple, but nowhere near boring. I’m sure you can tell by my choices that I love aesthetically pleasing, clean and clear labels. So go ahead and check out my bath and body custom label picks. I hope you enjoy them!

Top 5 Bath and Body Product Labels

1. CB I Hate Perfume’s Perfume Labels

CB I Hate Perfume Custom Label Printed by Lightning Labels

2. Once Upon A Thyme Lotion Label by 33 Barefoot Lane

Good Thymes Lotion Custom Labels by Lightning Labels

3. Joyful Bath Co.’s Bath Salts Labels

Joyful Bath Company's Custom Labels by Lightning Labels

4. Phos Wellness Label

Phos Wellness' Custom Labels by Lightning Labels

5. Stachey’s Organic Almond & French Vanilla Mustache Lip Balm Labels

Mustache Chapstick Custom Labels by Lightning Labels


Please let me know if you’re a fan of these labels for bath and body products by leaving a comment below!

Also, order by October 8, 2012 and save $75 on new label orders of $550 or more! Use code SAVE75. Request a quote and order today!


*$75 off $550 or more offer is valid on new label orders only. Does not apply to reorders. Free ground shipping applies to orders in the U.S. and Canada. Applies to regularly priced orders only. Enter code at checkout. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotion.

What’s The Verdict on Creating a Customized QR Code?

How Adding a QR Code to Your Custom Labels Can Enhance Aesthetic Appeal and Conversions

Have you seen those boxes of fuzzy dots arranged in a square pattern like the one below popping up all over print media?

Create your Custom Labels with a Customized QR Code

These images, called QRC (Quick Response Codes), are useful bookmarks for smart phones to open a webpage or landing page. It has become an increasingly useful tool for consumer advertising initiatives. In addition to the added consumer convenience, these codes increase conversion rates for marketing efforts. They also have the added functionality of allowing companies to better track how effective their print media ads are. QR codes provide value on both the consumer and adverting ends. Compounding these advantages with the ever-increasing number of smartphones and tablets, the proliferation of QR codes will only continue. So how best to leverage these little squares?

Consider Adding a Custom QR Code to your Custom Product Labels

It seems logical to turn the QR code’s real estate into something visually appealing and useful. Creating a customized QR code on your custom product label can have a synergistic impact.  According to the infographic, little research has been done until now. This infographic study shows that 90 percent of respondents said they would scan more codes if they were customized. I also liked the smash up of a customized vs. standard QR code. The customized code immediately pops visually and includes a product image. I certainly would be more inclined to scan the customized code. Also, according to the study, only 11 percent have seen a custom QR code. Therefore, there is opportunity to differentiate your company’s labels from your competitors’ with a customized QR code.

The Many Applications of QR Codes

Give your graphics department a call, or jump on Photoshop yourself, and include a QR code in your next custom labels order. According to, there are several applications. Add them to any print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, TV ads, and more containing:

  • Product details
  • Contact details
  • Offer details
  • Event details
  • Competition details
  • A coupon
  • Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs
  • A link to your YouTube video

If you are ready to add QR codes to your custom label or stickers, request a quote and order by Sept. 30, 2012 to receive 15%* off new label orders! Use code CELEBRATE. Good luck label makers! As always, we can’t wait to see the great design ideas you come up with!

*15% off CELEBRATE offer valid on new label orders. Does not apply to reorders. Maximum discount is $1000. Free ground shipping applies to orders in the U.S. and Canada. Applies to regularly priced orders only. Enter code at checkout. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotion.

What Do The Numbers Say

by infolicious. Browse more infographics.

Is Going Green Good for Your Bottom Line?

How Ordering Eco-Friendly Custom Labels Can Be Good for Your Profits And The Environment

Are corporate profits and environmental preservation mutually exclusive? Not necessarily. According to the recent study “Green Practices and Worker Productivity Go Hand In Hand,” published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior, the research shows that companies who have environmentally friendly practices benefit from increased employee productivity as well. “On average, employees at companies that observe eco-friendly practices were 16 percent more productive than average employees.”  Going “Green” has additional benefits other than just supporting the environment.  We’re proud to be among the growing number of companies that adopt green practices.

Our Commitment to the Environment

At LightningLabels we strive to be eco-friendly. We pride ourselves on being a new kind of label printing company. In addition to leveraging the latest digital technology to print labels, we utilize environmentally friendly printing materials for our custom labels. We currently carry many eco- friendly label options:

Eco-Friendly Label Materials

  • EarthFirst PLA – New Eco-friendly alternative for labels that is made from corn instead of petroleum
  • BioStone - biodegradable and compostable material made from stone, not trees
  • Recycled Kraft - Recycled from 100% post-consumer waste with Earthy, organic look and feel
  • Recycled Vellum – Recycled from 100% post-consumer waste

Commit to the Environment with Eco-Friendly Custom Labels

There have been a lot of companies jumping on the green bandwagon recently.  Now there is another reason for your company to go “Green” – your employees. Not only is utilizing our eco-friendly labeling material a great way to demonstrate your commitment to the environment to your customers, but it is also a great way to show your environmental commitment to your employees. In addition to the added environmental benefits, perhaps your employees will be inspired to be more productive too. In this case environmentally friendly labels are good for the bottom line and the environment.

If you are ready to order your eco-friendly labels or stickers request a quote and order by Sept. 30, 2012 to receive 15%* off new label orders! Use code CELEBRATE. Good luck label makers! We can’t wait to see the great design ideas you come up with!

*15% off CELEBRATE offer valid on new label orders. Does not apply to reorders. Maximum discount is $1000. Free ground shipping applies to orders in the U.S. and Canada. Applies to regularly priced orders only. Enter code at checkout. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotion.

Creative Commons License
This graphic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.