Green Vibes: Marketing to Eco-Conscious Consumers With Sustainable Labeling

Eco-Friendly-LabelsUse the Right Materials When Marketing to Eco-Conscious Consumers

When you’re marketing to eco-conscious consumers, you have to make sure you use earth-friendly packaging materials, such as Lightning Labels’ stone paper labels. Back up your commitment to green initiatives by using environmentally sound packaging, such as recyclable or post-consumer waste materials. Earth-conscious shoppers will be on the look out for products that have green packaging in addition to a product that is environmentally friendly. Lightning Labels provides a variety of different options for companies that wish to use more sustainable packaging. Depending on the needs or interests of your brand, Lightning Labels offers a suitable solution. Companies can use eco-product packaging and still have items that look great. For instance, our EarthFirst PLA is made to look and feel similar to White BOPP, while Kraft has a unique earthy appearance that is sure to appeal to some consumers.

Use Sustainable Labeling to Tell Your Brand’s Story

While using the right materials is important, there’s more to eco-friendly marketing than just sustainable labeling. Environmentally conscious consumers really engage with a brand’s identity, and a big part of that is the story that lead them to create the product in the first place. Before creating a labeling strategy, your company should draft a mission statement or a story that succinctly demonstrates why you decided to start distributing your product. What niche are you filling with your green products, and why do you feel it’s necessary to do so? Write out a short passage that demonstrates both your commitment to the environment and your company’s mission. This will get your customers interested in your company, not just its products.

Eco-Product Packaging Sends the Right Message

Companies that make green products can use the space on eco-product packaging to have promotions or raise awareness for environmental issues. If you create engaging eco-friendly custom labels that educate customers, they are more likely to return to your items, particularly if you provide new information every so often. Whether you have a specific environmental focus, like an interest in green energy or you just generally hope to reduce your company’s impact, you can include helpful facts and tips on product packaging that keep shoppers interested. A lot of businesses also use this space to direct customers to an online presence where they talk more in depth about the issues that concern them. You can also inform consumers of a promotion. For instance, you can create an initiative where a certain percentage of profits from one item goes to a specific nonprofit organization.


Barbecue Sauce Design Tips to Target Your Markets

Grow Sales by Utilizing Barbecue Sauce Labeling Design Tips

barbecue design tips from Lightning Labels

Use barbecue design tips to grow sales.

Lightning Labels’ barbecue sauce labeling design tips can help brands target the right markets. Barbecue is an American staple, beloved by food professionals, gourmets and backyard grillers alike. If you live in the U.S., chances are you’ve had barbecue and will again once the weather begins to warm up. This means the consumer base for barbecue sauce is incredibly varied, stretching across states even into international markets, which have their own styles of barbecue. By targeting your barbeque sauce labels to a more specific group, you could see an increase in sales.

Think About Targeted Markets for Barbecue Sauce

There are two main groups to think about for targeted markets for barbecue sauce: gourmet foodies and more casual consumers. Some people just want to purchase a cheap but delicious barbecue sauce to improve the taste of their neighborhood barbecue, a go-to condiment to slather on chicken or ribs. Others are more concerned about flavor profiles, recipes and food pairings. Depending on which group you aim to impress, your label strategy should be somewhat different. Make sure you include information that will appeal to your target market. For foodie types, you can emphasize ingredients, like specific peppers and spices, as well as the best ways to use the sauce.

Overall taste may serve you better for the more casual eaters. Is it tangy, spicy or sweet? Do you have testimonials to highlight? Promote how easy the product is to use in all situations and how it improves the dining experience.

Consider Geography for BBQ Sauce Label Marketing

BBQ sauce label marketing gets your products seen by the right shoppers. Another element to think about for barbecue and hot sauce labels is what style of cuisine your sauce works best with. According to Time Magazine, BBQ sauce differs by region in the U.S. Memphis, Tenn., North Carolina, Kansas City and others all claim to have unique styles. For instance, Memphis is famous for serving up pulled pork that has been soaked in a sweet tomato-based sauce, while western Texans prefer mesquite-smoked brisket. Of course, the U.S. doesn’t hold a monopoly on barbecue, either. Many countries have unique styles of this preparation method. From Jamaica to Korea, the barbecue phenomenon is international. Be sure to promote the unique geographical origins of your product, if they exist. Some purists will want to know.

