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It’s UV Safety Month – How Can Labels Help?

It's UV Safety Month - How Can Labels Help? Use Safety Labels to Raise Awareness About the Dangers of UV Rays

Most people know that staying out in the sun too long, not wearing sunscreen and engaging in other behaviors that can lead to sunburn should be avoided. However, they may not understand the full gravity of the situation – and that’s where safety labels come in.

For instance, did you know that more than 1.2 million new skin cancer cases are diagnosed in the United States every year? How about the fact that one bad sunburn during childhood can double a person’s risk of developing skin cancer at some point in his or her lifetime? And it may sound strange, but it’s actually possible to get a sunburn even when it’s cloudy. These are just three of the sobering statistics detailed by the Sun Safety Alliance.

To draw attention to the dangers of UV radiation from the sun’s rays, the United States Department of Health and Human Services named July UV Safety Month. As part of UV Safety Month, companies that sell summer necessities like lip balm, sunglasses and sunscreen can incorporate warning labels into their products’ packaging to help ensure consumers enjoy the good weather in a responsible way.

With Labels, Knowledge is the Best Weapon

As the adage goes, knowledge is power. With that in mind, including facts on product labels like the three outlined above is a positive step that enterprises can take toward educating people about the dangers associated with UV overexposure.

However, highlighting the problem is only half of the equation. It’s unrealistic to expect people to never go out in the sun again once they find out about the associated risks, so the labels also need to present tips, tricks and best practices to encourage safe behavior. For instance, both the SSA and the DHHS’ Federal Occupational Health websites recommend using – and frequently reapplying – sunscreen products with an SPF of 15 or higher that offer what’s known as “broad spectrum protection” against both UVA and UVB rays.

Fight Off the Elements with Weather-Resistant Labels

The intense heat and light that come with exposure to the sun can have an adverse effect on labels as well as human beings, so using weather-resistant labels is key. As well as ensuring their product labels are able to hold up in hot, bright conditions, companies should also ascertain that they are using water-resistant labels. Think about it: Relaxing in the sunshine often comes with a side of water, whether this takes the form of ocean spray at the beach, splashes from the pool or droplets from sprinklers and hoses in the backyard.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how helpful and informative a label is if it’s too compromised by the elements for people to read its contents. At Lightning Labels, we have a range of materials and laminates available to make your summer product labels and stickers durable even at the height of summer.

Organize Your Summer Vacation Luggage with Custom Stickers and Labels

Organize Your Summer Vacation Luggage with Custom Stickers and Labels. Stuck for Summer Traveling Ideas? These Statistics May Help!

Nearly half (45 percent) of Americans take a summer vacation, according to a TripAdvisor study conducted in partnership with Equation Research, Harris Interactive and Money Crashers, and detailed by Statistic Brain. This translates to approximately 657 million long-distance summer trips being taken between Memorial Day at the end of May and Labor Day at the beginning of September. So, what summer traveling ideas do people have, where do they ultimately decide to go, how do they get there and – perhaps most importantly – what do they do when they arrive?

The top three destinations listed as part of TripAdvisor’s Summer Vacation Value Report were all domestic (Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and Orlando, Florida), followed by Mexico’s Cancun and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. More far-flung destinations appeared further down the list, including Paris at No. 6, London at No. 8 and Rome at No. 10. As The New York Times’ travel correspondent Stephanie Rosenbloom noted, Mexico is the most popular international summer vacation destination for residents of the United States – particularly individuals located in California and other border states, according to Euromonitor. Canada is also frequently visited by American travelers for similar proximity-related reasons.

In terms of modes of transportation, TripAdvisor found that personal vehicles were by far the most popular choice at 91 percent, as cited by Statistic Brain. Air travel accounted for 7 percent of trips, while the remaining 2 percent were made by bus or train. Shopping emerged as the most popular summer vacation activity, with more than half (54 percent) of survey participants indulging in retail therapy while on holiday. Checking out historical sites and enjoying swimming and other water sports were tied as the second most popular activities, at 49 percent each, followed by visiting parks and taking sightseeing tours (both 46 percent).

