Q&A with Kevin Morgan Studio, Art Director for Jorma’s Fur Peace Ranch Guitar Camp

This month’s Customer Spotlight is on Kevin Morgan Studio. Lightning Labels conducted the following interview with Owner/Graphic Designer Kevin Morgan about his most recent label design for Jorma’s Rhythmic Tonic Tea. Read on to find out how this herbal tea label, Jefferson Airplane, and one of the best guitar camps in the world are connected. 

Product label artwork - Jorma's Rhythm Tonic Tea

As the official Art Director for Fur Peace Ranch, Kevin Morgan Studio designed this product label for Jorma's Rhythm Tonic Tea

LIGHTNING LABELS: Thank you for letting us feature this one-of-a-kind label, which depicts a burly guitar player jamming out in a room with a wooden plank floor. Or maybe on a porch, it’s hard to tell. A dog rests beneath his simple wooden chair. When I first saw this label, I thought the scene was straight out of a tiny country bar. But then I spotted a cup of tea steeping on a table in the background. What was the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind design?

Kevin Morgan Studio: Jorma Kaukonen was one of the founding members of Jefferson Airplane and is still touring with Hot Tuna. Jorma has a guitar camp in southeast ohio called the Fur Peace Ranch — you know… a “Fur Peace” from anywhere. Musicians and Instructors from around the globe come to the Ranch, and it is becoming quite known in the guitar camp circles as one of the best in the world. You can see what they are all about at www.furpeaceranch.com.

How does it illustrate the Jorma product, and how will the label be used?

Jorma’s Tea blend is one of the products they sell at the Ranch as part of their merchandise line.  They not only sell tour t-shirts and the like, but items that have a campy nature also, (e.g., campfire coffee and cookbooks.)

In closing, would you mind giving us a little background about your studio?

My Studio has a number of clients in the music industry we do work for. You can learn lots about what we do at www.kevinmorganstudio.com. We do everything from music posters and cds, to food labels and corporate graphics, plus most stuff in between. Thanks for your interest and the great work we always get from Lightning Labels!

Logo for graphic designer - Kevin Morgan Studio