Creating Water Resistant Bath Product Labels For Wet Conditions

Choose Lightning Labels When You Need Labels for Wet Conditions

labels for wet conditions from Lightning Labels

Bath and body products often require labels for wet conditions.

When you create bath and body products, you should consider labels for wet conditions. Consumers have certain expectations for lotion and shampoo labels. Shoppers want these items to be usable in watery places like bathtubs and showers. It can be aggravating when labels shred or peel off after exposure to moisture. Products certainly look less attractive this way, but there are often important details on labels that consumers may want to maintain for reference. For instance, ingredients, directions and branding are included on labels. When these disintegrate, customers may be reluctant to choose your product again. Luckily, with Lightning Labels’ array of water- and oil-proof materials, brands don’t have to compromise on appearance when selecting a label for durability.

Waterproof Shampoo Labels Inspire Consumer Trust

Brands should use waterproof shampoo labels to ensure that shoppers keep choosing their products. Labels usually include some important information that customers would rather keep around. For example, if your product has specific directions for the amount of product to use during each wash, it’s vital this information stays put. In addition, shampoo bottles generally list ingredients. When the label rubs off after entering the shower, there’s no longer an easy way to access these details. This information is there for a reason, so you should take care to make sure it remains intact throughout the duration of the item. On top of that, your packaging reflects the overall integrity of your products. It simply will not reflect well on a brand if the packaging doesn’t hold up. To avoid this issue, choose Lighting Labels’ Polypropylene BOPP, an oil- and water-resistant material that will keep labels steadfast.

Water Resistant Bath Product Labels Are A Necessity

Generally, it’s in a brand’s best interest to print water resistant bath product labels. Since the label is an integral part of your branding strategy, you want to make sure it maintains a pristine appearance day in and day out. Custom shampoo bottle labels are usually stored in the shower, which means they should be able to stand up to handling, soaps and fluids without fading. When your products have a sturdy label, you can help ensure that customers are looking at your product every day and engaging with your brand in a favorable way. When combined with eye-catching design, a waterproof label can keep your company ahead of the competition.

Labeling For Longevity: Creating Heavy Duty Labels That Last

Know the Right Materials for Creating Labels That Last

durable labels that last from Lightning Labels

Some products require durable labels that last.

Creating labels that last requires durable materials. In many cases, your products are going to be in situations where they will be exposed to water, kitchen messes or even outdoor elements. You want to make sure your branding information shows through no matter what environment your product is in. Materials like vinyl or BOPP labels are usually the right choice for products that need to stand up to hard conditions or excessive handling. Regardless of where the item needs to go, the packaging should remain pristine. Having a label that stays put doesn’t just benefit the brand, it also helps to ensure consumers will return to your products time after time.

Use Heavy Duty Labels For Outdoor Applications

If you make a product that will be stored or spend a significant amount of time outside, you need heavy duty labels. Vinyl labels are probably your best bet. Flexible vinyl labels can stand up to the elements and make sure your branding information, as well as any directions for use, don’t fade away. Labeling is an essential part of your promotional strategy, so it’s in your best interest that it remains intact. However, a fading or peeling label is also unattractive to consumers. Make the right labeling choice so you can avoid irritating your customer. To further protect labels from sun or weather damage, you may also want to consider a UV Outdoor Gloss laminate, which can help prevent your designs from fading in the sun. Stronger adhesives can also help product labels remain steadfast throughout the year.

Lost Lasting Labels Inspire Consumer Trust

No matter what kinds of products you create, long lasting labels can make the difference in whether a shopper will return to your product. Labels are part of the functionality of an item. Packaging that falls apart can be irritating for customers. Bath product labels, for instance, should be made with a material like polypropylene BOPP, which is oil- and water-resistant. To increase the longevity of BOPP labels, you can also add a laminate to further protect the product from whatever messes it’s exposed to. BOPP pairs nicely with a High Gloss or Matte finish. High Gloss provides a shiny, sleek look, while matte allows you to handwrite on the surface. A durable label doesn’t have to be unattractive, either. BOPP comes in several different colors and Lighting Labels offers a wide variety of options to ensure you find a label that reflects your brand.

Gold Labels: Your Guide to Printing Flashy, Metal-Colored Labels

Printing Flashy Labels Gets Consumer Attention

printing flashy labels from Lightning Labels

Printing flashy labels can remind consumers of awards and medals.

