Classic Work of Literature Influences Beer Packaging

Beer Packaging Design Influenced by Classic Novel Moby Dick

Beer Packaging Design Captain Ahab Influenced by Classic Novel

No, my headline is not backwards. It is no secret that alcohol consumption has influenced the work of fiction writers since man put pen to paper. And now, it seems, it is also working the other way around.

Literature has inspired at least one graphic designer to create packaging that sells beer. American student Andrew Herwig’s design for the fictional “Captain Ahab Lager” was recently featured on the blog Lovely Package. The beer labels and other packaging was inspired by the villanous character in Herman Melville’s classic tale Moby Dick.

Perhaps if Captain Ahab Lager had been around while I was an English Lit/Journalism major in college, I would have been more excited when Moby Dick showed up on my reading list. Or I might have at least have been inspired to slog my way through the entire novel vs. skimming it with the aid of Cliff Notes.

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