Jumping the First Hurdle: Vacation Packing

Before travelers can head off on their summer adventures, they need to clear the preliminary hurdle of vacation packing, an undertaking that many individuals dread. Should they pack outfits for every conceivable occasion and risk being fined for overweight luggage at the airport (or, if they’re driving, face the struggle of fitting their bags into the trunk or back seat)? Conversely, would they be better off leaving the cocktail dress at home and crossing their fingers that no opportunities come up to attend black-tie events?

Whether vacationers choose to travel light or decide to pack everything but the kitchen sink, they’ll likely find custom labels and stickers extremely helpful. After all, it’s safe to say that no matter where they go or what they do when they get there, nobody wants to haul the wrong black suitcase off the carousel at the airport or spend 20 minutes rummaging through the vast assortment of various family members’ luggage before finally locating the bag they need.

Prepare for Any Eventuality with Waterproof Labels

Sometimes, bottles of water, perfume, lotion or the like open inside bags, resulting in the substances seeping through to ruin labels on the outside. Regulations set by the Transportation Security Administration require liquids, creams, gels, pastes and similar products to be placed in plastic bags, and it’s not a bad idea to follow this protocol even if you’re traveling to your destination by a means of transportation other than flying. To make sure you’re prepared if something bursts, drips or leaks, use waterproof labels from Lightning Labels. That way, even if disaster strikes, you’ll still be able to discern your bag from the rest.

Custom Stickers Can Help Your Move Go Smoothly

Custom Stickers Can Help Your Move Go Smoothly. Ahead of the Summer Relocation Boom, Let Lightning Labels Provide Moving Help

The summer is known as peak moving season for Americans looking to relocate. This year, let Lightning Labels offer moving help with custom labels and stickers.

According to a My Moving Reviews infographic, 13.53 percent of 2014 moves occurred in June, making the sixth month of the year the busiest in terms of relocation. July and August followed close behind with 12.93 percent and 12.75 percent of moves, respectively, with the busiest moving day of the year being August 1. On the other end of the scale, winter proved to be the least desirable season in which to move. December was dead last with 3.2 percent of moves, while January saw 6.03 percent and February saw 5.67 percent.

Interstate moves made up six in 10 relocations (63.5 percent), while local moves composed more than one-third (36.5 percent), according to the infographic. In terms of local moves, California topped the chart, with Texas, Florida, New York and New Jersey rounding out the top five. Meanwhile, the busiest routes for interstate moves were California to Texas, Florida to New York, California to New York, California to Florida and California to Massachusetts.

If you moved to Seattle, Denver, Houston, Austin or Dallas last year, you were far from alone, as these cities attracted more relocating Americans than any others in the country, the infographic detailed. Conversely, if you migrated away from New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia or Kansas City, you were also in good company, as these five cities lost more residents than they gained last year.

Facilitate the Relocation Process With Custom Stickers for Moving

When it comes down to it, whether you’re moving across town or all the way to the other side of the country, custom stickers for moving can make the whole process a lot easier. After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to relax after a long day of moving and realizing you can’t find the box that contains the microwave, Keurig or kettle. So much for your aspirations of popcorn, hot chocolate or tea before bed. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Lightning Labels can print a wide range of custom labels, from food and bath product stickers to decals and moving labels.

Lightning Labels Can Eliminate Moving Packaging Stress

One of the best things about turning to Lightning Labels to meet your moving packaging needs is the ease of use associated with pre-printed labels. The last thing you want to worry about on moving day is filling out labels by hand. Inevitably, your trusted marker will run out of ink at precisely the worst time, or you’ll discover the friends you roped into helping you move have the most unintelligible handwriting on the planet. Not only do stickers from Lightning Labels feature easy-to-read text, but you can select from a range of durable materials that keep the labels in tip-top shape for the duration of the big move.