Printing flashy labels is a good way to catch the shopper’s eye. Using silver or gold labels is a sure-fire way to break the monotony of the store shelf. When you’re introducing a new product, design or recipe, a metallic shine is a great way to let shoppers know that something is different. For instance, if you have introduced new easy-to-recycle packaging, a silver sticker is a great way to communicate this to shoppers. Especially in the food aisle, most shoppers won’t be expecting to see shimmering packaging. In situations where consumers make decisions quickly, using a metallic finish can give products an edge simply by way of being eye-catching. Best of all, metallics, particularly silver, tend to look good with many different colors. This means you can integrate a little sparkle into your labeling strategy without having to overhaul your branding. You can also take advantage of the unique connotations that metallic finishes have when designing labels and stickers.

Gold Labels Can be Used Strategically

Using silver or gold labels makes items appear luxurious and valuable. When most people think of awards and accolades, they usually come with a metallic ribbon or statue. Gold, silver and bronze remind us of winners. Particularly, if your brand has won a taste test, or your company has received some other award, a metallic sticker can more successfully draw attention to this fact than a regular color might. It will also lend a bit more credibility to the claim of being award-winning. Metallics have other connotations as well. Traditionally, they are expensive. Kings and queens adorned themselves in silver and gold. This means adding a metallic sheen can be reminiscent of value and sophistication.

Metal Colored Labels Make Products Look High-Tech

Metal colored labels can be be integrated with other innovative packaging ideas. Metallics have other connotations in the digital age. While they can bring to mind old-school royalty, when implemented with a slightly different color scheme, they can seem tech-savvy. When used with black or gray, silver labels can make packaging take on a futuristic appearance, perfect for any brand that wants to appear ahead of the curve in their industry. Metallics are also a good way to make body product packaging more appealing for male shoppers. Silver and chrome are also reminiscent of speed and efficiency because they bring to mind cars, trains and airplanes.

Use Metallic Labels Creatively

On top of sending a message, metallics are simply attractive and often more interesting to look at than the average packaging material. They can be eye-catching, but they can also create unique labeling that brings greater attention to your brand’s innovative perspective. You can print on top of a silver label in more subtle ways. For example, a refreshing drink company could use silver to portray a crisp lake or body of water on a label. This could also work for snowscapes, or images of cities. No matter what your labeling ideas, metallics can be integrated in refreshing ways.

Target Your Market With Hot Sauce Labeling Design Tips

Use Hot Sauce Labeling Design Tips to Aim Products at Consumer Groups

hot sauce labeling design tips from Lightning Labels

You can target gourmets or casual eaters by considering hot sauce labeling design tips.

Different hot sauce labeling design tips may appeal to varied sections of the market. Marketers may be able to tap into recent food trends to come up with ideas for printable food labels. For instance, consumers that consider themselves “foodies” are on the rise. Some of these individuals like to cook gourmet meals for themselves, others enjoy dining out at the hottest new spot and trying new places frequently. On the one hand, many of the most popular restaurants are beginning to incorporate street food into their menus by adding ingredients you may not usually find in these homegrown favorites.

This means hot sauce may well be capable of transcending the gap between the casual food consumer and self-proclaimed foodie. Feel free to be open and creative when designing hot sauce labels.

Consider Targeted Markets for Hot Sauce Labeling

Think about different targeted markets for hot sauce labeling. Is your product “haute sauce” or “hot sauce?” That is, who’s buying your condiments – foodies, more general consumers or a little bit of both? While you may be able to aim your product somewhere between these groups, other brands may want to pick a side. Are foodies your main customers, or do broke college kids pick up your delicious hot sauce to make their bland dorm food more palatable? Depending which version sounds like your typical shopper, you may want to emphasize different aspects of the label. For college students and others looking to spice up a boring meal, the price point may be the best seller. For Epicureans, you may want to focus on unique ingredients and flavor profiles, as well as the best cuisine to accompany the sauce.

Smart Hot Sauce Label Marketing Can Grow Sales

Hot sauce label marketing is the best way to increase visibility with consumers. Once you’ve identified what kind of shopper you’re targeting specifically, it will become a lot easier to design fun labels that are really appealing. For instance, a big part of foodie culture is social – not just the experience of dining, but sharing it via social media. Is your label design Instagram photo- or Facebook status-worthy? Make sure you indicate on the label if your company has a social media presence. It may even be smart to encourage people to use a specific hashtag when posting about your sauces. An attractive and interesting hot sauce label will sell itself, but don’t forget to include the important information, like ingredients and branding.

Custom Shape Labels: Printing Die Cut Labels With Unique Shapes

Use Labels with Unique Shapes to Stand Out

labels with unique shapes from Lightning Labels

Making labels with unique shapes can alert shoppers to something new.

Labels with unique shapes make your products distinctive. Goods are individual, but many brands still stick with the same old thing when it comes to packaging. A rectangle or square is classic, but may not differentiate you much from competitors. Why not branch out with custom shape labels? There are a multitude of different shapes to choose from, and with a wide selection of colors, you can truly create a label that reflects the values of your company. By selecting a shape that works well with the design of your product, you can increase visibility of your products and let your creativity shine. Once consumers are in the store, you don’t have a lot of time to impress them. Make sure your packaging is eye-catching.

Make Your Custom Shape Labels Colorful

When you combine custom shape labels and bright colors, you can achieve an innovative look that will set your products apart from the others. If you design labels carefully, you can create a psychological impact on consumers that will make them more likely to buy. According to Creative Bloq blog, rounded labels tend to signify positive emotions like community and friendship. Angular shapes like squares and triangles suggest stability and strength. When choosing a new label shape, it’s important to keep these ideas in mind. Color has a similar impact. Help Scout, a help desk provider, says it can be difficult to tie color to specific emotions, but  it does have an impact on consumer decisions. Bright reds, yellows and greens may be perceived as more masculine, while pinks, light blues and purples are perceived as more feminine. However, having a color that stands out can really make the difference. Use unique colors to distinguish your items from other products surrounding them in stores.

Play Around With Die Cut Labels

Changing die cut labels can also be a short-term promotional strategy. During certain holidays, brands can change custom labels and stickers to alert consumers to something new about their products. When you’re implementing a promotion, it’s a good idea to change up labeling strategy so people are more drawn to products. You could also try something small, like changing the laminate from glossy to matte, which provides a more textured look. Even a subtle change can make a big difference in the way shoppers see your brand. There are many variables to play with. Experimenting with size, color, shape and finish could have a greater impact than you think.

Printing Health Information – Food & Nutraceutical Product Labels

Focus on Health Information Label Printing This March

health information label printing from Lightning Labels

Use health information label printing to promote nutritious choices.

Food and nutraceutical brands can take advantage of National Nutrition Month to utilize health information label printing to provide consumers with insight about healthy lifestyle choices; for instance, helping shoppers interpret nutrition labels. Initiated by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics back in 1973, the month-long event is intended to educate consumers on healthy food choices. For brands that make food, supplement or nutraceutical products, March is the ideal time to promote items than can be integrated for a more nutritious diet. Eating balanced meals doesn’t have to be a chore; with the wide variety of products on the market, it can be fun. Product labels are a great place to remind shoppers that healthy foods can taste great, too.

Use Health Information Stickers to Promote Nutritional Ingredients

Brands can use health information stickers to call attention to healthy diet choices and drive engagement with products. During March, companies can work on their own educational campaigns that are in line with those of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Provide information about what goes into a balanced diet using visuals that are easy to understand. Turning an image of a plate into a pie chart that breaks a meal down into fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins can provide a useful guideline for shoppers who are trying to learn better eating habits. Companies that create supplements can benefit from using sticker labels to highlight the most beneficial components of products. Do you make a beverage that has a high volume of vitamin B12? Include a message about the role this vitamin plays in overall wellness. Inform shoppers how they can make the most of supplement use.

Bring Awareness to Food Product Nutrition Information

Throughout the month, brands can draw attention to food product nutrition information on packaging. Another consideration during this month is the impending changes to nutrition labels, recently announced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Before the new guidelines are made official, companies can demonstrate they are ahead of the curve by providing information about changes to come on food and nutraceutical labels. The new rules will likely downplay the importance of fat content and draw greater attention to the number of calories and the serving size, National Public Radio reported. The new elements of the label will be large and bold so they are more visible. Help your consumers adjust to the changes before they are implemented. Gain the trust of shoppers and they will keep returning to your products.

St. Patrick’s Day Marketing: Print Special Edition Craft Beer Labels and Stickers

Change Up Labeling Strategies for St. Patrick’s Day Marketing

St. Patrick's Day marketing for beer labels from Lightning Labels

Use St. Patrick’s Day marketing to increase brand awareness.