The Importance of Design in Product Label Creation

The Importance of Design in Product Label Creation. Standout Labels Offer Much More Than Just Information

When you get right down to it, stickers and labels exist to serve a function: making shoppers aware of what product lies inside a box, bottle, carton or other container, as well as imparting other important information about the item, such as its place of origin, the company that produced it, the ingredients and processes used to make it, and anything else consumers should know. That being said, just because labels are necessary, this doesn’t mean they should be boring. In fact, standout labels can have a significant positive effect on sales simply due to the fact that they demand shoppers’ attention.

What Makes Unique Labels… Well, Unique?

When every product has a label, companies must focus on making their packaging stand out from that of their competitors. Design is what makes unique labels truly different from the rest, but uniqueness can cut both ways. Just as a design that’s superior to the other offerings on the shelf can make an item seem particularly appealing to consumers, one that misses the mark can be a real turnoff. The latter will still separate products from the pack, just not in a positive way.

There are many aspects of design that businesses can use to set their packaging apart, including:

  • Color
  • Label shape and size
  • Label texture and finish
  • Typeface
  • Size and placement of product name and company logo
  • Information about attractive attributes (“Fat-free!” or “Made in the USA,” for instance)

How Can Custom Printing From Lightning Labels Help?

The first step toward making a particular company’s products seem more compelling than those being sold by its rivals is to come up with an eye-catching design to attract shoppers. However, even after a product has consumers’ attention, there’s still another hurdle to jump. This is where the quality of the label comes into play. A cheap-looking label with low-quality printed images, washed-out colors and illegible text – especially the small font sizes often used for nutritional information and ingredient panels – doesn’t exactly reflect well on a company.

Custom printing from Lightning Labels will head off any negative associations at the pass, delivering professional-grade labels that are vibrant, durable and easy to read, all while still being affordable. Smaller enterprises may not have the budgets of multinational corporations, but shoppers shouldn’t be able to tell that from their labels. For businesses that use Lightning Labels, such differences will be indistinguishable to consumers’ discerning eyes.

Don’t Wait to Get Custom Labels and Stickers

Some companies make their customers wait weeks for custom labels, but Lightning Labels will turn your custom stickers order around in 48 to 72 hours. Speed is frequently associated with paying through the nose, but that’s far from the case with Lightning Labels. In fact, Lightning Labels offers free ground shipping for online orders in the United States and Canada, plus no plate fees, setup fees or added fees for unlimited color. Make your labels stand out with Lightning Labels today!

Celebrate National Blueberry Month by Jazzing Up Produce Labels

July is National Blueberry Month. As Blueberry Harvest Season Peaks, Update Produce Labels

According to the United States Highbush Blueberry Council, an agricultural promotional group composed of farmers, importers and processors, the North American blueberry harvest kicks off in April and draws to a close in September. With the peak of the season falling right around Independence Day, it’s no wonder July is National Blueberry Month in the U.S., representing the perfect time for blueberry and other fruit-sellers to update their produce labels for summer.

This month, people in and around certain areas across the nation – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Portland, Oregon; Chincoteague, Virginia; and Ely, Minnesota, to name just four – will be heading to their local blueberry festivals. With blueberries everywhere attendees look, producers need a way to differentiate their offerings from the pack, which is where custom labels truly come in handy.

Labels for Canned Goods Make Produce Stand Out from the Crowd

Of course, the benefits of using standout labels for canned goods aren’t only limited to blueberry festivals. The summer is also peak season for farmers markets, where sellers come from far and wide to showcase everything from handmade arts and crafts to baked goods and fresh produce. Whether your specialty is blueberry jams, pies, preserves or simple, unadulterated cartons of blueberries, using crisp, vibrant, professional-quality labels is a great way to attract shoppers’ attention and present your brand in a positive light.

That being said, labels that score highly on aesthetic appeal but not so well on functionality could end up inadvertently giving your business a bad reputation. Given that so many people are in the habit of washing fruit before they eat it, it’s vitally important for carton labels to be durable enough to stand up to a soaking. Moreover, unless you’re dealing with a true blueberry fiend who downs every single berry in one sitting, it’s safe to say that your offerings are destined for the fridge and maybe even the freezer, so your labels also need to hold up to cold temperatures.

What Makes Good Fruit Product Labels?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to crafting great fruit product labels, but generally speaking, fruit stickers and labels should be both eye-catching and informative. While blueberries come in cartons and are much too small to feature individual labels, stickers that adhere directly to the product are an option for larger fruits – and taking this approach can also save on packaging costs. Meanwhile, fruits that must be packed into boxes are traditionally showcased in clear containers, so see-through labels can be helpful to maximize visibility for this kind of produce.

Everyone knows fruit is healthy, but different kinds have different benefits, and blueberries are no exception. According to Medical Daily, blueberries are low-fat and low-calorie, high in fiber, manganese and Vitamin C, great for improving heart health and brain functioning, and a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer. Why not put some of these attributes right on the label?

Announcing the New Lightning Labels Website

Announcing New Lightning Labels Website. Changes Come to the Lightning Labels Website

With the goal of making it even easier for customers to order stickers and labels online, Lightning Labels has revamped its website to deliver a more user-friendly experience.

Your custom labels and stickers will be the same great quality as always, but now it’s possible to place orders with minimal time and effort. Once you access the site, you can head straight to the new and improved account management dashboard. There, you’ll be able to duplicate previous orders, reorder specific items, update quantities and make use of our improved order history search options, which allow you to input a date range, order number or P.O. number to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Faster Quotes for Custom Stickers

If you’re looking to get a quote for custom stickers or place a brand new order, that process is simpler and faster than before as well. Our quote calculator, which is conveniently located on the home page, will give you a number after you complete a five-step process that’s simple and fast. First of all, select a label shape. Then, move on to size, material and laminate type. Finally, take a moment to specify the quantity and number of different versions you need. After that, you’re good to go – it’s really that easy.

The never-before-seen features on our new site aren’t just restricted to account management. The whole site now offers an optimized browsing experience, with a brighter, less cluttered layout to boot. Read customer testimonials, learn about the different label and sticker materials we offer and browse the list of our wide range of offerings, from household product labels to food and beverage packaging. If you want to find out more about the ordering process, learn about the artwork specifications that are a crucial part of the label-making process or consult our Frequently Asked Questions page before reaching out to us personally, head to the Resource Center.

Scaling Up to Meet Your Needs for Custom Labels

The website redesign isn’t the only change we’ve made. We also increased the number of operations staff at the Lightning Labels facility in Denver, CO and upgraded our workflow automation for a more streamlined process when it comes to delivering your custom labels. What’s more, we are installing a state of the art digital press so we can turn around your orders even more quickly and truly live up to the “lightning” part of our name.

Make Your Independence Day Family Festivities Unforgettable with Custom Labels

Make your Independence Day Festivities Unforgettable. Add Uniqueness to a National Holiday with Fourth of July Labels

American adults spend an average of $68 on barbecue and picnic provisions for the July Fourth holiday, and people across the nation consume approximately 150 million hot dogs as part of the festivities, according to a USA Today infographic. Fourth of July labels are a creative and inexpensive way to make your family picnic or cookout stand out from the rest, both on Independence Day itself and in attendees’ memories for months and years after.

In terms of design, custom labels and stickers for the Fourth of July can be as basic or complex as each family wants. If you’re looking to keep it simple, the event name and date will suffice – for example, “Smith Family Independence Day BBQ 2015.” Those interested in going a bit more in depth have a variety of approaches to choose from.

Celebrate Domestic Products with Fourth of July Stickers

Why not use Fourth of July stickers to celebrate not only America, but American meat as well?

A practice known as country-of-origin labeling is currently mandated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service – although, as we noted in a recent article, the law’s days may be numbered if the House of Representatives votes to repeal it in line with World Trade Organization regulations. For now, though, consumers can make informed decisions to purchase meat from domestic livestock for their Fourth of July barbecues.

According to The Washington Post, Iowa is home to nearly one-third of the nation’s hogs and pigs, while North Carolina and Minnesota also have high porcine populations. That means there’s a good chance the hot dogs and sausages you grill at your Independence Day cookout came from one of these three states – provided, of course, that you bought domestic. Share this patriotic and fun fact with your guests by printing it on custom stickers!