With March 17 quickly approaching, craft beer makers should think about updating labels for St. Patrick’s Day marketing. Designing personalized beer labels can increase your brand awareness this month. This mid-March holiday is a great opportunity for craft beer makers to draw attention to their products. As a celebration of Irish heritage, St. Patrick’s day observers often turn to traditional Irish beverages to enhance their fun. While stouts, red ales and other Irish varieties of beer may have been the beverages of choice in the past, the increasing interest in craft beer means that any style can be targeted to these merry-makers. The most important thing is to think green. If pale ales, porters or even Belgian styles are your specialty, you can still take the opportunity to customize beverages for festivities.

Use St. Patrick’s Day Stickers to Grow Sales

Draw attention to your products this March with St. Patrick’s Day stickers. When consumers are browsing the beer aisle, remind them that St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and that your products would make a good addition to get-togethers. A lot of people celebrate this holiday, but some are more dedicated than others. While certain consumers may be imbibing a lot, other may just want a nice beverage to drink with their Irish soda bread in the evening. Keep this in mind when designing labels. If your beers have a high alcohol content, they may be better for a single drink. However, low alcohol content beers are better for people who plan to drink more than one for prolonged periods of time. Depending on your target consumers, the imagery you utilize could be less playful and more classic.

How to Ready Your Craft Beer Labels for the Holiday

How do you go about preparing craft beer labels for the St. Patrick’s Day? For brands that are wondering how to customize beer labels so they will be noticed, the color green is the most important element. Shamrocks and leprechauns are other common images. Depending on your target market, you should switch up the imagery you use. For those connecting with their own heritage, Celtic symbols or images of the Emerald Isle will do the trick. On the other hand, your own labels may do just fine, particularly if you add a sticker that indicates your drink would be a good choice this March. Consumers will be drinking beer of all kinds; promote your beer as the best option, and it’s likely that shoppers will agree.

How to Make Wine Labels That Sell – Custom Wine Labels

Learn How to Make Wine Labels That Stand Out From the Rest

make wine labels that sell with Lightning Labels

Learn how to make wine labels that sell your bottles.

The wine market is constantly expanding, and knowing how to make wine labels that are unique, attractive and professional can put your brand ahead of its competitors. According to The Wine Institute, an organization that represents more than 1,000 wineries and affiliated businesses in California, total wine sales in the United States reached $34.6 billion in 2012, setting a new record of 360.1 million 9-liter cases sold. With wine sales rising and more winemakers entering the industry, vintners of all kinds must boost product marketing to keep up with the competition. Custom wine labels that feature a creative, eye-catching design are sure to command shoppers’ attention and get them interested in your wines.

Consumers Look for Custom Wine Labels

Last year, KGO, the California Bay Area affiliate of ABC News, reported on an increasing trend of consumers relying heavily on custom wine labels to make purchasing decisions. In an interview with the station, Dave Phinney, a local winemaker, stated labels need to say, “Pick me up.”

Phinney explained that while a great wine will keep consumers returning to the brand, strong product packaging is key to reeling them in and persuading them to try the product.

The industry-leading experts at Lightning Labels can help you create wine labels that speak to your target audience, whether you sell high-end luxury wines or lower-priced bargain vinos.

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3 Tips for Creating Customized Wine Labels That Grab Consumers’ Attention

With the right market research, winemakers large and small can create customized wine labels that not only catch the eyes of shoppers, but resonate with target consumer groups as well. Here are three tips for designing wine labels that sell your bottles:

1. Choose Words Wisely for Wine Bottle Labels: Based on what your customers are looking for, decide judiciously what wording will go on custom wine labels. Whether it’s price value, production processes, ingredients or the biodynamic or environmentally friendly ways in which the wine was made, make sure you highlight what’s most important for consumers. Additionally, use this insight to name your wine. For example, Phinney’s wine is called Sexual Chocolate, a bold and effective title for the demographic he’s targeting.

2. Opt for Original Graphics and Images on Custom Labels: Because you want your labels to stand out, you need visual elements that truly differ from the norm. Whether you partner with an artist or create the graphic yourself, go for something that communicates your brand message.

3. Use the Best Label Printing Services: Working with a wine label expert like Lightning Labels will ensure the text and images you choose to place on your bottles are printed clearly, maintaining the detail you put into your design. Our digital process ensures a professional and durable finish for your custom wine label design, and our variety of labeling materials, shapes and sizes to choose from give you the versatility to take your labels in any direction you choose.