Labels: The Perfect Way to Add Pizzazz to Your Fourth of July Party Ideas

When it comes to celebrating July Fourth, most people default to hosting or attending a cookout, picnic or fireworks display. These Fourth of July party ideas may not be particularly original, but around Independence Day, tradition carries a lot of weight. That being said, there are still ways to spice up a run-of-the-mill celebration, which is where stickers and labels come in.

Summer is Here – Update Nutraceutical Packaging to Attract Those Eager to Lose Weight

Update Nutraceutical Packaging to Attract Those Eager to Lose Weight. Body-Conscious Americans Seeking Nutraceutical Products for Summer

Losing weight was Americans’ most common New Year’s resolution for 2015, according to Marist Poll. With the official first day of summer just around the corner and numerous areas of the country already enjoying sunshine and high temperatures, many individuals are scouring the shelves for nutraceutical products to assist them on their journeys toward attaining a beach-ready body.

In a bid to attract these consumers, companies in the nutraceutical sector may want to update their packaging for the summer months. However, before they make any moves to update their custom labels and stickers, they must ensure any and all proposed changes comply with federal regulations.

“[Nutraceutical product labels are] allowed to make claims about the way the body functions, but not about disease,” Trisha Calvo, health and food deputy editor for Consumer Reports, explained to CBS. “So they can say something like ‘burns fat,’ but they can’t say ‘reduces the risk of obesity’ because obesity is the disease.”

Make Sure Nutraceutical Packaging is Legally and Aesthetically Up to Snuff

Once enterprises in the weight-loss industry have ensured their nutraceutical packaging updates are in compliance with United States Food and Drug Administration legislation, they are ready to turn their attention to making their stickers and labels pop. Low-quality label materials or washed-out printing do not exactly inspire confidence in consumers perusing different product offerings, so it’s critical to roll out packaging that speaks to the professional nature of the company.

Aesthetics aren’t the only important aspect, though – nutraceutical businesses also need to identify a way to impart information that neither compromises the label’s design nor requires consumers to scour the packaging for details such as usage instructions and ingredients.

Order Inexpensive, High-Quality Custom Nutraceutical Labels from Lightning Labels

Finding a balance between quality and cost can be a challenge – especially for smaller companies – but Lightning Labels provides the best of both worlds. Thanks to its digital printing technology, Lightning Labels can offer economical unit pricing for both small and large quantities of custom nutraceutical labels, both short-run and for the long haul. Our high-resolution printing ensures a crisp, vibrant finish while also facilitating the inclusion of small yet highly legible text that’s ideal for ingredient lists and instructions.

Back-to-School Selling Season Starts Now: Time for Custom Labels and Stickers

Back-to-School Selling Starts NowCustomized Stickers from Lightning Labels are a Valuable Asset for Any Educational Institution and Are On Sale Now

School may be the last thing on kids’ minds at this time of year, but for adults, June marks the beginning of the bustling back-to-school selling season. There is no time like the present to order customized stickers and labels to promote and support sports teams, associations, clubs and events.

Just like in the retail sector, the quality of custom labels and stickers can speak volumes about the subject of the promotion itself, whether it’s an artisanal candle or a school sports team. Given this connection, Lightning Labels strives to print professional-grade, vibrant, durable labels to help cast back-to-school promotion in the best light.

Order Quality School Stickers Without Breaking the Bank

There are three reasons why Lightning Labels’ school stickers don’t compromise on quality or come with sky-high price tags:

  • The ability to print stickers in small quantities: Buyers may not need thousands of the same sticker, and that’s OK. Lightning Labels makes its professional, short-run roll stickers available in low enough quantities to be viable for even the smallest budget.
  • Lightning-speed sticker printing: Usually, quick order turnarounds come with rush charges, but that isn’t the case at Lightning Labels. Most customized sticker orders are printed in 72 hours.
  • Custom sticker proofing: Thanks to Lightning Labels’ free press proofs, customers can get a sense of their stickers’ look and feel before they pay a cent. If time is of the essence, proofing via electronic PDFs is also an option.

Get A Jump on Ordering Custom School Labels This Summer

Summer ushers in a change of pace that involves vacations, warm-weather activities and children underfoot, and ordering custom school labels can fall by the wayside if it isn’t taken care of early. That’s where Lightning Labels comes in.

“Lightning Labels makes it easy for you to order custom labels and stickers for school sooner rather than later,” said Scott Proctor, vice president of sales at Lightning Labels. “With your back-to-school responsibilities taken care of, you can sit back and enjoy the summer.”

Promoting and supporting school sports teams, clubs, associations, events and good causes is much easier with Lightning Labels

For those ready to place label orders, Lightning Labels is offering 15% off new label orders now through 6/26/15. Use promo code SUMMER15. Maximum discount is $1000. Free ground shipping applies to orders placed online only and shipped within the United States & Canada. Enter code at checkout. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

Deploy Father’s Day Labels to Help Consumers Choose Gifts

Deploy Father's Day Labels to Help Consumers choose Gifts.Use Custom Labels to Remind Consumers about Father’s Day

Stores that have not yet designed, ordered and deployed custom labels and stickers in time for Father’s Day still have a window of time in which to do so, but the clock is ticking. Father’s Day may not be until June 21, but holidays have a tendency to sneak up quickly, taking both companies and consumers by surprise. For proof, look no further than the greeting card aisle the night before Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day… and the list goes on.

When it comes to shopping for Dad, many consumers are stumped, which is where Father’s Day labels can come in handy. Individuals who hadn’t previously considered a particular product as a gift may be more inclined to do so if they see a label that nudges them in the right direction.

Statistics have emerged over the past couple of years that shine a spotlight on the spending gap between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Annual figures from the National Retail Federation indicate that over the past five years, spending on Mother’s Day gifts outpaced investments in Father’s Day gifts every time. We’ll have to wait until the month’s end for this year’s definitive numbers, but last year’s predictions forecast Father’s Day spending to total approximately $12.5 billion, significantly less than the nearly $20 billion projected for Mother’s Day.

Redress the Balance with Father’s Day Labels

Even with some retailers drawing attention to particular gift options with Father’s Day labels, the unequal spending persists. Speculation has run rampant about the cause for the discrepancy between the average expenditures on gifts for Mom and Dad, with some people concluding that consumers fork over more for their favorite parent. However, the real answer could be a lot less incendiary.

“It’s just harder to buy for men,” Robert Passikoff, president of retail consultancy company Brand Keys, told TODAY Money. “This is not a contest.”

There is simply a larger number and a greater diversity of products for Mom, which means retailers have more to work with in the run-up to Mother’s Day – and, more often than not, consumers faced with myriad options are able to sort through and find the perfect gift. In contrast, the range of gifts for men typically doesn’t go beyond the realm of the tie, shirt and home improvement tool – and, of course, the ubiquitous gift card.

After so many years being stuck in this Father’s Day gift-buying rut, shoppers may need some help to clamber out of it, which is where Father’s Day labels may come in useful. An action as simple as sticking a “Great for Father’s Day!” label on a product may be all it takes for retailers to get consumers inspired.

Highlight These Outside-the-Box Gift Ideas with Custom Stickers

Retailers eager to target shoppers who are as sick of buying novelty golf socks as their fathers are of receiving them may want to consider drawing consumers’ attention to these products using custom stickers:

  • Headphones: Whether Dad listens to Frank Sinatra or Fabolous, he’s sure to appreciate this gift. There are enough options available to suit all shoppers’ budgets and tastes, from ear buds to bulkier models.
  • A book: Some fathers devour fiction, others enjoy biographies. If Dad isn’t a reader, how-to books and collections of recipes are other options.
  • A watch: Watches are one of the most common accessories out there. Functional and fashionable, they span many different designs and price ranges.

Buying a Father’s Day gift is a personal process, but there’s no reason why retailers can’t help consumers along by using well-placed stickers and labels.